Help kindly needed. Tennis career could be gone from GERD, GI Damage or Possible H-Hernia

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   Posted 8/22/2013 1:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello Im a newbie and after years of scouring forums and sites and not finding anyone with my condition, I decided to come here as i am now hoping if someone thinks i i might have anything serious. As I am afraid to take any scopes or risky barium swallows. If anyone can help me with advice, i owe you big.

No history of any family disease of anything cardiac or chest pain - related.

I was supposed to be a pro tennis player but in the late teens i started feeling a bit of pressure and wierd beating the evening after tennis - but only after eating. The fattier or unhealthier the food, the stronger the beats. A bit of pressure at the chest. Didnt keep me up too long.

Early 20s - more concerned about after tennis after eating again more frequent, tighter chest pressure and discomfort. THought i could be developing a heart problem. Doctors and ER people never suggested GI or just burping it out. One cardiac guy prescribed to try some beta blockers. Not really sure if they even helped.

Mid 20s was clueless so gave up serious tennis. Nobody suggested diet or GI. And I didnt know it was food related.

Later 20s, on citalopram - probabily caused some massive panic attacks. Chest pains rendered a couple more ER visits. (most likely from the citalopram). Again, no doc suggested anyting GERD-related. Heart checked out clear. Got off citalopram as i thought it was giving me heart problems. Also was afraid to workout. Again, no doctor referenced anything GI related. All ER and walk in docs said i was just mentally ill with anxiety issues causing this chest pain.

Referred to all the further heart tests, nuclear heart test even. Checked out clear.

Early thirties started realizing i could "burp it out". And it was a vetrinarian who first told me this was GERD or Acid reflux.

32 went on cipralex for general anxiety and shyness.

Spring of 2012 at 32 -----------------<Edit> no discussions of illegal substances per rules of HealingWell.

Later spring early summer went on a bigger dose of Cipralex. One evening ate what was probabily expired ice cream from a run down convenience shop. The had hard liquor later that night and not sure when i had cipralex but i have mixed the two before. This was the first massive acid refluxing. Vomited pure hot firey acid.

Next day saw doctor.. put me on nexium. Helped for a bit. Felt like i had some stomach pains for a couple days. Was only on soft foods.

Then one day i learned about cayenne peppers healing the GI.. Big mistake. Even though it worked to fix this for a few days. Went immediately back on fatty foods and bad diet.

Started drinking water with cayenne pepper powder. Also started tennis again to try to see if it would work. Id actually did. but not for long. But no more acid problems anymore for a while.

Later that summer realized it was hard to play tennis after eating.. could no longer do it as it was hard to breathe out there as i felt chest tightness. Unfortunately still ate.

Late that summer - after eating cotage cheese and going to play... massive chest pains.. had to get off the court first game of the doubles match. center and slightly to the left... (is that the esophagus or chest? a doctor said they are wired the same way.. thats scary).. stabbing immediately after running or hitting.... the opponents all said i was getting red too. Had to stop right away to stop gettingt those chest attacks. And anxiety caused a continued chest tightness... Freaked out.. but by the time i was in line at ER my anxiety-sustained chest beats went away... line too long... mom on phone said come home cus its a hiatal hernia...

Quit tennis again... seemed to be ill without tennis (was also on cipralex).. now even eating junk without having played any day would make me vomit out to relieve chest pain. Gave up cayenne pepper pills or powder.
Cannot even go to the gym now without too much gas causing chest tightness and indigestion of food coming back up.

Beer would hurt stomach sometimes, and other times not.

a few nights i thought it was lights out... im alone with no one to look over me when parents are gone... afraid of choking on own vomit.. dying in sleep from wierd sudden chest discomforts that made me jump out of bed as i am trying to sleep..

