my GI Doctor was soo mean

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   Posted 1/3/2013 10:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Had my appointment today. Nothing is making sense. My biopsies came back and it said i was favor to reflux..he said it was very anyone else. But my questions is this....can the ppis im taking mask the reflux..even with the biopsy? He said the ENT might have misdiagnosed me..and the ppis could be making me worse and i could be overdosing..he was very rude and said LPR is not even a big deal and will not kill you. He said that it shouldnt be causing all of these problems i'm having and he blamed it on my OCD. He told me that he didnt even understand why i used a forum about it because its not that "serious" he said i pretty much have mild GERD. He said that my symptons dont make any sense and i need intensive therapy..he said he didnt understand the mucuos problem and he put me on ALLEGRA. He said i might need to see an allergist. My thing is...he might be right..or he might be wrong but did he didnt have to be so mean. He told me that he didnt care if i walked out of his office mad because he was straightfoward. He said people like me will keep wanting to do tests and do tests..and everything will come out thing. The thing is when i got my endoscopy done and he biopsied my esphogaus and stomach i was on strong ppis. I asked him why my throat looked so horrible and he asked me how many throats id seen in my life..and said it was not that bad..but its very red and swollen when i look at  the picture.,,and when i eat my throat does start to swell and i spit up liquid. he didnt understand that either. So do i have LPR or do i not? I'm so confused..He took me off my omprolozole and put me on protonix twice a day and no zantac...accept maybe onne if needed. Im going to my regular dr tomorrow to talk about nerve pills for my throat. Do you guys think i should get a second opinion or kind of wait for awhile? He was just so mean and he really hurt my feelings There is a differnce between being straightfoward and plain mean. He also asked me very sarcastically how long i was in medical school. JUST BECAUSE i know a lot about LPR..that apparently is false to him. How is it might fault my ent told me i had LPR and then through me some info and some meds and said thats it. How is it my fault i regurgitate still..and still get naueas(could that be from the high dose ppi) im so confused...but i'm also relieved that i dont have any horrible things going on like barrets or thats good...but confused on his rudeness and how his diagnosis was different then my ents. anyways...thanks for reading!

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   Posted 1/4/2013 4:14 AM (GMT -6)   
I hear you! My ENT told me to just live with my symptoms.

You might have mentioned this on other posts, Have you already had a 24hr ph test and the manometry test?

This is how I see it, if the results state that the LES's pressure is below normal and your reflux episodes were above normal, then it's reflux, isn't it?? What's with all those "guess work"?

By the way, it would be much easier on the eyes if you could write in paragraphs. Thanks

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   Posted 1/4/2013 4:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Ive still got plenty of doctors that insist my symptoms are due to anxiety, even though ive been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and gastritis, because theyve never seen a cas where the medication didnt completely relieve symptoms.

Some doctors take the tough approach when dealing with anxiety patients, but there are doctors that are much more sensitive about it and do listen to you and keep an open mind. I would definitely get a second opinion.

I think exploring terapy is a good idea, but still push hard for physical tests, you need to go down both routes as you can never be sure what the cause is.

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   Posted 1/4/2013 9:31 AM (GMT -6)   
Definetly get another opinion. Just as with anything, some doctors are better than others. GERD still baffles doctors if you do not repsond to the PPI and lifestyle changes/diet fully. Just be persistent and keep trying to find one that works for you. You could also check out alternative medicine. I have thought about that idea myself.
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   Posted 1/4/2013 9:49 AM (GMT -6)   
I once asked a doctor friend about my GERD condition and told them the things I know. He said what doctor knows about GERD and its treatment is limited and mostly comes from the medical training in school, and a forum like this probably contains more than what he knows. If I were to go to him for consultation, he would have done the same thing other doctors did - prescribes PPI and tells me to stay away from certain food.

bottomline - do not rely entirely on your doctor, you got to rely on yourself to learn more about the disease.

