Could this be Hiatus hernia? Newbie.

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   Posted 11/18/2012 9:37 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm newly joined to this site although I have been reading posts for a couple of months. I'm hoping to gain some support and share some things that just may help someone else.
My problems began about 4 months ago with constant pain in my left arm. Although it was painful and made it difficult to sleep at night, I didn't really give it much thought other than that it was probably age (52) or a pulled muscle and would settle in time.
A week or so later I was bending over the bath one morning washing my hair and I suddenly felt really weird; a bit dizzy and lightheaded, pressure in my body from waist to throat and severe chest pain. Although it was enough to stop me in my tracks it passed within about a minute and I got on and got ready for work.
Over the next couple of weeks I started to have a lot of chest pain, palpitations, breathing problems, anxiety, the constant left arm pain and various vague feelings of being unwell. I had 3 ECG's and a heart stress test (treadmill) and visited A&E. By this point my anxiety level was through the roof and, I now believe, added to the other symptoms (exhaustion, depression, lightheadedness, etc). I also had many blood tests which showed all ok except low vitamin D.
Well, as I said this all started 4 months ago; in the meantime I've been through (amongst other things) very bad indigestion, trapped wind, stomach pain, bowel issues, dry cough and choking in the night, fatigue - and it's ongoing.
Where I am now: I have this feeling of pressure beneath my ribs that comes and goes through the day and makes me 'breathy'; I get indigestion that doesn't feel particularly acidy but makes my throat hot and I get trapped wind. I don't really get diarrhoea or proper constipation but my bowel movements vary from difficult to go/very solid to very soft/very frequent. I get random stomach pains and some upper back pain and anxiety. Also, still get very tired.
I couldn't tolerate Omeprazol, Lansoprazol, Pantoprazol, Zantac, Femotidine or Motilium as they caused SEVERE anxiety and depression (including suicidal thoughts) so I turned to Gaviscon if I need it for acid indigestion; Simeticone (windsetlers, Gas x) as and when needed for trapped wind; slippery elm capsules from health store - 2 capsules twice a day; Kalms herbal tablets to help with anxiety when needed. I also play a relaxation/hypnosis tape at least once a day - usually bedtime and brisk walking for 10 - 15 minutes after eating if I'm up to it. I am at work full time although it's a real struggle some days and I'm still managing to do family dinners even though I can't eat much variety myself. My food at the moment is mainly chicken, fresh vegetables, small amount of whloemeal bread, potatoes (but not the skins as they cause problems) and camomile tea or water. I don't drink alcohol (never have really), don't smoke and gave up all caffeine about four years ago due to indigestion and migraine. Since giving up caffeine I've not really suffered with indigestion other than occassional bouts.
This coming friday I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist and my GP thinks he will want to do an endoscopy but I don't know how long I'll wait for that. My big problem is - I'm totally convinced that I have stomach cancer and I'm so frightened - even though I am managing my condition reaasonably well on a day to day basis I feel far from well and just want 'normality' back again.
I desperately want someone to talk to but I think my family are tired of it and probably even think it's all in my head.
If you've made it this far, thanks so much for reading and I really hope we all get well soon. wink

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   Posted 11/18/2012 11:29 AM (GMT -6)   
First, breath deep and relax. The odds of have stomach cancer is very small. Your symptoms do sound like you have GERD. One thing I can tell you GERD becomes worse if you're stressed. Stress makes more acid and causes GERD to be worse.
If you can't take medicine then you may need surgery to fix it.
But first wait to see what the doctor says, OK?

The testing you will need will be EGD (endoscope), barium swallow, manometry (motility study), and gastric emptying study.

Hang in there and come here to vent.
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   Posted 11/18/2012 11:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Thankyou for your quick response - I didn't think I'd get any that quick! I know you're right in what you say and I get cross with myself for the silly thoughts but it is good to hear someone else say it. Thanks again, I'll keep posting and when things settle for me hopefully my experience will help others smilewinkgrin

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   Posted 11/19/2012 10:18 AM (GMT -6)   

Agree whole heartedly with Joy. Also please don't get caught up in the self diagnosis using google. It will convince anyone they have a much worse problem than they do.

Hang in there.

Take care,
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   Posted 11/19/2012 11:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Bill, thanks for the response - it all helps with the anxious thoughts. I have to confess I've already been down the google route - mainly through feeling so isolated and not taken seriously; I agree it's a mistake but on the positive side, it brought me to this forum so good in a way. I think sharing and getting it off my chest has helped because I've had a better day today and Fridays appt. feels quite close now.
Many thanks

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   Posted 11/22/2012 1:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Morning all, I need a quick vent!! I'm feeling very low and depressed today - after 2 good days everything came back full force yesterday - and it was my twins 29th burthday and they all had a chinese while I sat and nibbled on some chicken. My weight is down again this morning - I only weigh once a week but have lost another 2lb this week. My appointment with the GI tomorrow has been cancelled as they had a mix up with the booking - good in one way because they're now booking me straight in for the endoscopy in the next couple of weeks but I so desperately need to speak to someone that I just feel crap about it. I probably sound like a right moaning minnie but I'm at work, at my desk, being strong and just wanting to crumble and sob my heart out. This is the worst condition I have ever had in my entire life. Oh and the big C is still on my mind. Sorry folks, hope you all have a good day.

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   Posted 11/23/2012 2:54 AM (GMT -6)   
Please don't worry, like the other's all have said it's better to get all your tests done and then your Consultant will work out what your plan will be., though it does sound like IBS and Gerd.
My problems started with IBS symptoms, completely out of the blue, then progressed to sore stomach's, some acid taste and a Hiatus Hernia - a good giveaway for the hernia is if you are burping a lot.
Try to stay away from the internet and focus on relaxing, this really helps the IBS, as does a hot water bottle.
Chin up, and stay positive.

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   Posted 11/23/2012 3:54 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi, thankyou for your comments; as it turned out I had a good, almost symptom free day yesterday and even managed a relaxing evening at a friends house. My appointment for the endoscopy also came through for 4th December so not too long to wait. I got so sick of being constipated that I ended up taking a laxative - bit of an error of judgement I think but I live and learn and at least I don't feel full and bloated today - just sleepy from being on the loo half the night! I am more comfortable from the waist down but gurgling like blocked drain - I wish it would either shut up or learn to do it in tune! As for the Internet, I now restrict myself to this forum because everyone manages to be so positive on here. Hope you all have a great weekend and thankyou all again for your support - I hope to return the support in time. Jenny.

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   Posted 11/23/2012 6:14 AM (GMT -6)   
Whatever you do get sedation when you have the endoscopy the numbing spray alone don't do crap but with the sedation you hardly notice it. If your in the uk it shouldn't take too long I waited 10 days. sam
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