Chickened out from endoscopy in the fall..

saw a naturopath.. cleaned up diet. said stomachs inflamed... put me on Zinc Carnosine, DGL licorice, fish oil. clean food. no coffee, dairy, processed tomatoes all gone for a while..  healed me somewhat.. (still on cipralex.. said to stay on it to avoid life-threatening depression from this insanity)

went back to spices/fats/junk... was fine a couple days then went to hell again... (Why? i thought i healed with 7 months of naturopath advice!
still cant work out properly without burping affecting everything.

winter - tried stopping cipralex. noticed sudden improvement... but wasnt patient to isolate the self-analysis... ate wrong got ill again now and then.. vomit food... acid.. (chest pains are not usually from acid.. just air to burp out)

Some weeks i am fine... PPIs might have side effects.. lump in throat possibly caused by them...

now i am off cipralex completely and notice better results... but maybe it damaged me along with all the other stuff i did and late sleep time..... because i still struggle on the tennis court and cannot keep up... eating clean before it and at least 3 hrs before helps but not much...  cant even go to the gym and push hard at all.

But i do notice quitting cipralex has made some difference.. not sure how much.. or if its too late... but i do notice some side effects listed of GI issues... (and citalopram in the past with those ER visits was also a possible culprit).

Scared to take scope for fear of heart attack and it stretching anthing weak even worse.... and the risky barium swallow. i cant do that with all these risks... (if i dont have allergies in general should i assume i wont

What is my issue? And what does physical activity have to do with eating after and experiencing symptoms? is the stomachi muscles tired after? (doctor sees no connection. )

Is the scope safe? And can i ever be a high performance athlete again? Or is it over? Some days i can run others i cant.. some days i can lift weights.. others i cant.. too much burping and chest pain and shortness of breath from all of it.

And why cant i find any other athlete with my issue?

Who ever can help me i owe you big. And thanks for reading.. Since i dont have any belief in a supreme being then i cannot say "god bless".. but I will say all my fullest appreciation and karma to you if you have read this for me. Means everything to me.
Edit: 1. No discussion of any illegal activity or threats of violence (ie. illicit drugs, including medical marijuana, threats of suicide, self-injury, or physical harm).    

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And forgot to mention - strong flavors, sauces, etc.. come out most of the time over the last year.... especially after physical activity or even right at the gym too. If physical activity is not placed in the picture then its as if i have days where i am recovered.

Is chest pain always due to hiatal hernia? Or can this be non-hernia related?

The other GI place I saw which did not suggest a scope said acid reflux and just take meds. (Despite the face that its not usually acid. Ive only had the burning once in a while but not usually).

Still waiting to see if I can rule out the cipralex also... i strongly wonder if that does this kind of damage.

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Hi, unfortunately, if you don't have the endoscopy or barium swallow, your problem can't be diagnosed . If I were you, I would have done it years ago, in order to find out the problem and put an end to all your suffering. I had the scope without sedatives, there's nothing to it. I just close my eyes and pretend I am asleep. With all the drugs you have been taking and tripping on, why would a barium swallow be risky? From radiation?

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   Posted 8/22/2013 8:17 AM (GMT -6)   
THanks for reading, but there was no need to go to an attack. I dont take drugs. That edible I took was one time over a year ago. And i only drank hard stuff immediately after or before cipralex twice.

You replied as if I did this on a regular basis.

Im just trying out weight risks versus doing or not doing. I have heard of a few people taking tests and nothing found.

It is only recently where I have decided its worth another shot at tennis. But it could be too late.

The Risks of a Barium Swallow that concern me are Esophageal or bowel perforation and aspiration. ANd exposure to high levels of radiation.

Risks of Endoscopy that concern me are cardiac event, perforation. Because what if there is a refluxing or spasm-ing so severe that it interferes with the heart as I feel in the athletics settings?

And I notice issues going down with the removal of cipralex medication from my intake. So should that not be ruled out first? As in the past (late 20s) went off the SSRI called citalopram and then eventually got back in the gym. Then started cipralex at 32.

Again, there were two GI places - one which determined no need for that test after screening. And the first one (earlier on) was a different referral to a clinic that just does scopes. But I was shocked to see that something so invasive is practiced in such a walk-in type building as that is something that belongs in an intensive care setting. I would much likelier accept doing it in the hospital.

I dont understand why there is not more advanced tests than these. It seems the technology is just not advanced. Should I instead request an MRI? (In the Canadian Health Care system btw. Seem like lots of free healthcare all over the place but I find I have not found any high end healthcare yet of notable quality.)

