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Tracy Oz
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   Posted 11/2/2005 7:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I have just found this forum and it is a great source of information.
I was finally diagnosed with GERD in March this year after 3 years of going back and forth to my GP. 
My problem started when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I had terrible morning sickness and developed a really irritating cough which I still have (the doctors have said that I may have damaged my oesophageal sphicnter).  The cough comes on at any time of the day or night and  causes me to literally choke.  It almost feels like I am drowning, that sort of feeling if you get water in your lungs while swimming.  The cough normally starts as I go to put food into my mouth and once I have had a coughing fit it subsides.  Then again, it seems to start at anytime not just when I am eating but eating is the worst time I experience the cough (it's so embarrassing if in a restaurant!).  I also have a feeling of something stuck in my throat and I have to clear my throat alot too, sometimes my voice goes funny and I can't speak especially when talking on the phone.  Another symptom that I find is really getting me down is the feeling of fullness in my right ear and sensitivity in my ear and scalp.  Sometiems if I touch my ear or scalp it sends me into a fit of coughing.  The fullness in my ears feels a bit like when you have a head cold but I have had this now for 3 years and it is getting me down. The doctors haven't done anything to treat this and when they look in my ears they just tell me that they are clear. I think that sometimes the acid from the stomach can get into the ear/sinus canal but how can I get rid of this if it is the case? 
Most of the time I do not suffer from acid indigestion however, every now and then I have a very bad burning sensation at the top of my stomach which is quite painful.
Althought I was finally diagnosed in March and was prescribed Metochlopromide and Lansphranposole (not sure how to spell?) which helped, I have just emigrated to Australia and need to see a doctor so will probably have to start all over again with the diagnosis.  If anyone knows a good gastroenterologyst in Sydney let me know!
Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice on how I can move forward.  I especially want to sort the cough and the fullness in my ear.  Do you think I should ask for an endoscopy as I am worried about the burning sensation doing damage inside?
Is there anyone out there that has the same symptoms?  I am at the end of my tether so any advice would be good.

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   Posted 11/2/2005 8:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Tracy,
Welcome to the Forum, glad you found us! Sounds like you've had your round of problems with reflux.

I also had a four miserable months with reflux & pregnancy. I thought initially it was just morning sickness that one would get w/pregnancy, but it was basically around the clock for about 4 months. Sometimes, I would just bathe, wanting to go out of the home, but would end up lying in the middle of the floor. Seriously! My husband would have to spoon feed me when I could eat, and other times, I could only sip Gatorade. If you haven't already figured it out, I didn't have any other pregnancies. LOL

Many individuals have complained of reflux and coughing, or cold type symptoms. I have never heard of reflux & ear pain or fullness, but it appears that anything is possible with GERD. I had an Endoscopy last April and glad I did. H-Pylori was discovered and treated, I will go in this month to see if the treatment eradicated it. I really wish that I had the Endoscopy yrs ago, because GI indicated some scar tissue from meds, obviously making the area difficult to determine GERD.

I would suggest getting the Endoscopy, maybe, GI could tell you exactly what's going on. The procedure is relatively simple and approx 10-15min long. Best Wishes!

Lansoprazole is Prevacid, which I was taking for about a yr. or more up until a couple of mo ago. It worked good for sometime, but I decided to switch back to Prolisec.

I am in the US, so can't help w/any Dr's in Sydney, hope you find one who is able to help eradicate or relieve your symptoms.

Also you might want to stroll thru posts here, maybe pick up some pointers from other members. Are you watching your food intake? many indicate that high carbs, caffeine, and refined sugar are big culprits w/GERD symptoms. Also, wanted to ask if you've been seen by an ENT specialist for ear fullness?

Best Wishes & please keep us updated w/your progress!


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   Posted 11/2/2005 8:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Tracie,
Gee, It sure sounds like you have had a time of it.  I, like yourself was diagnosed with GERD several years ago and put on aciphex.  I only decided to be checked out because I did get acid reflux from time to time and it grew worse.  When a client of mine called and told me he had much of his esophagus removed and much of his stomach and almost died it gave me reason for concern.  Many people just keep popping tums and going on with life.  I was checked out and thankfully had little irritation on my esophagus.  I had been diluting baking soda with water and drinking it.  It did work as it got rid of the gas in my stomach.  But there were times I would really burn after a spell of indigestion.  My problem with this came on as a result of taking many kinds of pain medications,things for fibromyagia like vioxx, celebrex, Bextra.  I discontinued all of the above with the exception of Hydrocodone.  This past year I also stopped the aciphex too. 
I heard a natural doctor state that the body needs acid to stop acid and taking the anti acid medication just pushes your body to produce more acid.  A very vicious cycle! I was watching this natural health doctor on TV who suggested at the first sign of reflux/ heartburn/indigestion....take a swig of apple cider vinegar!  If it stops your reflux then your body actually needed the acidity.  I decided to stop my presciption which cost a fortune every month anyway and try the vinegar.  It works for me!  EVERYTIME!  Just think of the money I save!  I am not sure this will work for everyone, but for some folk it may be worth a try.   MY family MD thought I was crazy when I told him I didn't need the medicine for reflux any longer!  Some things like fried food sets me off, like fish or even KFC for some reason.  But, I am free of taking that one medication for sure.  I am tough and I can put down a tablespoon of vinegar with the best of 'em!  Ha!
There are many other people in this support group who may have other better suggestions, but I wanted to mention one that has worked for me.  I don't know about some of the other things you mentioned though.
I wish you well and hope some of the others have other tips for you.
Blessings Dear.....SusieM
Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease, multiple disc bulges throughout entire spine, extruding disc, severe degenerative spondylosis/stenosis total spine and with encroachment and entrapments of nerve roots throughout, carpal tunnel severe in right hand.

