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   Posted 8/27/2005 8:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Gender: male
Age: 20
Weight: 245
Height: 5'11
Condition: sharp chest pains on left side
Smokes: no
Drinks: no
General symptoms:
-Sharp stabbing pain in left side of chest but closer to the center of my chest
-sometimes pain in arms and shoulder
-occasional neck pain

This all started about 5 months ago, I was sitting with friends at my home and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest, I had just had a big meal and I thought that was it but the pains continued, I had everyone leave except my girlfriend, the pains increased over that night, I went to the ER around 1am. They ran blood test and ekgs and everything came back normal. I wasn’t having a heart attack, but they kept me there for 2 days and the pain continued. They did a sonogram of my heart and chest x-rays, everything came back fine, they released me but never told me what was causing the sharp pains in my chest, the pain continues for the next 4 months, I went to my family doctor who is a specialist in heart disease o and has me do a stress test and ekgs, everything comes back normal, but I'm still having chest pains. He suggested it might be GERD or an ulcer, but since I have no health insurance I have no way of finding that out. I started buying every over the counter acid reflux medicine I could find, (Tums, Zantacs prlsact OTC, I even bought a blood pressure monitor to record my BP but its never gone higher then 120/80) but it seemed nothing was helping, the pain was still there. I began to develop anxiety and convincing myself I'm going to die. One night I was woken up by my chest pounding and a cold sweat, I thought I was having a full fledge heart attack so I had my mom rush me to the ER again, they ran the same tests but still no signs of anything heart related, and the doctor told me I had a anxiety attack. At that point I had told myself that all these pains where in my head, and I was fine, the pain was there but I just kept saying its all in my head, until a couple of days ago when the pain suddenly came back. It was late at night and my heart started to race, I took my blood pressure it was fine but my pulse was around 110, I got freaked out and went to bed, I couldn’t really sleep and kept waking up checking my blood pressure, still it was fine… I got up and went to work (I'm a short order cook at a busy golf resort) , I remember reaching for something and getting the sharp pain again. It feels like someone is stabbing me in my chest, its quick, and the sharpness goes away, but the pain is back, for the next couple of days I continued to have the pain, until the past Friday. I was working I had a bunch of orders in front of me and I go to reach for my knife and I get the pain again, but this time it makes me keel over, I cant take it, it's so intense, I rush out of the restaurant and find a place outside I can sit down and breath, the pain is so intense I pause and don’t take a breath till it goes away, the pain lessens and I can feel the sharpness go away, my boss (who is also my aunt) sees this happens to me and throws me in her car and go to the ER (again!) We are there for 3 hours waiting for the doctor to see us, I calm down and the pain practically goes away, he tells me that it doesn’t seem to do with my heart or anything and doesn’t give me any tests, just tells me to take ibuprofen 3 times a day for 3 days, but that was 3 days ago and the pain is still here… PLEASE somebody tell me what's wrong with me!!! Could this be angina or heart disease (which I would hope would come up on EKG and stress test), could it be acid reflux or Gerd? Could this all be related to stress?


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   Posted 9/6/2005 8:48 PM (GMT -6)   
HI Clash :-)
After reading your post I felt like I was reliving a medical problem I had years ago. Here's my story.
I woke up one night with severe chest pains. Thought I was having a heart attack but no pain in my left arm and I'm way too young for that. (about 23 at that time) Saw a doctor the next day. Gave me lots of maybes and pushed me out the door. Pain returned again. Seemed to come and go whenever it pleased. This went on for months and all the doctor did was give me pain pills. (Hey, I was young and still thought doctors were Gods!) One night I woke up with such severe pain all I could do was cry. Called my doctor's emergency service and he called in a pain script for me.(I had foolishly run out and didn't refill soon enough) My husband picks it up. Next day the doctor calls me and tells me he's set up a GI series to see what's going on. (finally a test!) I drink the discusting Barium drink and they watch it go through me.
Turns out I had a gallstones and a bad gallbladder. I get this news while at the pharmacy filling my pain pills. Nice, ha? Doctor says he'll set up an appointment with a surgeon, my gallbladder has to come out. I'm furious and ask friends for names of surgeons. I get one and get in to see him right away. He looks at the GI report and tells me there is no doubt that it's my gallbladder and it must come out ASAP. I set a surgical date and in the hospital I go. My husband is in the waiting room when the surgeon comes out and says how sorry he is. Jim just about hits the floor, thinking I died. Doctor assures him I'm fine but he had NO idea my gallbladder was in such critical condition. It was enlarged to 3 times it's size and about to burst. All those months of pain and only getting pain pills was putting my life in serious jeopardy! I know you don't have insurance but if this could be your gallbladder, it's serious business.
Could it be anxiety? I doubt it although anxiety could be adding to your symptoms. Sounds like your heart has been pretty well tested and proven not to be the problem. Acid Reflux is possible. If you tried Zantac or Prilosec OTC, did you take it for at least 6 weeks? They aren't fast action meds. They reduce the reduction of acid in your stomach which should reduce acid reflux pain but they take time to do their job.
What worries me is the way you've described your symptoms. As strange as it sounds, they sound just like my gallbladder symptoms. Who knew you'd get chest pains from your gallbladder, considering where it is, but I sure did. I strongly urge you to see an internist and have the tests needed to check your gallbladder. If a hospital is Federally Funded in any way, they must take a certain number of patients for free. In your case, if this IS your gallbladder, it becomes life threatening (considering how long you've been having the pain) and no hospital can refuse you treatment. Don't worry about the money at this point. Your life is much more valuable! I'd like to hear how things turn out for you. I hope you post a message on this thread again.
I wish you well and I hope I'm wrong but be safe, not sorry, and see a doctor ASAP. Please.

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