I think I have a GERD problem! And I want it to stop/clear as soon as possible!

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   Posted 8/15/2012 11:38 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm a teenage girl with GERD and having a stomick Problem!! I think it maybe GERD's doing because it only seems possible and logocal. I'm going to tell you the events that I think leads me to how I feel right know.
Beginning of summer 2012'
I've never realized I had GERD. I was doing fine when suddenly on the second week of summer, I had massive stomach aches on the top portion of my stomach. I thought it was just a stomach ache so I ignored it all the way to the third week. I didn't dare to tell my mother! On the third week, Monday to be exact, my aches became more painful! I had signed up to go boot camp the next day. So I went shopping for some supplies I needed.

during the time I had been walking around the store, I had bearable pains! That night I didn't know what to do! Should I go to boot camp or not! Unfortunately, I didn't go. I told my mom about my whole stomach ache problem and realized that I might have an ulcer! It freaked me out a little because a lot of people die of the ulcer or are dangerously internally injured.

I took some pills my mom had that were prescribed to me about a year or two ago. They were Nexium(or something like that for GERD). My stomach ache went away soon. I didn't eat a lot of food during that time because I was afraid the pain might come back or my stomach wasn't settled. Soon enough, I got hungry and ate back to normal.

I went to Oklahoma for a first time attending wedding! I was really excited, but the 5 hour drive threw me off! We arrived there safe and sound. But the wedding day, my stomach ache came back!! It was a complete nightmare!!! The wedding reception was about to begin, and me trapped in the restroom trying to push everything out! I had to man it up! I tried holding my stomach ache until the reception began so I can visit the restrooms stalls. I did and did everything out. Although, I did small amount and felt like doing more (though it didn't come out), I thought that will be enough for the night until I get back to house I was staying.
When the wedding was done, we had to wait in the coldest room ever in the reception, for my dad to take us home! I was shivering and felt really queasy! My dad was kinda drunk, so it was hard for him to stay steady and drive. I was turning pale at him being drunk and driving us home! •____• My nervousness increased with the coldness of the salon and my dad being drunk with driving! Somehow, we got lost and found our way to the house. We were only two turning blocks away from home. That's when I almost felt like throwing up! He decide to speed up and caused my internal organs to go loopsy!! I was scared to my death! We got to the house and waited since the real owners of the house weren't there. In the car, we waited and still felt sick! I felt like gagging but didn't. The hosts arrived and my dad had fell asleep in the steering wheel!!! My woke him up and he thought we where still back at the parking lot in the reception! He AGAIN turned the car on and what felt like the car was going to go real fast if he stepped on the gas! I opened the car door fast so he can stop and I can get out safe! I was really frightened (and because of that incident, I havent made contact with my father or talked to him since then). At this point, I felt my heart was going to come out from my throat! And still felt like throwing up. I jumped out the car and my big brother was telling me to not jump out. This caused my dad to stop and look at me. I jumped, literally jumped, out if the car and screamed out loud that I wasn't Going to stay in there. The hosts heard me and thought I was just temperarly mad. They opened the house and I went in feeling like throwing up. I went to the restroom and did my business. The restroom was super cold and making my symptoms worse. I went to the kitchen where my aunt was and told her if I could have want tea to calm my nerves. I sat at the couch with a a towel covering my legs (just in case if I threw up), and a cover to all over my head and body to warm easily. I fell asleep shivering.
The next day, I woke up really early needing to go to the restroom. I did but nothing came out. I went back to sleep. I woke up again around 11am and got hungry. I ate cereal but only like 5 scoops and gave the rest to my little brother. I didn't eat nothing else. But I felt So hungry! I was too afraid to eat anything because we were leaving that day back to our house and I didn't want to risk having a stomach ache on the car way. When we left, I kind of felt sad saying good bye to our hosts since they are real close to us. When I felt sad, I felt that gagging feeling come again.

On the highway, I felt really queasy but hungry. So I ate a bag of Cheetos and water. I drank too much water because then I had to go to the restroom. I came back in the car and felt the more queasy, but not hungry.

The next day (day before yesterday) I felt tired and sick from my stomach ache! I don't Feel like myself lately. I feel something, like an urge coming through my top stomach and then settling down. I feel like doing number 2 but nothing comes out! I have a hard time swallowing and burping heavy! I didn't eat at all yesterday besides cereal.
At night I felt like throwing up, but I also felt the urge of doing number 2 and nothing.
Yesterday, I felt better and ate perfectly fine. Then at night I had trouble swallowing and an unsettling stomach (turning) and really thirsty.
Today, I feel meh a tad okay. But I have the feeling to do number 2 and can't! I feel like I making to much saliva in my mouth. It's hard for me to swallow. And I keep getting these queasy feelings and tiny bits of nausea. My stomach also makes noises of itself and feelings of if I was nervous of something. I really hate this feeling. How can I get rid of it?? Or what is it?? Are they symptoms of something coming ahead? Cold? Any remedies?? Please!

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Hi Lalapopdance,
Welcome to Healing Well!  Sorry to hear you're having so many problems.
I expect you will find the following informational links:
GERD - Putting it all together !
Here are some suggested lifestyle changes to help acid reflux (GERD).
Good luck with getting things under control.  I'm sure others will be by to share information and support.
Best wishes,

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“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose”

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Hi Lalapopdance95
I have Gerd also and have had some strange symptoms...my chest gets sore,my stomach hurts and my throat hurts all the time..awhile back i had severe chest pain and burning ..i went to er so many times..They gave me pepcid and i immediatley felt better and that is when i was diagnosed with gerd..all i had was a simple xray.Also you should get testing done for celiacs disease..i was just diagnosed with celiacs the other day.That is most likely alot of my stomach problems.I hope you feel beter.

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Please talk to your mom about this. Have her take you to a doctor and get you checked out.
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I don't think you have GERD. You have never mentioned heartburn or heart pain in your post. I think you are just too nervous and stressed out during your trip and all those irregular eating time and meal size made your stomach upset.

It's time take control of your life. Take the meals at regular hours. Relax yourself. Do not stress yourself out when bad things happen.
While healing, stay low-profile and don't go on social trips where you have no control over your meals or your sleep.
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