Acute Stomach pains

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   Posted 2/23/2011 3:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi people.

After scouring the net my symptoms have sent me here and this seems like the place to be.

The only symptoms i seem to have are..

Extreme stomach and back pain
Feeling sick
Bringing up stomach acid/bile, yellow crap when i burp.

Anyway, this all started last sunday (13th) I was up all night with stomach pains, i just thought it was trapped wind as thats what i felt like as ive been there with it before in the past. Come 6-7am the pain had gone, id managed a couple of hours sleep but the pain kept waking me up, it was bearable anyway.

Come last thursday night around 10.30pm i felt that familiar pain starting, but this time it just got worse and worse, it was all over my stomach and around my back, excruciation pain, so bad by midnight the misses had called an ambulance. Now im pretty tolerant with pain, but this was like nothing ive felt before, (so i thought) Anyway, after spending a few hours up the hospital waiting to see a doctor the pain subsided. He didnt seem to have much of a clue, said it could be gallstones and get to my GP and book an appointment to see someone about it. So i took the 4 mile walk home at 4am from the hospital, thought a nice walk would do me could.

See my doctor monday (23rd), id felt ok over the weekend, ive made an appointment but that could take months. He felt my stomach over, tender and hurt to touch right in the middle, below the ribcage and said its acid reflux and prescribed me Omeprazole which ive been taking.

Come last night, around midnight that same pain again, and this time it was even worse that last week, it didnt think it could get any worse. I tried sitting upright all night in bed, no laying down, walking around, come 5am the pain hadnt got any better just got worse so i drove up the hospital, this aint normal and i want answers. I had my urine and blood taken and they came back fine, given a few injections and a drip and sent back home around 8am with a prescription for Buscopon which i will pick up 2moro. By 9am i was in bed, absolutely shattered. The pain was there but whatever they had given my was probably numbing the pain, by 10am i was awake again in pain, managed to get back to sleep within half hour and when i woke up at around 2pm i was ok, just feeling like crap.

Tbh, the pain is was bad if it happens again i dont know what to do. Ive not taken anything for it apart from what the doctor gave me monday and they have not seemed to help.

Since the 2nd attack ive changed my diet, ive been eating hardly anything, just to low fat milk and bran flakes, brown bread and water, thats about it. Mind you tho, i thought i cant go on like that so yesterday i had a dinner which was a kipper, boiled potatos and salad and i did share a pack of hola hoops with my son around 10pm. Could these be to blame????

My lifestyle and eating habits have been poor so ive only got myself to blame really. Eating crap food, not having set meals, just binging on stuff like junk, lying down after eating. But i dont want to go on like that so change is in order.

Im 33, male, 5'9 and overweight, id say around 14 stone. Im now afraid to eat anything incase it happens again, i really wouldnt no what to do if it happened again as the doctor at the hospital said they cant do nothing until they find the root of the problem but he said that its stomach related and i need a camera down my throat for that.

Any help would be much appreciated, anything to help with the pain if it happens again or to prevent it from happening again.


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   Posted 2/24/2011 4:53 AM (GMT -6)   
Could be gallbladder too. Bile reflux is a symptom. Take the Nexium, It can help with nausea and pain, will at least neutralize acid so any reflux will not burn esophagus.

Camera down thraoat - upper endoscopy, is only good for looking at interior of esophagus to see if there is any damage. It can miss hiatal hernia. It can though, if they go far enough, see gallbladder problem sometimes. Ask for a biopsy for celiac too, while they're down there.

Ask for a barium swallow. Doesn't hurt! It will show by far the best if there's a hiatal hernia or a problem with swallowing or reflux. They can't see reflux happening on endoscopy! Insist! It's not the cheapest, and so may be not ordered in your part of the world.

You should get an ultrasound (also doesn't hurt) to check out that gallbladder. A cheap x-ray can see hard gallstones, but will miss the sludge and the softer tissues.

Don't dream you have found real medical help here, but at least you can get sympathy to go along with your tea.

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   Posted 2/24/2011 7:11 PM (GMT -6)   
A change in your eating habits will help you also. Google "Gerd Diet" and you'll find some good tips on what to avoid.

After you eat don't lay down right away, wait about four hours.
Raise the head of your bed about 6-8 inches (I believe that 15 millimeters for you).

Nexium should helps some, but it's best to get some of the testing done, too.

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   Posted 2/24/2011 8:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Cheers for the replies.

Well ive not eaten in over 48 hours. This morning i had diarrhoea and i tried eating a bowl of cereal afterwards but i just regurgitated most of it. Ive felt like crap the past 2 days, id rather feel like this than be in that pain tho. Im not stupid, im not going to stave myself, i will eat some stuff in the morning as i will probably feel better. A big no no is i wont be eating after 6pm as these 3 attacks ive had have all happened in the evening between 10-12, and ive also had a little snack around them times that have seemed to of brought the attacks on.

Ive read lots about what to eat and what to avoid and stocked up on some healthy non fatty food which i will try. Problem is ive always been a fussy eater so it will be hard to adjust, but hoping it wont be a problem now tho. I gave up smoking in october after smoking for around 20 years, knocked the drinking on the head just before xmas. My grandad died of a heart attack before i was born at the age of 44 and i dont want to go the same way he did so ive been taking steps to get more healthier, 1 step at a time tho.

From what ive been reading i dont know if its gallbladder or something on the stomach side as symptoms seemed to indicate both things. I just cant be going through that intense pain again, id rather be kicked in the balls 100 times or have the worst toothache ive ever had, as they are the only pains that have come close. Oh, i couldnt find any bricks to stick under the bed so ive put it on axle stands. :D done the job.
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