New member with GERD. First attack way back in 2009.

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   Posted 5/26/2013 6:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello there, I'm new here. A little background of myself and condition:

44yr old male, 139lbs., 5ft-4inches in height. I don't smoke, rarely drink. I used to drink two cups of coffee/day, have cut back to half a cup. use to eat lots of spicy food.

4yrs ago (2009) I thought I was having a heart attack at night and went to the ER. X-ray, blood work, ECG (Electrocardiography), stress test. Everything check out ok. People were saying it was acid reflex. Didn't think anything of it.

Everything was normal, no attacks until early 2012. Had a hard time swallowing, couldn't breath and chest pains/discomfort. Went to the ER again. X-ray, blood work and ECG, ultrasound of the heart and stomach, all normal.

This time I notice that I had an annoying stomach pain, actually, more like something was stuck. Did some reading regarding acid reflex and when to my family doctor. He prescribe Pantoprazole. Took it for couple of months and then stop. The annoying pain went away but return from time to time.

Late 2012-2013, the stomach pain came back but this time with more frequent chest pain/discomfort. Took Tums like candies and drank apple cider vinegar from time to time. Started Pantoprazole again but this time around it didn't seem to work, so I stop.

For the pass few months my condition was now more frequent. My family doctor suggested to have a gastroscopy. Finally had one in Feb. but my follow up with the GI doctor wasn't till May. During this time I ask my family doctor for Nexium. Big mistake, had so much side affects had to stop after 4wks. I was 145lbs but lost 6lbs while on Nexium.

Went back to the family doctor and ask for Prevacid. Prevacid, isn't as hard as Nexium but stronger than Pantoprazole. On it for 11days before my follow up. GI doctor explain everything is normal with the gastroscopy test. No signs of damage, no h-pylori, no ulcer nor cancerous cells. He mention that stress, nervousness can cause acid reflex. He suggest to keep using Prevacid and also prescribe Zantac for nights. He told me to give it at least 2wks. Been using it for one night. But the next day (today), I believe I had a strong heartburn after eating lunch. Had to take Tums, apple cider vinegar, Gaviscon. After 2hrs, it subside. But still have this slight chest pain/discomfort.

Also, as a cautious mesure, he suggest a Holter monitor for 24hrs since I told him about my frequent chest pain/discomfort. I'm now waiting for an appointment to have this done.

As a side note, I've notice while I'm on proton pump inhibitors (Nexium, Prevacid), I get heavier chest pain/discomfort and more frequently as well. I might stop Prevacid in 2wks, by then I'll be on it for 4wks.

Sorry for the long read.

Update: I've decided to stop Prevacid and of course I'll tapered off instead of going cold turkey. Two nights with Zantac and feeling good both nights. Currently taking 150mg but might reduce to 75mg in the future if all works out.

I don't think my body can handle the stronger PPI (Proton-pump inhibitors) meds. Too much side affects.

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   Posted 5/26/2013 9:46 AM (GMT -6)   

Welcome to HealingWell. You've found a safe, secure, and reliable support community for people battling a range of health issues. We have many  fellow members here who will be glad to lend an ear, offer information, and provide support for when you need it.

We are not professionals but peers just like you so if your topic requires a professional we may refer you to your Doctor.

Stress is a major part of today's world. More than 40% of adults in the United States suffer negative health effects due to stress. In fact, research shows that stress plays an important role in all types of disorders, including heart disease, cancer, skin diseases, emotional problems, lung ailments, and immune system problems. So it's no wonder stress has also been linked to GERD. Although there is no direct evidence that stress actually causes GERD, for many people who have GERD, stress, tension, and feelings of anxiety can make GERD symptoms worse. Fortunately, stress can be effectively managed to prevent some of its most harmful health effects.

There are plenty of ways to relax, many described here. You can also take a relaxation or meditation class at a hospital, local college, community center, or mental health agency. There are also numerous self-help instructional videos and audiotapes that can help you relax. Look for them at health food stores, libraries, or places that sell music and videos. Once you learn the techniques, you can also make your own audiotapes.

You can use the following techniquesto help you learn to relax and better deal with stress. This breathing technique is one that helps me as stress is a huge part of my life.

1.Find a quiet and comfortable place. Make sure the room is not too bright. If you choose to play music, be certain it’s relaxing and set to a reasonable volume.

2.Wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight.

3.Stand, sit or lie in a position that keeps the back straight.

4.Start by clearing your mind of all thoughts and focusing only on your breathing. Feel the air come into your lungs and go out of your lungs. Do this for several minutes, getting into a relaxed state.

5.Try for several breaths to make your breathing as slow, deep, quiet and regular as possible.

6.As you continue to focus on your breathing, try to exhale completely, pushing all of the air out of your lungs. You will need to use the muscles between the ribs to do this. Inhale very slowly and fill your lungs back up with fresh air.

Hope this gives you a tool to use to decrease your stress levels.

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