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   Posted 9/19/2011 12:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Everyone,
Well had another wonderful, fantastic trip to the ER today. My husband and I had gone to my in laws's house for a bbq and some swimming. Lately I haven't really been feeling up to doing anything but somewhat forced myself to go along and be sociable. Everything was going well when I got there and my mother in law offered me some very strong coffee that was quite good. I usually only drink decaf coffee but thought I would just have a small cup. Well as the day went along im not feeling that well and have noticed lately that if i go up a flight of stairs i become very winded and my heart rate goes through the roof. That is definately not me. I can usually go up and down stairs without any problems at all. These episodes have happen to me a couple of times before and just had an echocardiogram done almost a week ago to check my heart. Have had normal EKGs except im always tachacardic. Around the 110 range. The cardiologist told me not to worry about it and that it is a sinus rhythm.
By the time we eat lunch I have no appetite and I am feeling worse. I do have half a turkey burger and I always make sure to chew my food around 30 times or so especially when I am not feeling well to further prevent stomach upset. As the day progresses I grab a hot dog that was on the grill and eat that. I haven't really had any red meat in a while because my husband is on a very strict diet and we've eliminated almost all red meat from our diet.
45 min later I absolutley do not feel well. I am now getting terrible stabbing pain in my upper middle stomach and its radiating into my left shoulder and chest. I ask my husband if we could go home and he said sure and that he was ready to go too. As Im putting our 4 year old into the car I can't catch my breath and I know for sure that i am having a heart attack. The pain got so severe that I almost passed out next to the truck. I get into the truck and as we are driving away from my in law's i beg my husband to take me to the hospital.
To make a very long story short we get to the ER and they start drawing blood and hooking me up to heart monitors and my heart rate is 175 bpm and im fighting off waves of wanting to pass out. I can feel my heart fluttering around and Im setting off the cardiac monitors and in pain because of my stomach. The dr comes in and tells me you must be anxious..I look at him and go no im in a ton of pain and my heart is literally trying to leap out of my chest.  He then informs me that i am sinus tachacardic and it must be psychological because there is nothing wrong with my heart. I then ask him about the stabbing pain in my upper stomach that feels like i should be going to the operating room right now and getting emergency surgery!! He said oh it must be some indigestion and if i was bleeding internally it would show up on my lab work.
I then get wheeled into the x-ray room and get a chest x-ray and then they wheel me back and there i sit for the next hour. No iv fluids nothing just sit there setting off the heart monitors everytime I go to stand up or sit upright. I have to lay almost perfectly flat on my back for my heart rate to return to normal. Meanwhile the stabbing pain is still bad but I cannot take pain meds because I cannot tollerate any of them whithout having an allergic reaction. The doctor comes back in and says " good news, you lab work is great and we're going to send you home" I was shocked!!! I pointed out to him that I could barely stand up without setting off the monitors and isn't dangerous for me to leave with my heart rate that elevated?? He laughed and said that he had biked for almost 7 miles this morning and said that his heart rate was probably still around the 170 range.
He explained that there was nothing wrong with my heart structually and that I must be worrying myself sick or have some bad indigestion. He did give me a refferral to a new gi dr closer to my house and that I should call first call tomorrow morning. 
I feel as if there is soo much compact pressure trapped within my stomach and esophagus that im feeling pressure into my neck. My pain is still pretty bad and I am still laying in bed a little too afraid to get up because it will set off my heart. I did take omeprazole and some gas x when I got home but no relief. 
Any advice????
Sorry this is long....Thanks for listening/reading

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   Posted 9/19/2011 1:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Personal Experience: Sorry this is going to be long

A few years back, I doubled over in adnomianal pain. It was discovered in the ER that I had swollen lymph nodes (by ultrasound) and spasming organs. Speed up to July of this year.... I go in for a routine mri (due to clasterphobia I have to have general anastheia (darn I can never spell that word ) ) and was put under. I woke up with a chaplain standing over me (sure scared me) and my dad (a deacon in church) dressed in his formal deacon outfit. I lost conciousness. I am in and out of it for the 2 days in ICU. Then a nurse says I get to go home later that day... here I am on 5 liters of oxygen, I glanced over at my cardiac monitor and vitals... my oxygen level was 92, blood pressure was on the low side, my BPM (heart rate) at 178. I looked at the nurse and said "over my dead body my vitals are at risk for cardiovascular failure. Let alone I cant even get the few feet it is to the bathroom on my own. I want a second medical opinion." The next day.. I'm on heart medication (metrolol or something like that) and my vitals are almost in the normal range. I was actually able to walk, sit, stand, and my family all said I looked a ton better. Fast forward.. last week I'm not feeling well, in tachycardia (heart rate high), adnominal pain on right side. I go to the ER.. who has me on morphine. They couldnt figure out what it was, except maybe a severe acid reflux attack which can mimmick heart attacks.