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   Posted 1/4/2013 10:08 AM (GMT -6)   
Agreed, you need to be your own best advocate. I learned more about my condition from this forum than from any doctor.
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   Posted 1/4/2013 10:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Stacey,
You've got a lot of good friends on this forum who can support you and give suggestions, which is great.  It's no fun to have a rude and obnoxious GI doc.  I know, because I had a "mean" GI doc who didn't listen to me.  I got sick of put-downs and lack of listening skills, and asked my PCP to recommend another GI doc who would fit my needs/personality better.  He did that, and my second GI doc was wonderful. He listened carefully and respectfully, and never put me down.  They're out just have to look hard.
This is the other thing to remember.  GI docs are focused on the health of the GI tract, and as long as the esophagus isn't damaged, don't think that the reflux is a problem.  An ENT is more knowledgeable about how GERD can cause symptoms like the ones you're suffering with, because that's the areas they're responsible for.  If you don't have damage to the esophagus, a GI doc's job is done.
Still, I have to say this.  Your OCD can be playing a part in your suffering as well.  If you're focusing on your symptoms and obsessing on them it can make the whole situation much more unbearable.  I speak from some experience here, as my husband of nearly 40 years suffers from OCD and I can see how it can make his life miserable.  He also has at times become very obsessed and worried about health issues at different points in his life, and generally has health anxiety.  At one point it even led him into a deep depression during which he lost 60 pounds.  He was certain he was dying of cancer. 
Fortunately, our PCP was wonderful, and as Andy suggested, put him through extensive testing as a way of encouraging him to see a therapist.  People who are feeling sick, no matter what the cause, don't want to hear a doc tell them it's in their head.  By treating him for both issues at the same time, he helped my husband accept the idea that therapy might help.  Otherwise, his fear would have been that therapy would be wasting precious time that would have been better spent searching out the real cause of his illness.
It's not easy to deal with symptoms that aren't clear-cut.  I had a similar situation with my reflux issues.  Even my wonderful GI doc had a closed mind regarding how much a little reflux could do to my lung condition.  My PCP and asthma docs were certain my reflux was making my asthma uncontrollable, but my first 24 hr PH monitor came out with a DeMeester score of 4, which is very low--well within the "normal" range of <14.  He told me point blank that my reflux was not causing my asthma. 
At this point I was suffering with horrible and dangerous lung conditions and had even spent a week in the hospital because of gastritis/reflux induced asthma.  My PCP was not happy about the situation, and I was on high doses of steroids that  weren't good for my body.  I went on like this for a few years.
Finally, my PCP got fed up and he referred me to a surgeon himself.  That surgeon did some tests, and said that I was a good candidate for surgery (he trusted my PCP and was willing to do the surgery on his recommendation).  Having read a lot about the Nissen surgery, I wasn't ready to jump into having it without lots of research into surgeons on my own.
I took this info back to my GI doc, he did another PH monitor, which came out between 14 and 15--still very low.  But because my my PCP's concern and actions, he told me I could either continue on meds, or he could refer me to a surgeon, which he did.  (The meds weren't doing the job--it was a false choice in my opinion.)
I met with the surgeon and asked him lots of questions.  He was also concerned about the low DeMeester score, but said he'd do the surgery on the recommendation of my doctors.  He said that if the asthma was being caused by my reflux, that the surgery would work.  And it did!  It took two and a half months for my poor lungs to heal, but heal they did, and they've been healthy ever since.  (I do have bad allergies and asthma which create their own issues, but the reflux damage has stopped and my lungs are 100% better.)
Yes, small amounts of reflux can create discomfort, and as in my case, even damage. This can happen in spite of PPIs (I was on 40mg Protonix twice a day, plus 300mg Ranitidine at night, and my bed was elevated.) I didn't have high volume reflux, so it wasn't a concern to my GI doc. As long as it wasn't damaging his "neck of the woods", he wasn't concerned. 
Knowing your propensity for obsessing on your health, be careful, though.  That can have a life of its own, and can really pull you down.  Spending a lot of time on the internet searching for health information can make things worse if you have a tendency toward obsessing and worrying.  I know you need the support, but try to work on both issues at the same time if you can. 
Hang in there!
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