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   Posted 11/3/2005 9:51 AM (GMT -6)   
I agree with Vanessa's last point. The diet people are referring to is one I developed for GERD based on Carbohydrate restriction.
I have found and documented,  evidence that the consumption of excess carbohydrates is the root cause of GERD and by reducing your significnatly carbohydrate consumption (as Vanessa indicated, starchy and sugary carbs are the worst) you can completely eliminate acid reflux with out drugs. This is the only dietary approach that I am aware of, that really works and it only takes a couple of days. I believe this approach will soon be well recognized as the ultimate cure for heartburn.   explains why this works and tailors low carb dieting to the treatment of GERD.
Wishing you all the best,

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Tracy Oz
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   Posted 11/3/2005 4:37 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks to all the replies, some useful information being posted.

I still haven't found anyone with such bad reflux that it has caused ear/sinus problems. Is there anyone out there that has this as one of their symtoms, if so what can you do about it?

I will definitely look into the diet changes that were mentioned above so thanks for that.



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   Posted 11/4/2005 12:02 AM (GMT -6)   
Danny's the cutest little boy. Thanks for sharing his picture.


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   Posted 11/14/2005 8:36 PM (GMT -6)   
I Know what you are talking about.. I have been dianosed with GERD and I have noticed after I eat my left ear feels like it has pressure building up in it. I have also noticed that when my acid reflux is bad I have a buring sensation in my ears and nose.

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   Posted 11/19/2005 1:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Susie!
I tried that apple cider vinegar thing and I almost died!! I was hoping it would work and I'm super excited that it worked for you, but it about killed me. I definitely produce too much stomach acid......I have a hiatal hernia, too. I almost never got that burning vinegar taste out of my throat and it made my whole body burn....I won't ever do it again, but I had to try it to see if I could be saving all this money (on Nexium), like you are!!
Michelle :)

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   Posted 12/8/2005 8:26 PM (GMT -6)   
I just wanted to let you know that I have the burning in my throat and fullness and buring in my ears.  I have had this continously for the past ten years, and the doctors were treating me for allergies and sinus infections.  I saw a ENT in August and told him about the buring in my throat and ears, the lump in my throat, and the ulcers in my mouth.  He immediately diagnosed me with GERD, and gave me Prevacid.  I took the Prevacid for a month, then switched over to Nexium (2 daily) but I am still having the GERD.  The burning in my throat and ears are the worst. 

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   Posted 12/9/2005 1:04 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome, Tracy.  It concerns me to hear you are taking metoclopramide.  This is the generic name of a drug called Reglan.  While I am not a doctor and do not wish to alarm you, Reglan can have serious side effects -- especially the longer it is taken.  These include tongue thrusting and nervous tics.  There have been a series of law suits against the makers of the drug.  Do a web search if you wish to find out more. 
My general care doctor offered Reglan to me as well, but my GI specialist will not prescribe it and won't allow the doctors he supervises to do so either due to its side effects.
By all means, have the endoscopy performed.  That way you can guage any damage and see if it's an LES issue or something else.
Best to you,

Sass MK
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   Posted 3/30/2006 3:12 PM (GMT -6)   
I've had off and on digestive issues for about the past year, mostly bloating with an occasionally an acid-y feeling in the back of my throat, or a feeling that food is backing up. I was never diagnosed with anything, but I suspected it was GERD. Recently I started having intense "fullness" in my ears, with one ear more affected than the other. At first I thought this was something sinus related, like an infection, but the intensity is off and on and not affected at all by traditional sinus relief meds. My doctor also didn't see anything. I also noticed that my reflux/bloating has gotten much worse recently, and that my ear pressure tracks the more intense reflux bouts. I pretty much thought I was crazy for thinking these symptoms are linked, until stumbling on this site. I 'm not exactly happy that other people are experiencing this, but it's somewhat of a relief to know I'm not the only one.

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   Posted 4/2/2006 1:48 AM (GMT -6)   
I have had GERD for 6 months - had gallbladder surgery in November and was also diagnosed with diverticulosis. I have also been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and ear infections - it has been a vicious circle - round of antibiotics - well for a short time - and then here I go again! I have always felt there was a connection with the GERD. My ears feel full of fluid 90% of the time-usually when I am suffering the most with the GERD. Also have the palpitations. I have been taking Nexium since October - tried not taking it for a short time-had to start up again. Nexium now no longer seems to be working. Have also been having leg aches-so appreciative of the information regarding B12. I am so thankful that I ran across this site.
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