Gerd without heartburn!

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   Posted 9/21/2011 4:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey guys, found this place and figured I give it a try to figure out what might be up. For like 6 months now ive been having what feels like really bad indigestion. At first it started out with with really bad heartburn and horriblly painful burps. I was also burping up acid and then sometimes just burping up stuff that didnt exactly burn. Recently i have been having chest pains now. Instead of a burning feeling its more like a pressure kind of thing just to the left of the center of my chest. It goes away usually when I burp, but im having so much trouble burping. It feels like I need to but if I do ill just throw up food or something. Ive also been expierencing heart palps sometimes. And on the left side of my chest it feels like I might be having spasams. But no more heartburn feeling. I feel like I cant even eat anything without feeling it. And sometimes I just wake up with my chest kind of aching. Ive been to a family doctor once and told them about my sypmtoms and they gave me nexuim. Ive been taking it for like 2 weeks now and i dont think its helped that much. Shouldnt I be having that burning feeling in my chest, instead of chest pains?

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   Posted 9/21/2011 4:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome, Kasey,
You have arrived at a great community of friends.

There is something called LPR, which often includes silent heartburn. Here's a link to an article:

This diagnosis is recognized more widely by ENT's, so even if you have the symptoms a GI doc might still be calling it GERD.

I've never had any heartburn. It is very difficult to determine trigger foods without heartburn. Nexium I think has helped me more than Prilosec did, but improvement is very slow. My stomach and chest just feel uncomfortable most of the time. My first chest pains were if Feb 2011, and by March I had gastritis with pretty bad stomach pains. I followed a "Safe for GERD" food diet, but it didn't help much. While on Nexium I developed more throat symptoms including coughing and sore throat. These symptoms have improved during the past week on the Koufman Low Acid Diet. I've got a thread running here if you want to try it.

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   Posted 9/22/2011 3:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Kasey,
I have the same symptoms as you do. about a two months ago i kept having heart palpitations and was afraid that i might have a heard disease or something. I am fairly slim of Asian descent (53kg or about 117lbs now) and tried to keep myself in shape most of the time. But i had an accident earlier this year which i think traumatised me a bit and i've been out of the gym for a few months.. During this time i think i had developed bad eating habits and a slight insomnia.. I ate less during lunch and no breakfast nor dinner in the same day. And at night i didn't want to sleep because i was afraid to fall asleep. I think my body could take it anymore and that was when my problems began.
At first, i noticed that my heart rate going up while i was doing literally nothing, which frightened me at first. I went to 3 GPs, and usually by the time i reached the clinic and they put on the EKG monitor on me, my heart wasn't racing anymore and was diagnosed as normal heartbeat. They said i had a panic attack was stressed. But i can tell you that i was not. Finally, the last GP who attended me recommended that i went to see the cardiologist just to ease my mind. So i went to the cardiologist who asked me to wear a halter monitor to check my heart rate during a 24-hour period. Sure enough, when the results came back, at one instance my heart rate went up to 167 bps while i was just playing games on my laptop. Surely that is not a strenuous activity?? But in any case, the cardiologist checked my heart, did some scans and did a thyroid exam, which everything came out ok. He couldn't see anything wrong.. But he gave me Coralan (Ivabradine) just in case my heartrate did come up again. When it did went up, i noticed that it went up right after a meal or when its mealtime, but by accident or otherwise, did not have my meals on time. If i kept to my meals and ate smaller portions, (except for some food) it was ok and won't get my heart racing.It made me think that since my heart was ok, there must be some other reason why my heart was racing at right after a meal or at missed mealtimes.
Then, i started having bloatedness, i kept having gas and feel like something is in my throat nearly all the time. But i don't have heartburn. I never did have any symptoms of heartburn. So i went surfing and found out that it might be reflux. So i went to see GI doc. After a bunch of scans and endoscopy procedure, everything seems to be in order and normal and she said i have a mild reflux and prescribed me Pariet (Rabeprazole). Its been two weeks now and seems to be working ok. I try to eat in smaller portions now and also trying to identify what sort of food i should avoid. Its a bit tedious but necessary i guess..
Oh yeah, for the bloatedness and gas, i suggest u chew on chewing gum.
Not good for your teeth i know.. but it helps with the burping somehow.. not a solution for the problem, just relief.. it sorta works for me, you could try it, but i'm not sure if its for everyone though..

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   Posted 9/22/2011 10:04 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello and welcome to HealingWell.  It looks like you have found some other members  that have similiar sx to yours.  It is good to be able to have others to  exchange information with. 

Many people do not have the typical symptoms of GERD and may have vague or atypical symptoms due to GERD. Some of these people may have chest pain without a burning component. In some cases this chest pain due to GERD may radiate down the arms, into the jaw, ear or neck and mimic heart disease. Other people with GERD have vague abdominal pain or burning abdominal pain, bloating and belching. Sometimes these symptoms are confused with gallbladder disease or peptic ulcer disease. In people who have atypical symptoms of GERD, it may become necessary to perform tests to distinguish GERD from heart disease, gallbladder disease or peptic ulcer disease. Even more challenging for the physician, it is not rare for patients to have more than one of these diseases, making it extremely important to sort out the cause of a patient's symptoms. 

Do not hesitate to seek out the opinion of a GI Physician as perhaps an endoscopy is in your near future. 

Again a warm welcome.


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