Exercises/massage for hiatal hernia?

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   Posted 4/24/2012 10:41 AM (GMT -6)   
I've been searching medical journals lately about hiatal hernia and find nothing related to treatment other than doing a surgical repair and fundo, or of course PPI therapy.

However it's very common to find "non scientific" information online about various techniques to "correct" a hiatal hernia via massage, chiropractic, even drinking lots of water and jumping up and down.

Has anyone had any success with any of those home treatments, or others (I recall someone here mentioned neck stretches in another thread but I cannot seem to find more info on it)? Better yet, have any studies been published related to these supposed alternative treatment methods? I did find one paper on improving GERD symptoms through breathing training, which seemed to affect the same area of the LES/LOS through strengthening the diaphragm muscles even though it did not specifically mention hiatal hernia.

I don't know much about hiatal hernia but it seems odd that a person could have this fixed via chiropractic massage and have it stay that way. I mean the enlarged hole in the diaphragm would still be there, so I don't know what would be expected to keep the stomach down when (or if) it is actually able to be moved down via massage.

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   Posted 4/24/2012 11:46 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi there

You might like to read this recent discussion about the LES not being a true muscular structure. You can of course exercise your diaphragm and there are members who use yoga.

I think there was a study that proved certain deep breathing exercises help but we couldn't find instructions on them. The difficulty with those is that (my chiropractor said) the exercises need to be done lying down, otherwise the muscles involved in keeping you sitting up counteract the exercise. And we GERD folk tend to avoid lying flat . . . so unless you can arrange to do some exercises before breakfast it's tricky to fit in!

Mock Turtle started the thread on the breathing exercises last year I think - if I can find it I'll post a link for you.

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   Posted 4/24/2012 12:16 PM (GMT -6)   

And here's last year's chat about breathing exercises!

New stuff: GERD, Recurrent cystitis/Overactive bladder
Lifelong stuff: Food allergies/intolerance, eczema, asthma

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   Posted 4/24/2012 1:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks, that thread was about the article I mentioned. I do have the article and the details of the breathing exercises, there are some which are supine but others are seated or standing.

Still wondering if there is any science behind the rampant advice to "massage" the hernia away. Again I don't see what would keep the gut material from going back into the void.

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   Posted 4/24/2012 2:23 PM (GMT -6)   
I don't think you really can massage the hernia away. At best, I think you can shift your stomach out of your diaphram and back down where it belongs, but I doubt this is permanent. I have a small sliding hernia that I don't want getting any bigger, so I just try to avoid doing anything that puts a lot of pressure on my stomach.

My dad's chiropractor said that he had heard of hiatal hernias being adjusted, but that he did not know how to do it and that he doubted it would ever be permanent, so I would have to repeatedly have the adjustment. Since my hernia is small and I've been able to get most of my symptoms under control, I don't plan to try seeing a chiropractor at this point.

I've tried drinking warm water in the morning and dropping down on my heels from the bottom step. It just made me burp.

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   Posted 12/3/2012 5:55 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm very sorry for the persons who had the hernia surgery and now do have to cope with a lot of weird and damaging conditions! So did I! Besides from eating problems and ongoing pressure within the whole body, I had lung problems, spleen problems and had a severe pressure on my voice. My neck spine and lower cervical spine (herniated vertebral disc?) was totally under stress - which resulted in stress for the body, increased release of stress hormones and all of this resulting in an increased release of stomach acid (just google for neck spine and acid) ! yes, I also had a very strong upcoming of gas production that often made me feel explode in the stomach area and breast. The breast ache was a result of breathing problems; my lung was under constant pressure. Making sport was terrible: I was like captured in my pressed body, felt constant pain. There was - diagnosed by orthopaedist - no vital impulse in my feet, that hindered walking and uprolling of the feeet. Besides this, I got terrible knee pain, and: WAS TOTALLY UNSTABLE BC: of the physics of the body was severely changed. After the hernia surgery I had two herniated vertebral disc (in the lower spine and probably in the lower part). In the end I had constant reflux!!!!!!!!!! Radioactive fluid test showed an immediate upcoming of stomach content.
So my life was very uncomfortable. One day I had a personal accident (on the street), fell down and it made a lowd noise: the surgery result was broken!

Up from then I first became more reflux, which was shocking in the first moment! But from day one (after crashing the surgery construction) I felt personally/bodily better in ANY respect. Before no doctor ever draw a line btw. body phenomenons (including orthop. ones) and the surgery.

But from that on:
- my lung was free, I could breathe normally
- my chest pain was gone
- my lympathic problem lost intensity
- was no gas coming up from downside
- my feet were free and stabile
- my knee problems disappeared
- I got my body stability back
- my neck soine stopped hurting, which had phenomenal other effects
- my cervical spine is without pressure

------------------> I'm still a little torn, that is, bc. my spine was torn in many fals directions (false pressure in every situation)
Probably I forgot many conditions, but one is additionally VERY important:

MY HEAD was CLEAR again; before I had constant draw on my neck spine which resulted in constant draw in the left thumb (arthritis came up from this)
AND distracted my head! The stress went away that was originated by:

a) constant pressure on my neck spine
b) the breaking up of normal body-functions and processes: do you know, that there constant bodily waves coming up along the diaphragm? These "waves", this energy flow was hindered (see for this Chinese med. and ask ostheopath)....which resulted in constant stress for me AND FOR MY organs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I did afterwards is: I went to an osteopath; she did the same, that the several osteopaths, chiropractitioners and doctors show in youtube!

With these practices I got my hernia small. But mainly with the cutting of of my surgery result I got my life back!

Ppl, you do not know how strange the so called "hiatal hernia surgery " really is:
- for the operated person/organism
- in respect of the cause of the "hernia"

You knwo what?

A "hiatal hernia" is NOT a cause of diaphragm, BUT a cause of a to little MOTILITY of the esophagus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what do the medicines? THEY bind it together with the stomach!!!!

SO, the esophagus motility=cause of the hernia is further restricted!

You got it!

You got all the mentioned conditions and relations and consequences and false methods?

Please, have a look at the youtube vids and the ask an osteopath or a chiropractitioner. Ask a Chinese doctor what he thinks about this surgery! Don't trust the antiacid meds! They decrease your intrisic factor and the you have a lack of vitamine B12. Do you knwo, that most ppl with reflux have too little acid production? So they do not get down their food broke down reglarly...which results in restricted health . BUT: in my feeling the surgery had the SAME effect on me!

So, please look for the vids ("how to identify correct a hiatal henia" and others)....and please be open for the stories of other ppl suffering from surgery!
And please, spread my words and the affirmation of others wherever you can

Thank you

Good health!
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