EGD tomorrow....terrified

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   Posted 5/16/2012 7:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi all, been a vary long 10days for me I have had gerd for years, but about 5 days after sedation from a colonoscopy mt GRerd is back with a vengance, I feel my food going down, always want to burp, fell non burning chest pain and in my back that comes and goes...dont want to eat, losing weight, feel like my esoph is a irritated gravel road, anxiety is at 110%, TAKING PROTONIX, not able to fucus at because I cannot stop thinking I have a big tumor in my espohagus when they to the Endo tomorrow, I had an endo done in late 2004, had no barrets, but a HH and irritation, I have had these episodes 2 tiimes before and they past, but since its been 8 years since my last scope I am CONVINCED  THAT i HAVE EC. Have my scope tomorrow, soo terrified of them walking in after and breaking the news...
DO you sufferers get the following? do any of you get really afraid that you have cancer?
Trouble swallowing (like its going down slow and you can feel it every step of the way.
Feeling to burp immediately after even water.
Burnuing and pain about 2 hours after eating?
brping fire and food up.
Feeling something stuck in there.
No appetitie
Afraid its cancer.
Has anyone elcse been convinced of cancer and had the scope down and learned they just had typical irritation from gerd. I have been on PPIs' for years, and as far as I can tell my gerd has been about 70% under control most of the time, does anyone think this points to EC?
Please pray for me, can anyone relate? does anyone have a story to give me hope, and is Barrets and EC really the death sentence Dr. Oz said it was (you tube his show about gerd, its scary and I fell he should have noted the real deal on how prevalent EC actually is)
One other thing, I was given Klonopin for anxiety, its seems y GERD sypmtoms while still there, are less, can some of this be me creating worsening symptoms?
THank you

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   Posted 5/16/2012 8:47 PM (GMT -6)   
I understand your anxiety, but I think you probably don't have EC or Barrett's as both are slow to progress. And you had a scope 8 years ago. I felt the same way a few months ago when I had one and it had been 6 years. Same diagnosis as I had 6 years ago. Just try and relax ( deep breaths) the anxiety may be making your symptoms worse. Easier said than done, I know. I had myself crazy for no reason. Klonopin is under the category of benzos which may make the LES muscle relax. You may want to ask your doctor about it and consider switching to a non benzo SSRI ( ex: lexapro, zoloft, Prozac) to address your anxiety. Anxiety plays a large role in GERD because when you are anxious your stomach will produce more acid.

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   Posted 5/16/2012 8:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Barett's also has a low chance of turning cancerous due to it's slow progression. Most people who have it die of something else before it turns.

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   Posted 5/16/2012 10:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi acidman,

I can't answer all of your questions, but let me address one big one.

First off I feel for you man, and hope that this worry leaves you soon.

I am often in the same position. I watched the Dr. Oz bit on youtube (hadn't seen it before), and it is scary. It is natural to be scared after seeing it. But you saw a GI in 2004 who scoped you and presumably came up with a plan, right? Ultimately, I think a lot of us bounce between what our dr's say and the scary environment around esophageal cancer in the general media. I often have trouble reconciling my positive prognosis' from doctors with material that talks about the 'esophageal cancer epidemic' and '850% growth since whatever year', and stories like the Dr. Oz one on the woman who got it at age 28.

But the Dr's are ultimately playing the odds. Most Barrett's is found on the first EGD. My current Dr. says it is likely due to a genetic issue...if you have the genes for it you get it, if not you don't. So I have had GERD for 4 years, haven't had Barrett's, and thus my Dr. has told me that my risk of cancer is miniscule. He actually ascribes to the not uncommon belief that without Barrett's, you can't develop esophageal cancer.

One of the worst things about GERD, if you are someone like me, is putting yourself in someone else's hands. I've seen enough quality Dr's who have echoed the same ideas and opinions that, despite my current symptoms (at age 28), I am doing the right thing by holding off on surgery despite my symptoms. It is pretty good odds that your Dr. knows more about your risk than Dr. Oz and general statistics, so I have found that in my case, when I get worried like you are now, I just need to remember what my Dr. has told me. It is tough, because the jury is still out on what exactly causes GERD and on how to treat it, but I have still found that the best approach is to find a good Dr., get a 2nd opinion, and if they agree, then to follow their plan. These are people that deal with these diseases every single day, unlike us, who just google them. I know it is tough...I am an atheist and don't even believe most of what my own mom tells me, so trusting my Dr. and putting my life in a his/her hands is difficult. But whose hands are better?

Keep in mind that negative thoughts have an impact on health too. Sometimes I have to convince myself that I need to remain positive based solely on the fact that it is the best and healthiest way to live (and not on the fact that what I have doesn't merit worry).

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   Posted 5/17/2012 9:34 AM (GMT -6)   

I have struggled with gerd for about 17 yrs. I had my first endo in 2004, dx with gastritis, HH, open LES. Again in 2007 with the same dx, then in June 2011 with the same dx plus barretts short segments. I had an endo in March 2012, the gastritis finally cleared up, LES was "some what open" but not completely, HH still there and barretts was gone.

Given my history over the years when the DR. told me about the barretts I thought I was doomed to die from the progression of this curse. The thought of being took from my children and wife haunted me day and night, but I refused to give up. I have used the combination of meds, diet, and natural ways....Here's what I've done to make progress. changes; all the 90% chicken and turkey for meat (fish if I could choke it down). Sweet potatoes, raw carrots, broccoli, spinach, blackberries, whole grains, . I stay away from soda, coffee, choc, chips, dairy, pizza, beer etc., no red meat.
2. spirulina (loaded with chlorophyll)
3. sleep inclined on left side
4. manuka honey (the higher the active+ the better)
5.aloe vera gel (lakewood brand has NO citric acid)
6. carafate (coats and protects from more damage)
7. Tums or gaviscon as needed
8.dexilant (ppi)
9. zantac in the evening (h2 blocker)
10. dgl (when i can't time the carafate)
PS: I know the honey and aloe will not stop the gerd, however they are proven healers so I believe they played a huge part in my progress of starting to heal my LES.

Hang in there and never give up!

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