10 weeks post Nissen ended up in Casualty!

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   Posted 5/14/2012 2:15 PM (GMT -6)   
 Hi,im ten weeks post nissen and been having loads of problems the last two weeks,heart burn,nausea belching and palpitations.Was walking round supermarket this morning and all of a sudden felt unwell,nausea,lightheaded and a feeling that something had come up into my chest either air or liquid and i couldnt get a breath and my heart took off.I ended up in an ambulance and taken to casualty .They sent me home and told me to take zantac! Unbelievable. Surely this is not normal recovery from surgery! Barry.

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   Posted 5/14/2012 2:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Barry - What does your GI have to say about this?

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   Posted 5/14/2012 2:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi,nothing,i rang secretary and she said see your gp,cant see surgeon or gi just when you want.i thought casuaty would have called someone for me but didnt even know what nissen was! NHS is useless. I think im going to have to go private to get help. Barry

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   Posted 5/14/2012 2:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Barry, if your GI really won't see you after a visit to the emergency room with your symptoms, consider calling the patient ombudsman. Their number should be listed on any NHS general information website.

I would, however, first call the surgeon's office, describe your symptoms and explain that you are a post-operative patient having post-operative complications. If they will not book you a time, ask them point blank: "Are you refusing to make an appointment for me?" and find out why. I understand you might not want to seem rude, but this is your health, and if you feel you need to see a surgeon, don't be shy.

For lack of anything else, I would call the GP but explain CLEARLY and CONCISELY what is going on. "Hi, I'm 10 weeks post op NF and was taken to ER by ambulance because of heart palpitations, dizziness, and shortness of breath. The surgeon who performed the procedure is telling me to see a general practitioner."

Not sure how they'd do things there, but here they can refer you to another surgeon automatically based on your symptoms without having to wait for an appointment (I'm also on a public health system). You can also ask for a referral over the phone.

Now, all that being said, I have not had the surgery - this is just my perspective from a patient's standpoint. Hopefully someone who has had the surgery can come along and tell you of their experiences.


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   Posted 5/14/2012 3:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Thankyou very much Ashley for your reply! The nhs system has always treated me the same,ive had trouble going back 25 years with my heart when i was not settled on medication,being rushed to casualty ,then they seem to do their best to send you home without proper observation or any treatment.I seen my gp on thursday he told me my surgery has not worked and put me back on nexium,but i know it takes weeks to get settled on it.Im ringing surgeon direct tomorrow no matter what it costs to see him,im in a real mess here. Wish i never had the surgery! Thanks Barry

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   Posted 5/14/2012 8:31 PM (GMT -6)   
I am so sorry to hear that you feel that you surgery has failed you. I know that if I were in your position, I would definitely talk to the surgeon ..please know that we are all here for you in what ever supporting role we can play..
I pray that you will find out what can be done or what is wrong and be able to find a fix for it.. I am also sorry that you wish you had never had the surgery.. I know that if I had not had it, I would be in really bad shape by now..
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   Posted 5/15/2012 4:10 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Sandi,thankyou very much for your support! rang surgeons private secretary this morning and it turns out i cant see surgeon private as i had surgery with him through NHS.Talk about bagging your head against a wall!His Nhs secretary is trying to get me an appointment as soon as possible,God only knows when that will be.Total frustration! Barry

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   Posted 5/15/2012 4:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey Baza, it is frustrating, but at least he's going to see you! :)

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   Posted 5/21/2012 10:34 PM (GMT -6)   
I had the TIF procedure with a hernia repair 14 weeks ago and I've been in rough shape too. I was having such a hard time breathing while driving the other day I felt dizzy and nearly passed out. While anyways Baza, my doctors have been tossing me around trying to find out whats wrong with me...they haven't found out whats going on yet, but they did put me on anxiety meds.

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   Posted 5/22/2012 9:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Barry,

I've worked for the NHS and know the system well. You should have a follow up appointment with the surgeon and if that's not soon you should be able to bring it forward. Keep ringing the secretary and ask if you can speak to the surgeon or his reg on the phone - you should be able to speak to one of the team that treated you. It could be that they are getting the wrong end of the stick and thinking if you went to A&E with a cardiac problem then it's not their department - I would make it clear that you want an urgent appointment to discuss post op complications as you've had to restart medication. If you can't get an appointment within a week, phone the PALS office and sound off to them. The surgeon who did the op has a duty of care to see you as needed until you have recovered from the surgery. Your GP could also have phoned the hospital on your behalf to expedite the appointment, and as you say, Casualty could have bleeped any surgical team to come and advise. Not good enough, methinks!

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   Posted 5/22/2012 11:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Can I say that as far as the NHS is concerned I think it totally depends on where you live!

I had my partial nissen 2 March and guess what no post op appointment until September. Thankfully this site was here to help me before and after. As far as the op went I believe that it has done what it was meant to do.

Though maybe if I had had an earlier post op appointment it may have been picked up why I have had trouble with extreme fatigue and light headedness along with various other things! My own GP ran blood tests as he wanted me to go back to work, and it now transpires that I have an over active thyroid! Yet more hospital appointments, oh the joy!!!!


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   Posted 5/22/2012 8:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Could be low blood sugar producing the symptoms. How long had it been since your last meal? Are you consuming protein and carbs in the same meal? Are symptoms relieved by drinking juice or something sweet? Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to test glucose level at the time you experience symptoms.


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   Posted 5/24/2012 1:41 AM (GMT -6)   
Am so sorry your dealing with all this. I had heart Problems after my surgery as well but it ended up only being posterial tachycardia. I a full Nissen done I. Dec and I'm still a mess. Get burning in my throat like heartburn. Sometimes food gets stuck. Other days I do ok. I can't say I personally would do this surgery again. You on the other hand are NOT being treated well by your Drs and that is completely unfair. There has to be someone that you can turn to. Like a patient liaison to see if they can help you?

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   Posted 5/24/2012 9:33 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Barry,
You're just under 3 months post-op, and at your stage these types of quirky events can happen.  Unfortunately, many surgeons underplay the difficulty of this recovery.  While the symptoms that sent you to casualty aren't typical, you've been through major surgery not all that long ago. 
The problem with laproscopic surgery is that on the outside you look like nothing has happened, while on the inside things have been traumatized and have a lot more healing to do.  Remember--six months for the majority of healing and a full year for the rest.
Those types of symptoms can also be very anxiety-inducing, which can add to the mix of what you experienced.  Take it as easy as you can, and definitely pick up some acid reducer (either your PPI or Zantac) for the short term, until your healing has a little more time to progress.
Try to keep your eye on the prize and keep a positive outlook if you can. The mind-body connection is strong, and you want to give your healing as much help as possible!
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   Posted 5/26/2012 1:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi,continued this post on " nissen surgery nightmare" .thanks Barry

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   Posted 5/26/2012 2:09 PM (GMT -6)   
I locked this thread as you started a new one on the same topic.  Thanks for understanding.
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