180 degrees turn after first attack of GERD

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   Posted 11/27/2013 2:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi all,
I am reposting my first post below.  I am sorry but I actually posted this as a reply to a thread on PPI and anxiety.  I just learned yesterday that when you're new you should begin with a new post.  Again, my apologies.
This was first posted on November 2.
Hi everyone. I am new here. I was just diagnosed with GERD. I have maintenance for my asthma - Seretide spray (had asthma when I was toddler and resurfaced when i was in the 40's), i have allergic rhinitis and sinusitis (have Avamys spray). I am allergic to crabs, squid, shrimps.

I had few episodes of stomach upset and acid reflux before but those were easily relieved by Kremil S or Gaviscon. Last July, I was rushed to the ER due to allergic rxn to squid. After that, I was very choosy already with what I eat and at sometimes get panicky eating outside because I wouldnt really know if it has shrimp paste or anything that would make me allergic to.

One night, I just noticed my voice got hoarser and hoarser until i almost lost it. It was relieved by just taking Bioflu and hot calamansi juice (its a kind of lemon; i am from the Philippines).

Everything was okay, although i noticed that there were times that i feel my throat got constricted and will just take antihistamine. Then i noticed it got severe,  i would still take antihistamine since my sinuses were acting up also. Went for consult since one time with a GP, i was so edgy then after missing lunch and attributed it to sinus infection. The doctor put me on Zithromax 500 mg for 5 days.

On the 8th day after Zithromax, after taking breakfast with coffee and had my usual Claricort, i felt my throat constricting again. I rushed to the ER and was informed that everything is okay, that i am just so anxious about it and this could be nasal drip and GERD. I was anxious the whole day. I even went to the mall with my husband but went instead to visit a clinic at the mall and still was told okay. The doctor however referred me to see an EENT which i never did.

When i went to see our company doctor, she put me on Nexium and Claritin. My throat still felt dry and constricted but all doctors told me i dont have any wheezing sound and my breathing is normal. All doctors advised me to just relax. I think this is better said than done.. Only those with GERD can understand what I am going through. At this time, i have not experienced any upset stomach, just dry throat and palate and the stomach upset only happened whenl i had camote (sweet potato in the Philippines; a root crop) as subtitute for rice. That is when I had two very restless nights.

Last Tuesday night October 29, i went again to the ER because I had this feeling of wanting to burp but cant and this feeling of something being stuck in my throat and the doctor told me its GERD and bilateral maxillary sinusitis - i had Waters x-ray. She changed Nexium to Pantoloc plus Gaviscon chewable every after meals and prescribed Augmentin 625mg 3X a day for 7 weeks and Nasathera 3X a day..She also gave me Xanor to calm me down. My ECG at the ER was fine. By the way, i am overweight and hypertensive. I have been taking Twynsta 80/10 for more than a year now. I have Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction also. I slept well that night.. No epigastric pain.

Wednesday morning was great.. by midafternoon i had again that feeling of something being stuck in my mouth. I had a very restless night, i cant really describe how my stomach was acting and was not being able to sleep well inspite of the Xanor.

On October 31st I went to see a gastroenterologist. She changed Pantoloc to Dexilant. She prescribed Xanor again, 250mcg at bedtime for insomnia or as needed for anxiety. I was able to sleep Thursday night but had to be up early because we are going home to the province for All Souls Day.

When I got here yesterday, the symptoms were up again, i had to take Xanor 250mcg at 4pm to keep me calm as i was also finishing reports. Regurgitation is back and I think i was only able to sleep for 2-3 hours only. My stomach is still acting weird and my mouth/saliva is so sour/acidic. I was able to sleep another 2 hours this morning - its November 2 here already and its 2:25Pm now.

Most of my friends cannot understand- they think I am just over acting to a lot of things that is why my stomach acid is also over acting. My boss even told me that it is purely psychological. My sister can relate to what im feeling because she had gallstones before. she underwent surgery to remove her gallbladder about 4 years ago but still experience GERD. My mother has gallstones but because of her age, the doctor didnt advised to have her gallbladder removed. My other brother had his gallbladder removed also a few years earlier than my sister's procedure.

What makes me panic is the feeling the my throat is closing. I had the same feeling when i had an allergic attack. I lost weight already since the allergic attack and because of this GERD i also dont feel like eating. My gastroenterologist told me that GERD suppresses appetite also. but i think its more of the PPI's fault plus being anxious and all.

This is a very lengthy post i know. I just want to write down everything that i experienced. By the way, with Nexium, i also experienced tingling of the upper lip and feeling of body malaise and dry mouth and dry palate and anxiety attacks.

I am scheduled for an endoscopy on the 15th by the way. Maybe i will even have this moved earlier so that based on the results proper medication can be given.

Thank you all. I really appreciate this site. I wonder if there are other Filipinos here too.

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   Posted 11/27/2013 3:11 AM (GMT -6)   
I was not able to wait for November for the scope. I went to the ER on the night of November 5 and was admitted. I had not slept for 2 straight days and had severe constipation. I was given Iterax 25 around 3AM on the 6th of November to make me sleep.

