My heartburn and Candida situation

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   Posted 3/9/2012 12:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello all....first post....but really thankful for this site.

Long story and appreciate anyone that can read and help.....

I've had heartburn for years....always attributed to trigger foods such as pizza and alcohol from high school and college years. 32 now, in good shape, workout regular, etc, but battling long-term heartburn and acid reflux.

Over last two years I've been off and on prilosec, which certainly helps and cuts back the acid reflux. I would try and take 1 if I knew i'd be eating trigger foods or having a rough night. And, then I'd occasionally take one pill every three days or so and that would be enough to keep it at bay.

about 8 months ago, I came down with the flu. Can't remember if I took medication or not....but, I do remember that post-flu I started having rough IBS...lot's of gas, diarrhea, etc. And, the heartburn rose to a new level. The IBS seemed to settle down with some probiotics and enzymes, but the heartburn never went away. Prilosec wasn't having the same relief anymore either. Saw my primary who tried other anti-acids and then eventually saw a GI who did an upper endoscopy. Found inflammation in the esophagus, but everything else looked okay. EXCEPT found overgrowth of candida in esophagus (not sure about stomach too). Recommended other tests for immune compromised illnesses, which I didn't believe was my case. Long story short, I did some research and concluded that I must have a candida overgrowth which is causing my GERD/Acid Reflux/Burping.

FYI, other symptoms that might now be attributed to this are left-side stomach pain, right below ribs, terrible long-term memory, muscle cramping at night.

Anyhow, so I went on anti-candida diet, starting taking anti-fungals, etc. I haven't had a prilosec since. From that standpoint, i've experienced drastic improvement. But, I know my symptoms aren't gone. I decided to start having some fruit (A LOT OF FRUIT - love bananas, strawberries, etc) after about 5 weeks and my symptoms slowly came back. I have such a tough time with healthy eating not being allowed. I am a healthy guy - 6'3, 190lbs, workout, etc. But, I can't have fruit??? And, I can't have a glass of wine at dinner??

So, over last 2-3 weeks, i've more or less been back on the candida-diet, but still allowing myself small amounts of fruit and a serving or two of either brown rice/quinoa at dinner/lunch after 'testing the waters' for 10 days.

My primary and GI are not of much use and can't afford a naturopath so i'm trying to figure out my best course of action. I still haven't had a prilosec, though my heartburn has not been kept at bay 100%....I feel like it's still there is still inflammation in my esophagus. And, i'm still burping a TON. I also still have left-side stomach pain and other symptoms....

So much of the information out there is confusing and I really am at a loss right now as to what I should do.

Want to eat normal again (though my normal is very healthy, low-carb, high good fats, high protein) and not have heartburn.

For supplements, I'm taking - grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, garlic kyolic, coconut oil, on rotation (about every 4-5 days I switch). I'm also taking Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic. And just started taking Heartburn Free (D-Limonene). Vitamins - B vitamin complex, Vitamin C.

Any help is MUCH appreciated.....

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   Posted 3/9/2012 4:35 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi there, welcome to Healingwell. Presumably your other tests came back OK?

There are other reasons an anticandida diet can improve things - it is low carbohydrate (which some people find helps their GERD) and you also have to avoid processed food and alcohol, so I personally wouldn't base your response to the diet as being diagnostic of candida. It may be worth experimenting with the diet to see if you tolerate yeast or whether it's the low carb you are benefitting from.

I would be very careful with oil of oregano. It is good stuff and we've had success with it for topical things in the family, but it's very potent stuff to swallow and I definitely can't tolerate it orally no matter how much diluted! Have you tried caprylic acid (or is that basically the same as coconut oil?)?

Fruits can be quite acidic and it may be their pH that is affecting you rather than the 'candida' element. You may be interested in Sunbeam's thread on the pH diet (not acid alkaline balancing but actually consuming foods which are pH neutral as they hit the stomach). Have a read and see what you think.

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   Posted 3/10/2012 7:58 PM (GMT -7)   
You are doing a good by sticking to the candida diet.
Do not give in to the sugar craving easily, hold off until you feel much better. Then start re-introducing each fruit "slowly"

Start with fruit that hast the least amount of sugar, berries, rasperries, strawberries.

I am taking oil oregano as of now, but is encapsulated. I will say it had some success earlier on, but has not been effective lately.

grapefruit extact is good
garlic is good
low carb is good
probiotics is good
coconut oil is good too.

Since you are a healthy person in general, you should be able to adjust quicker.

I on the other hand, I am underweight now and stiil have symptoms like heartburn here n there, bloating, burping the whole day, sore throat etc....

I was well for 2 months with a product called "Paragone" It helped me out a lot, but I had lost so much weight after I stiopped using it my symptoms also came back.

I began eating cookies again, carbs, chips etc.. I messed up. Gradually, reintroduce each one, do NOT rush.

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   Posted 3/12/2012 8:54 AM (GMT -7)   

Appreciate the reply and support. Definitely taking it slow is important and reintroducing things slowly as well is crucial. I feel like it is definitely necessary to reintroduce one at time to find trigger foods.

I will keep on doing what i'm doing. Had a positive weekend, so hopefully that will continue.

Another thing that seems to be helping me is L-Glutamine. I had in my 'vitamin bag' from a long time ago and hadn't thought about it. Well, I started taking it on Thursday or Friday as I had read that it helps with repairing GI tract and GUT issues. I'm not 100% sure that it's the reason, but since i've been taking, it definitely seems to help.

mudmagnetmum - I am pretty sure that I have a Candida diagnosis as when they did an upper-endoscopy my GI told me I had an overgrowth of Candida. Pretty sure that is as close a diagnostic that i'm gonna get. I mentioned that in my story above.

Caprylic acid comes from coconut oil, yes.

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   Posted 3/12/2012 2:03 PM (GMT -7)   
Did they suggest a cause for the candida in the oesophagus? Except for people on asthma inhalers, it's not a common finding. I wonder if you need something that can target the candida there - obviously whatever capsules you swallow are going to bypass that area. Did they not prescribe anti candida medication?

L glutamine is good for gut healing yes, though I did not personally notice any improvement on that. I was going to try GABA which should reduce relaxations of the LES (which your body can make from glutamine) but I went into flare up and had to suspend experimenting!

Good luck with your endeavours - keep us posted!

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   Posted 9/17/2014 2:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi all,

Thanks for all the useful information so far. Although I know this post is quite old I felt compelled to write a reply!

Ctabb4412 my story is very similar to yours! Always had a sensitive stomach/infrequent indigestion but nothing too mad - I am a 24 y/o female and healthy (watch what I eat!).

about 3 months ago I had a chest infection and glandular fever. about 3 weeks after I started to develop agonising chest pains. I ended up in A and e a few times and after many other tests we realised it might not be Costochondritis but actually gastro related. I had classic symptoms of acid reflux - burping, bad taste in mouth at night, burning throat and sore throat too. Started taking 20mg omeprazole twice daily.

Like you I had an endoscopy and like you there was a lot of thrush in my oesophagus. I've had a few courses of anti fungal medicine now which will hopefully do the trick as I feel rotten. I am asthmatic but use a spacer and have not had problems before!

I am trying my hardest to differentiate between the symptoms of on going fatigue from glandular fever, acid reflux and candida.

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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   Posted 9/17/2014 10:04 PM (GMT -7)   

Welcome to Healing Well.

Unfortunately CTabb4412 hasn't posted since '12.

Please feel free to start a new thread about this subject.

Take care,
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