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You can have sedation for an endoscopy - really I've had 3 and they are really easy. I also have oesophageal spasms and have never had a problem with the exam - you can always have a general if that's what you prefer.
The best way to diagnose a HH is with a barium swallow - you just sip a drink and are asked to move your body into different positions. This will show it and reflux very easily - there is no risk that I am aware of with this procedure apart from a bit of constipation. Both take about 10 mins, and then you will have your answers - it's got to be better to get the results and get some medication to fix it surely?
I would keep a food diary and note what triggers your symptoms - if possible keep to a nice healthy diet which is low on the acid side.
Hope that this helps.

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Ok. My barium swallow is booked for September 5. I will not cancel.

I also have heard that sleep deprivation could have done some stuff like this to me with late nights and stuff...

Endoscope will follow soon after. If anyone will take me for soon. Thanks for reassurance.

More than anything i think my mind is what still needs the most fixing. Im off cipralex now and was so hard to come off. I dont mean to stay this topic but i just want to say it was just so hard to come off because i come from a stance of no faith in much with regards to a bigger picture in life. And maybe that aggravated me physically too. Somebody in medicine today told me this that it could be psychologically induced.

Anyways, i am past the debilitating sadness portion of the weaning off phases and am in the clear now. For the most part. And more attempts at meditation seems to be working a bit more for fighting any anxiety that might still exist.

And yes i have the naturopath given diet... although you are right, i need to follow it more consistently and for longer. Possibly permanently if i have to. The problem was i thought i was cured after being on that diet for the most part for a while. Then just set myself back again with the all you can eat Indian, and other stuff. And whether the cipralex was an aggravator is hard to say still.

Good night and thanks.

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   Posted 8/22/2013 11:16 PM (GMT -6)   
75 Stringer, That's great that your doing the tests despite any fears you may have.... You're taking the stance of faith. I don't think anyone can see the whole picture, but in my case I had to learn to walk by faith, and the more I walked through fears, the stronger I got for the future, and eventually I sometimes realized I forgot to be afraid. I have had 5 or 6 endoscopies and the last 20 years, I remember nothing, nada, no pain. You will be monitored . For any of us prone to anxiety there are relaxation techniques to use. I would tell the doc my concerns and find a doc I was comfortable with. Fears are not facts, thank goodness. :) wishing you well

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   Posted 8/25/2013 10:00 AM (GMT -6)   
Ok thanks again. But I wouldn't say I am doing the first test out of faith. it is more out of trying to be reasonable.

But am I at risk of any cardiac event if i leep going out on the court weekly to finish off my doubles tennis league for the summer? The issue on the court is just after a tough point it is tougher to breathe because of chest getting tight and then burping to relieve it. ANd if i over do it then there seems to be spasming. I hop in the esophagus and not in the heart. I simply dont understand the connection to physical activity. its so bizarre. But this is making the heart work difficultly. If someone can please advise if I should be concerned from a cardiac standpoint, that would be great.

Anyways, my main GI guy (not that quicker GI place that accepts quick referrals I was mentioning) He said I am not a candidate for an endoscope because I dont vomit blood and i appear to be fine. Is this guy a bad doctor?

When I eat cleaner before the weekly match day, the issue is less problematic. Anyhow the league is almost done.

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   Posted 8/27/2013 4:36 PM (GMT -6)   

With your cardiac work up being good I don't see any reason not to play. How is your conditioning? Also reflux can cause asthma like symptoms from even just the vapor getting in there.

It seems as if you look up a lot on the net. Please don't do that. With your anxiety Dr. Google is only going to make it worse. Get the testing done for GERD and let the doctors diagnose what is going on. With your symptoms I don't see why they would not do an EGD to see what things look like in there.

Take care,
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I have a heart arrhythmia called supraventricular tachycardia. If I stay on the GERD diet (read the book Dropping Acid) the arrhythmia very seldom kicks in. I can tell you that if I exercise after eating, I get heart palpitations. I always exercise on an empty stomach.

I'm terrified of tests, too. I had the upper GI 3 times. It's much better with sedation. There was a full team of doctors, including an anesthesiologist and they monitored my heart. All went well. I have multiple health problems and I got through that test just fine. You just dose off and it's over. Even if they decide to lightly sedate you, you probably won't remember anything and they will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Best wishes.

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   Posted 9/3/2013 9:02 AM (GMT -6)   
Will consider the advice from all. Thanks.