By 11am on the 6rd of November, I had my ultrasound, whole abdomen. The result was unremarkable, i dont have gallstones like my two other siblings and mother. Lab results for thyroid panel and all other tests were also unremarkable. I was suppose to have my scope done by 11AM but due to constraints related to my insurance, it got postponed. Did i sleep well that night? i didnt.. nurses would just come and go taking your BP and temp..so annoying.

On the 7th of November, my insurance still didnt work on the LOA so that the procedure will go through. I was on NPO until 12 noon. My doctor visited me and explained I might as well go home since we were expecting a super typhoon "Haiyan". I am in Cebu Province. As i was preparing myself to go home, the account officer of our insurance called and said everything is okay already - that my scope can be done.

I called the nurse's station about the development and the Resident doctor came to me and asked me if i want to have it on the 8th but figured out it would not be good because we wouldnt really know how strong the supertyphoon would be. I asked instead for a Saturday morning schedule. I was safe inside the hospital when the typhoon br0ught havoc to Tacloban, and some parts in Samar and Northern Cebu towns. I was given Xanor 250 mcg that night to prepare for the scope the following day.

My doctor actually asked me if i want to sedated. I relayed to her my fears - that i might panic during the procedure. i dont want to be asleep when the procedure is done. My sis and mother both assured me it would be fine. They both had experienced it.

So when the topical anesthesia was sprayed in the throat and the nurse told me to swallow and i felt the numbness i panicked! really panicked! my doctor assured me that i was breathing well, that my oxygen level is 100% and explained to me the two airways but i was already confused and mumbled that i want to be half sedated. The procedure was not really that bad although you keep on gagging from time time. My doctor wiped the tears on my face :(

My scope revealed i have esophagitis and hyperemic gastritis. I am still on dexilant 60 mg. I got discharged on that same day.


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   Posted 11/27/2013 3:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Why 180 degrees turn? i am not my old self anymore.

I have blurry vision, i am lethargic, I have difficulty falling asleep, there is the alternate diarhhea and constipation episodes, the regurgitation is still there, i am always sleepy...

I would also experience tingling of my muscles..sometimes i feel so cold..i dont laugh that often.. i even withdraw myself from a alot of people and is so onion-skinned. My relationship with my partner has gone sour and i am not concerned, our son cannot anymore understand me, i would even tell him to shut up if he has not something good to tell me.

I am away from my family due to work and i am living alone. This arrangment did not bother me before but now that i am with PPi I am so melancholic. I had to do "sitting meditation" every night and pray and pray to keep me in sync.

I dont know if these are all PPIs fault as im on pre-menopausal also. I even talked to my boss about wanting to quit from work. I am so worried because i am tasked to be the champion for our annual christmas party and we are talking of almost 3thousand employees here. I am with HR in a big company.

I dont want to rely on Xanor or Iterax to make me go to sleep. I want to be my old self again. I want to be the vibrant individual that I was. Good thing my appetite has restored but i am still watchful of what i eat and drink. I lost about 10 pounds already but im on the heavy side so i still need to lose some more.

I am very good candidate for GERD - it runs in the family, I am overweight, i love super hot and spicy foods, loves anything that is sour.. i dont have a sweet tooth, is a coffee addict. I dont smoke though, seldom drink beer or alcohol or soda, i am hypertensive and has a maintenance for it which can also cause GERD, and was taking aspirin before as prescribed by my cardiologist.

I stopped using FB for two years but just a few hours ago, i activated my account. Hope it would help.


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   Posted 11/27/2013 8:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Pie,

I am a new member and can totally identify with every word you wrote.
I find going thru the Big M is stressful, life changing and depressing.

Sometimes my Doctors would tell me all the issues were in my head. A few years later it was all in my gallbladder, STONES found in bile duct. As well as M. It takes time but as days pass with better care and meds I began to accept the new challenges of things happening to my body . Learning my limitations.

I hope you can get the medical issues and stress in UR life managed with less issues. I hope you feel better soon. Take time for yourself, and remember it's ok to ask for help at home & work.

((( hugs )))
Chotti xxxxxxx
"As long as there is breath there is hope, LIFE is a GIFT. "

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   Posted 11/29/2013 12:13 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Chotti,
I just realized that there was a thread a few years back about GERD and M.
My son always kid me that im going through a lot of issues because of M.  I still have my period though.  Latest TVS showed only my right ovary has some few follicles, the other one - none.
I will be 45 next week.  This is not my usual self.  What I am so scared is that I even came close to a point of resigning and has even talked to my boss about it.  She told me it wouldnt help at all.  She said that i should look for other ways to keep myself busy after work.  I live alone because of work.  I am away from my family.  I think that also explains why I am so anxious.

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   Posted 12/1/2013 9:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi!pie. I think i'm doing little ok with the amitriptyline just that i feel sleepy always. I'm scheduled for barium x-ray after two weeks. Just keep praying and try to calm yourself.
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