Terrible gas problems after Hiatal Hernia with wrap. Help?

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   Posted 6/18/2014 8:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi. There was another thread here covering various problems after Hiatal Hernia with the wrap surgery, but it was closed in 2013 so I thought I start a new one but specifically about gas.

I had this repair 4 months ago (2/14/2014) to cure GERD and refluxing, which I sometimes aspirated, painful!

My surgeon insists on a battery of pre-op tests, which concluded that aside from the hernia, my system and tissues were in great shape!

So much so that after surgery, my surgeon told me the surgery went extremely smooth and fast, for whatever that info is worth.

I'm glad to say all my GERD reflux issues are gone immediately following surgery. But I noticed gas right away and ever since, and I was rarely gassy pre surgery.

I followed his post surgery diet to the "T" and still don't drink carbonated liquids.

He told me to be prepared that some people lose their ability to burp and can't drink carbonated drinks ever again, which I was gladly prepared to trade for no GERD.

But I noticed I could burp from day 1. And recently I drank a few sips of diet soda to test this and I burped as I always have for 60 years.

The point is that I therefore am not swallowing air causing the gas at the other end because I burp up any air before it passes that way, and I chew better and eat slower. Besides, I am passing way too much gas that I couldn't begin to swallow that much.

Based on the amount and smell, gas is being produced inside me. BTW, the few times I had gas prior to surgery, I would say I may have had smelly gas once a year if even that. Now it's constant and daily.

I have been working from home and didn't notice the amount and wasn't bothered by the smell, but I just started a new job this week and am horrified that I don't think I can keep the job because I can't be in a room for long with others without offending the room!

I gather from the other thread that 4 months may not be enough healing time and may take a year or more? True?

Gas-X doesn't do anything.

Diet: I was never lacto intolerant and only have milk in 1 cup of coffee in the AM. I do eat some cheese but often soy cheese. I take probiotic daily and use Splenda. I don't eat a lot of red meat, mostly chicken and fish, veggies, not many sweets. I have always enjoyed yogurt but realize that's dairy and wonder if I should stop.

Problem is, I don't notice any food as causing the gas. Everything is causing gas. I cut out things selectively to test them, but the gas remains the same. But to be honest, I haven't really set to work on isolating foods scientifically.

I'd LOVE to hear if any folks have recommendations what not to eat.

I'd also like to know... why this surrey causes gas? How has the restructuring of my upper innards caused me to not digest as before and instead create all this bloating and gas? After all, how does a surgery in your upper digestive system cause your lower system to work so differently?

My surgeon never mentioned a word that this could happen, but was explicit about potential non-burping and carbonated drink restriction.

I'm wondering if I picked up a bug in hospital. I'm doing a stool test and colonoscopy soon. And I will request an endoscopy too.

Well... Let the games begin. I hope this thread is helpful and we all share and learn a lot.

If you're in healing mode: I wish you full recovery. Speaking of which, does this gas thing ever go away?

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   Posted 6/19/2014 8:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi shmerls,

Welcome to the Healing Well yeah yeah yeahWrapped Club! yeah yeah yeah The answer is YES! You will certainly get an occasional gas bloat issue in which the gas will go through the "back door" escape hatch, but with time things will certainly get better.

This surgery takes a full six months for most of the healing, and a year for the rest. I found improvements into the second year as well. Many people continue with some of the "quirks" past the year mark, only to discover that they've disappeared at some point without them even noticing it!

Like you, I could burp from the beginning, but there are still those rare times when bloat gets ahead of my wrap's ability to let the gas out. The way the wrap works, is that the fuller the stomach gets, the tighter the wrap becomes.

Have you ever considered Splenda as the culprit? If you do much, "Does Splenda cause gas?" Google searching, you'll find many, many responses with a resounding YES! It's certainly an easy thing to eliminate for a few weeks to see if it helps.

If you're not having swallowing issues, I don't see why you'd want an endoscopy this early after your surgery. Why mess with a healing wrap? Just a thought...

Glad you've joined the forum! Hang in there...it DOES get better!
Happy healing,

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   Posted 6/20/2014 6:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Denise,

Thanks for your very encouraging words. I don't have swallowing problems at all, my idea was that since my GI was doing a colonoscopy 7/15 and I'd already be prepped and anesthetized, why not look in the other end where the work was done?

But if it's risky to stick a scope down that way, which I'm reading into your question and thinking that's what you were concerned about, I will ask him and the surgeon if this is a bad idea. After all, I'm not a doctor. But interestingly, the GI agreed to it today and he is the one that recommended I have the surgery and knows it's relatively new at 4 months.

I didn't have the benefit of digging into this forum and in my vacuum of "knowledge" I have been wondering how could I go from zero gas to daily gas over night. Being a programmer, I think in terms of when something breaks, what was introduced new since last it worked?

Obviously the surgery with the wrap. But also antibiotics IV and a stay in the hospital overnight. The last time I was in the hospital overnight and had IV antibiotics, I ended up with a raging case of C-Diff which literally had me crawling to my internist who sent me to a GI for treatment which was two weeks of Flagyl, yummy.

What I'm experiencing is NOTHING like C-Diff. I was truly very ill from that bug with a host of symptoms. The only issue now is gas and bloating regularly.

So… I'm just wondering in my vacuum, could I have caught a low grade bug this time?

Or is this in fact, the results of surgery. No bugs.

Well, the stool sample and colonoscopy should cover that. BTW, I was due for a colonoscopy anyway as it's been over 5 years and I'm 62.

What is odd to me, is that my surgeon is really amazing and EVERYONE loves him from patients to everyone at the hospital. And he was incredibly thorough in prepping from the surgery with a battery of tests, and then an hour long consult to review them and tell me all the complications and get my OK to proceed or not.

Other than dying on the table, the only real issue was not being able to burp and if so, then no more beer or soda which was fine with me.

I'm so surprised he never mentioned gas when it's so openly discussed online. It just seems so unlike all the other info he gave me to not mention that some folks have terrible gas for x period of time afterwards. But he didn't mention it.

So I thought in the absence of that, maybe I caught a bug…

Well, I should have the stool test results next week and we'll see if there is anything there.

Then the colonoscopy and if the surgeon approves the endoscopy and thinks it could be of value, that would be two docs, GI and the surgeon, voting yes. If he's worried it could damage his work, then I will strike that from the procedures scheduled for 7/15.

Other than a stool test, colonoscopy, and possible endoscopy, for gas and bloating, have you read about other tests or treatments that are helpful?

And lastly, if the gas is being produced in my lower or even small intestines, do you know how these parts of my GI track could be behaving so differently and creating all this gas when the surgery was no where near them and didn't involve my small or lower intestines?

I'm baffled how this surgery could upset the opposite end of the line. But then, I'm not a doctor. I'm being a programmer and trying to logic this out in my mind.

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