The other thing is sometimes, when lying down after eating i get dizzying chest pains. Bananas are the worst. Peaches or bread are not as bad and at times even absorb any excess acid. But I am not sure if last night it might have been the nexium i took in the morning could be causing the dizzying chest pain (after having both the peach and the bread about half an hour before bed thinking that it would make sleep very easy - kind of an idea to mix them since both have helped me before at night).

But I lie down to sleep sometimes after just getting something in my stomach (as I prefer sleeping with something in there).. and I get these sudden jolts where it feels like the lower esophagus interferest with the heart and then the heart suddenly stops, or sometimes gets tingled in an unpleasant way, and i have this one second seizure and i have to suddenly sit up to let the heart relax. It doesnt make any sense. What in the world is this? It is this dizzying chest tightness that just happen on some nights and i am afraid I could die in my sleep. Is this a possibility? Or if anything goes wrong would it give me enough time to call 911 and just jump up to be able to?

Since there is not much of an acid problem as much as a few months ago, will try again to stop nexium and see if the dizzying chest pain goes away. Not sure yet if it was only while on nexium.

This is so frustrating. Can anyone tell me if i get a good surgeon that they can fix this for good? Or should I not risk any surgeries and just buckle down on diet and scheduling of diet.

I hear of successful surgery stories, so why cant they just do a good job? why all these risks? are we not in the modern era? This is so not proper.

And will a barium swallow with a tilting bed not be worse for this? SHould I request an endoscopy before the barium swallow or the barium first?

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   Posted 9/3/2013 9:06 AM (GMT -6)   
And also why did moderator (stkitt) do an edit of the following to this thread?

"Edit: 1. No discussion of any illegal activity or threats of violence (ie. illicit drugs, including medical marijuana, threats of suicide, self-injury, or physical harm). ".????

I never had any intention of self harm at all, nor threats of violence and I do not do drugs. I took something by accident at a party and that is important to share so that anybody helping out could have the full ebreak down in case they have had a similar experience to guide me in the right direction. So whats with that edit? Why was it edited out? And what was edited and why was that posted?

People need to list the full rundown in order to get the proper advice and help.

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Hi 7Stringer,
Welcome to Healing Well!  There are rules on the forum to keep posts from getting out of hand. I think you can understand that.  Kitt is a long-time moderator who knows ever rule and expectation here, so her edit was exactly right. If the forum allows a small mention of an illegal substance (even when taken accidentally) it would open the door to others. Try to understand the position of an open forum trying to maintain a family-friendly place where people can gather and discuss their issues.
Exercise-induced reflux is very common.  Eating and then playing tennis can be a real problem if you LES is weak at all.  It allows acid and even fumes to be released from your stomach.  The bouncing of physical activity is the culprit.  It's best not to eat before exercising.
Have you tried to elevate the head of your bed?  You can put bed risers or blocks under the legs at the head of your bed to elevate it about 7-8 inches. That way, gravity can help keep the acid in your stomach when you're sleeping.
I'm glad to hear that you've made appointments for a barium swallow and endoscopy.  Both will go a long way in helping your doctors understand what's going on.  I have some concern over your dropping of your anxiety/depression meds at this time, since medical challenges can exacerbate those problems.  Please be sure to see your doctor about trying another option if the Cipralex is bothering you.  It's unlikely that Cipralex alone was the culprit in your problem.
I've had several barium swallows (very non-invasive and safe) as well as three endoscopies (one without any sedation, one with mild sedation, and one out cold).  You don't need to worry about that, either.  They don't really knock you out--they use something so you don't remember the procedure--and it works! You'll do just fine.
Have you considered visiting the Anxiety forum here at Healing Well?  You might find some support and help for that aspect of your difficulties.  Just a thought!
Take care, and best wishes!
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As for the edit, i think there was a distinction that was over looked and that the action was a bit rash. I do not recall how my post would have shown any indication to advocate any recreational drug usage nor would i think there is any reason to believe it would have invite others to. And I am surprised anyone would have interpreted it as such. I am fully against drug use. Maybe it was the way it was worded.

Thanks and I will consider those including the elevation. I do the elevation with pillows sometimes but will try the fixture.

As for cipralex, I feel alot better mentally while off of cipralex and there are less GI symptoms. Its been about 7-10 days since i have fully weaned off. Im just meditating more instead. Trying some yoga also. But all I am doing here is trying to find people who have defeated a similar past and looking how they did it.

