Newly diagnosed with acid reflux/lpr please offer some positivity!!

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   Posted 4/18/2014 6:10 PM (GMT -6)   
So I've been suffering with symptoms of lpr for the last 4 months and like most people after various diagnosis I've been told I have bad 'acid reflux'. The doctor didn't specify whether it is GERD or LPR but said I have a very inflamed throat and granulation and slight inflammation on my vocal chords. I have had the typical lump in throat sensation, hacking cough, slight sore throat and occasional sinus issues. I haven't really noticed any real throat clearing unless I eat extremely fatty foods and weirdly mash potato the other day.

The thing is this started to occur when my sister was in a very bad accident with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. I'm from the UK and I'm currently living in Australia, this happened while my sister was teaching in Korea and this was extremely distressing and upsetting time not being with her or my family. Shortly after I started to cough quite badly but it went away for a couple of weeks. Then I got a cold and then the cough wouldn't budge and a couple of weeks later I developed the lump in my throat sensation. about the same time I developed a varicose vein in my leg and after some research decided to come off he birth control pill after 10 years.

I can't help wondering if this has all been stress and anxiety related? I felt so so upset and stressed with my sisters accident and then started getting anxious about my health with the onset of the cough. I also notice how so much worse it is when I get particularly upset or stressed.

I'm only 28 and I'm travelling and meant to be having a fun time but I feel devastated. I'm considering going home because I feel like I can no longer have fun with my friends. I love going for food and partying and it's been taken away from me. Does anyone just carry on living a normal life?!

I have read so so much I feel lost and confused. I have cut out almost everything from my diet and that's making me even more miserable. Everything I love!! I am on x2 pantoprazole 20mg a day but I'm yet to notice a differnence. I find it very hard to tell what's causing me such a problem because the lump in my throat is constantly there and I don't notice a reflux apart from very fatty food like I said so therefore I'm not sure if a food diary will even help. I've also read a fair bit about it being caused by low acid?!

Please someone offer me some positive stories!? Is this ever going to go away? Could this be anxiety? Could it be related to coming off birth control? Is surgery helpful (I've read it's not for lpr only) I'm sorry this is such a long post. I'm just so miserable.

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   Posted 4/18/2014 6:12 PM (GMT -6)   
I should probably add I'm not remotely overweight - 5"2 and 8.5 stone. I don't smoke ever but I do drink once or twice a week (I haven't since I was diagnosed - previously sometimes I would find I felt worse after drinking, sometimes I felt better and sometimes I felt exactly the same).

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   Posted 4/19/2014 6:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Peachy11,

I have been diagnosed with GERD and LPR by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor after many tests. Like you I have suffered from the lump in my throat, sore throat, sinus issues, and lung issues. I don't have much heartburn though, but my throat really burns sometimes. It comes and goes. I also have lots of mucus and it is beyond annoying at times. Some people have had success with surgery but I'll let those folks tell you about it. I have tried to stay away from surgery. I tried 4 different types of proton pump inhibitors. I wasn't able to tolerate any of them. I had lots of side effects. I have tried diet and other lifestyle changes and have had some success with them. One book I recommend is Dropping Acid by Jamie Koufman. She specializes in voice issues and LPR. Her book is very helpful in understanding what LPR is. She discusses lifestyle changes and includes a diet plan for people with LPR. It's a very good place to start. I went on her diet and it helped. It didn't end my suffering, but it helped. I've also read a good book called Fast Tract Digestion (Heartburn) by Norm Robilliard. His approach is different from Dr. Koufman's. He also includes a diet in his book and I've been on that one too. Again, it helped me. Dr. Koufman and Norm Robilliard both have very good websites with a lot of information. Dr. Koufman's website is Norm Robillard is the founder of the Digestive Health Institute, website is Norm is not a medical doctor. He is a microbiologist and researcher. He had GERD for a long time, changed his diet and no longer has GERD. He thoroughly explains it all in his book.

I think both of those books would be a good start for you. I'm currently on something called the Whole30 diet. It's a Paleo diet. Pretty strict. You stay on it for 30 days. I'm on Day 13. I will say that my throat was hurting terribly just before I started this diet and it does not hurt now. I'm hopeful, but I've learned to be hopefully cautious. The book that explains the diet I'm on now is It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. It's not specifically for GERD/LPR. I think it would help to read the other books first.

This forum has helped me so much in understanding my condition. Some people seem to have success taking the proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), others not so much. Some go straight to surgery, others try to stick with diet change and lifestyle changes. Some are trying to get off of proton pump inhibitors. It's a mix and not everything works for everybody. It helps to get as much information as you can and then you can decide what is best for you given your circumstance.

I can say pretty assuredly that stress does make this condition worse. And I've gone back over the last 3 years over and over again to try and figure out what caused my GERD/LPR. It is crazy making for me so I try not to do that anymore. I have it, it seems to want to stay for a while and I am pretty determined to do whatever I can to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I haven't learned much from my own doctors. Some of them don't know much about LPR, others don't have the time or inclination to educate their patients. That's why I recommend the books. You might have a great doctor who can help you make your decision and if you do, hang on to them! I just didn't so this is what I'm doing. I hope some other people stop by and give their story and what has worked for them. There are lots of good threads on this forum. You can use the search feature at the top of the page to find what you are interested in.

I wish you the very best.

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   Posted 6/21/2014 5:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Corgis lover,
Your reply to Peachy11 has helped me also.
Thank you for sharing your experiences!

I've had limited relief after taking Tecta. I still have the cough (worse at night if I don't sleep sitting up) and burning throat and mouth. The PPI might be helping with the indigestion and heartburn I was suffering with.
I have changed my diet significantly so that might be the reason I'm feeling less indigestion.

Almost 2 months ago I had over a week of waking up nauseated. It finally stopped so I figured it was a stomach flu but now I have an internal trembling.
The trembling is in my throat and chest and gets worse when I'm tired or stressed.
I've been to the GI doctor and she said she's never heard of that - go see your Primary Care doctor. When I went to her she said go see the Psychiatrist...... I did all this and finally the GI doctor changed my PPI to Nexium. It hasn't made any difference

The reason I say all this is to show that everyone is so different and you never know what will work. Also, doctor are only as good as the tests they run and if they have the experience to read the tests properly :(

Peachy11 I really hope you find some good help.
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