In my opinion, go to the doctor and do not take no for an answer. Get in with a cardiologist and do the cardiac moniter test that you go home with and bring back the next day. Keep going back til you can find out what is wrong.
 Edit:  I know you meant well, however,  if you are a medical professional, please remember the forums  are for patient support and not to be used for distributing professional medical advice.  Suggesting this member see the Dr. was an excellent response.  Kindly,  Kitt

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   Posted 9/19/2011 3:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for your reply smurfy.
I know that when I see the new gi dr they will probably want to do an endoscopy on me and I am very worried about being put under general anesthesia. I know that I need to get scoped but lately I have started developing allergies to almost every kind of medications. Like sudafed and benadryl I used to be able to take without a problem. Now if I take it instead of gettting that drowsy want to go to sleep feeling it has the total opposite effect on me. It's like I've been given a shot of adrenaline and my heart starts racing out of my chest and I can't calm down at all and I start shaking really bad. I also have to use the bathroom a lot when I get this way (#2). Same thing with the benadryl.
I also have the swollen lymph glands and have had a constant dry, very soar left side of my throat. This has been months that I hav had it. I've also been placed on 2 different antibiotics for it as well. There are many mornings when my throat is too hoarse for me to talk right away. I usually have to wait a couple of hrs before its normal. I am suppose to see an ear nose and throat dr this week as well.  
It just seems like with everything else going wrong then Im getting these totally random heart issues. I have been taking the antacids and PPI meds but they don't seem to touch it.
Did the drs explain why your heart rate increased after your procedure?
Do you know what kind of tachacardia you have? The way I was explained it there are 2-3 different kinds of tachacardia. Sinus rhythm tachacardia is i guess one of the better ones to have.

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   Posted 9/19/2011 5:30 AM (GMT -6)   
If you have a hiatal hernia, it is possible that it is aggravating your vagus nerve which has certain controls over your heart rate.

My advice at this point is go forward with the endoscopy as it can definitively diagnose a hiatus hernia.

Sinus tachycardia can be triggered by hyperventilation. Now, I am not at all doubting that something else could be wrong here. But I can say (from personal experience) that when I start to get terrible reflux pain, I always freak out because a) I have no clue what's really going on, and b) it hurts like hell and I don't know if it's going to stop. Seriously, last time it was so bad I said goodbye to my husband (this was right before the ambulance showed up). I literally thought I might have been dying. I also know that nothing is going to make it go away, so I panic a little more. All of these factors combined make my hyperventilate and I would guess my resting heart rate was easily in the 150's.

Also, do you avoid reflux triggers? The first time I visited the ER, I had eaten something spicy (this was before I knew I had reflux). Something as simple as ketchup on a hot dog could definitely give you a horrible episode if your esophagus is already raw and damaged. Plus, hot dogs have triggered me in the past because they are very greasy.

For an endoscopy, you don't have to be under general anesthesia to have the test completed if you're too worried about it.

Best of luck to you! Keep us posted on what's going on.

Here are some more tips on GERD and how to treat it:

Take care,

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   Posted 9/20/2011 2:31 AM (GMT -6)   
Now, to rethink lol...

My tachycardia was related to anxiiety. I have clasterphobia, and the idiot intern put me in the room (with no windows) before I was put under. My doctor usually puts me under in the hallway where I can see I'm not gonna have being squished in all directions. Because of the misjudgement of the intern, I ended up needed a lot of anxiety meds which caused a drug induced sinus tachycardia.

Because of my medical background, I do know you can also do consious sedation (your just relaxed) during the proceedure

Remember, God will not give you a trial in your life if He doesnt think you can handle it... this is all apart of His plan

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   Posted 2/8/2012 8:19 PM (GMT -6)   
Look into Dysautonomia, or Pots syndrome, their are a lot of us dealing with this for years...A few sites is the most comprehensive site on the web for this... www.facebook/dysautonomia for some support. And this is a video i did a few years ago about it...God Bless you always...

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