I am not anxious at this point and am acting more logically while off of the cipralex. In fact it was more the cipralex which has caused me to behave more rashly in the past.

Anyways, i have kept the barium appointment. The Scope still has to be booked. I haven't got that call yet. I assume the barium comes first. And so at this point it makes me realize that the other casual scope clinic was not the place for me and I am glad I cancelled that last year. I am glad I am having the barium test first and at the hospital - a place more immediate in case of any need for emergency hiatal hernia repair surgery that might be needed from strangulation possibly caused by the Barium swallow. But any such an emergency would not be wise to occur at that scope place away from the hospital.

I also hope they have a proper method to determine if there would be allergic reaction from the substance with a smaller test dose at first and I will be on the ball to make sure of that.

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There isn't a strangulation issue with the barium swallow unless you were to inhale it vs swallowing it. There is no set order as to which test to have done 1st. Some start with and EGD, some a barium swallow, some a Manometry/PH study.

Having them at a hospital vs a surgical center isn't necessarily better. They both have anesthesia doctors and equipment available. The barium is a pretty inert thing and I haven't ever heard of anyone having a reaction to it besides possible constipation after wards. they recommend drinking plrnty of water after wards.

Take care,
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Yes, I did edit your post on 8/22 and left a message in it's place.  This is what I did and how it reads now. "Spring of 2012 at 32 -----------------<Edit> no discussions of illegal substances per rules of HealingWell."
Before I had the chance to edit your post another member read it and replied to you, "With all the drugs you have been taking and tripping on, why would a barium swallow be risky? From radiation?
If you have a question re an edit, the Moderators are available by email and I always respond re my edits if you have questions re which rule your post was not compliant with.  The administrator of HealingWell has posted the rules and guidelines for HW, the Moderators do the best we can to make sure the rules are followed.
Denise explained extremely well the reason for this rule.
Looks like your only a short time out from your scope.  I wish you luck and let us know how it goes.
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   Posted 9/4/2013 6:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Sounds like your anxiety can be making your symptoms worse.
If ever I worried my acids was always much worse,I would get pains right through my back as well.
The tests that you need to have are all safe and for the little while that you may have some discomfort,once they have diagnosed the real problem,they can start the right treatment to get you better.
I'm only 12 days post surgery and although today I feel a bit sore I know I have made the best decision every I just wish I had got to see this surgeon 2 years ago as I know this will change my life for the better.
Good luck with your tests and try not to worry so much

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   Posted 1/12/2014 9:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Finally took a barium swallow with some difficulty after and pain during.  Results hopefully coming this week although I begged the operator to tell me if is paraesophageal-hernia-based in addition to whatever is going on to affect it. 
(I felt a bit better in the fall and late fall so haven't been this forum for a while, had some improvements at the gym.... but got a bit worse late December because I went back to my ways of laughing my way in and out of an indian all you can eat restaurant a few times and all the other junk food.. was actually ok for a while.. but not for long.., until a very severe incident with the indian all you can eat - had to stop the vehicle on the freeway to vomit as it was intense... (was after taking dexilant... took it a couple hours after the meal... then caused all this air and regurgitation of all that spicy sauce...  and now during the Barium test and post test. )
The situation now is that it might possible be urgent and sometimes I am panicking again from fear of a possible Para-esophageal type hiatal hernia because I just learned that those are very risky to leave till an emergency!! I wish someone had told me this much earlier.... but ot sure if it is that yet.... barium test result coming this week  But trying to meditate more as meditation is what helped me go for the barium swallow finally. Thanks for all your help.  But right now I am terrified.  But to the person who told me to take the barium swallow -  I overcame my fear of the barium swallow and took it on Thursday because I was more afraid of possibly having a paraesophageal hiatal hernia and am panicking sometimes when I get a symptom of burping or chest pressure. 
 I kept asking the technologist "is it paraesophageal"?  And she didn't answer but during the test I was told to crouch up to my left while lying down at which point I was told to cough, and when I did that, I felt a pain on the left side of my stomach... and then they said they were getting very clear images.  (I never felt that intense burning before on the top left of th stomach like that under the rib... But then they would not give me the answers at the end. could this test have aggravated something else?
Can somebody please help me and tell me if I should try to rush the GI office to go in even tomorrow to demand anwers?  Would the hospital have let me leave like that saying "you can relax now and don't worry" - even if this was paraesophageal?  Would that not be criminal?  te discovery of that MUST be operated right away!  Survival at an emergency is 50/50 is that strangulates!
It seems I cannot go to the gym and do anything intense.. ... the food remains undigested, and I burp and the pressure comes to my chest, heart cannot get enough oxygen, I cannot breathe properly enough and cannot work out properly.
If this is stomach cancer can I recover?  What goes first? chemo or the paraesophageal repair if it turns out to be that?
Or am I overreacting and am I just a victim of my nature of over-sensitizing?  I have also heard that stress and panic can cause stomach ulcers to lead to all this..
THanks again,

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   Posted 1/12/2014 10:00 PM (GMT -6)   
And thanx Alib6 for the advice on worry/anxiety.  I probabily gave myself this condition over the years from worry at the actual tennis events, pressrought on by ure in tennis, internalizing the emotions of the depressing stress brought onto me by various people and women over the years... cant believe I stressed over them like that to the point of it affecting my health.. but of course - it was diet.
I really hope this is just something minor like gastritis that I can get rid of and a type 1 if any hernia because I heard there are various measures to strengthen the diaphragm/hiatus/LES if its a type 1. There are some sites I have come across addressing maneuvers, diet, early sleep, some yoga postures, and other things to reverse a type 1 hiatal hernia brought on by stress.  But I really need to get rid of any inflammation if possible.  If anyone can advise further that would be great.   But I hope this is not a Cameron Ulcer. I don't think so because that sharper pain was whey on the left/top part of the stomach. and never felt it before.
I tried oil of oregano oil drops in water but I think that was a bad idea.  Manuka honey is another thing I am trying with mixed results.   If anyone knows o other various tips an tricks in this whole matter I would be quite grateful.  I guess my next post here will be the results of the barium swallow - which the barium computer operator looked pretty satisfied about. Not sure how satisfied I will be though.

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   Posted 1/12/2014 10:15 PM (GMT -6)   

Deep breaths.....Slow down. Seriously please get the anxiety under control. It will only make your symptoms worse.

As for the laying on your side and coughing, that is to see of the barium refluxes back up from your stomach. It lets them know how the LES is doing. As for a PEH, while it is very important to have it fixed many people do go a long time before having it fixed. Why? Because it can take a while before someone asks for help and the time to get the tests done.

Usually they won't say much about the test until they have had a chance to really look it over. The only time I got an immediate answer with a barium swallow was when my esophagus was tore. Now that was a serious emergency and I was in surgery the next day. So if there was something that jumped out at them as being an emergency they would have done something.

Take care,
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Thanks Bill.  Will try harder at that part.   Took an Ativan earlier and the likely anxiety-induced gas from earlier when I got back onto this forum also has been going away now...  I was just a bit worried after the gym today - the onion-infused tuna was not digesting nor the ice cream... (two hours eaten before the gym)  so then I gave up the gym to digest the rest... was fine otherise... but this makes zero sense at the gym.... came home, had a bland soft diet, with cabbage juice - but thinking about the gym again and burping then my anxiety refreshed must have induced my own gas earlier which then led to racing thoughts again which then led me here to get all the updates off my back. 
My bad for the influxing tone of the messages.  Would like to be able to have better abilities to go to the calming meditation rather than the calming medication.  This tends to happen more at night. 
I was told by a consultation at a self-hypnosis clinic that people with these anxiety issues have these exact health problems.  I have a lot to fix here... likely more with mind than with body which I can control... but less so at the gym.. (where the issue makes no sense especially.)

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Sorry to all for my influx of messages that come every once in a while.... the main concern is something that has been growing for 20 years.. and am just trying to get reassurance. One doc told me that all my attacks and the more brief but more painful incident on the tennis court (which someone here chimed in as likely to have been - esophageal spasms -) - the doc said it could not have been paraesophageal and that it would not have went away like that if it was paraesophageal... but I am not fully convinced.

I have been readin mixed info about para-Es... most of the info I read says they don't cause symptoms until its an emergency. Hope that someone knowledgeable clarify the issue here. And I hope that someone can also clarify whether type 1s can also grow.
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