Hello, could this be GERD?

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   Posted 8/9/2007 10:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everyone

Thank you for reading my post. I posted over in IBS because I thought maybe that is what I have, but someone there suggested that maybe I have GERD. I have had these symptoms for almost two weeks with no relief.

Is it possible to have GERD without a very obvious "burning" feeling in my chest? Alot of times it is lower than that, just above my belly button.

For the past 12 days I have had bloating, gas, and belching--pretty much all day long. It came on very suddenly and seemed to start with a bad course of stomach cramping almost 2 weeks ago. Now every day it starts in the morning and seems to get worse as I eat meals through the day. Sometimes right after I eat just a little I have belching and feel full in my stomach. I have alot of flatulence and a lot of uncomfortable bloating. It started with strong cramps in my bowels about 11 days ago that lasted an hour. I don't have strong cramping anymore. Only the bloating and flatulence and belching. I rarely notice acid coming up with the belching. I do not have any D. My stools seem pretty normal for me, although typically on some days I tend towards constipation which always goes away when I add in fruits and veggies. I have a BM every morning and as long as I eat fruits and vegetables my stools are usually ok.

I am female.
I just turned 40.
My weight is normal (I am 5'9" and weigh about 130 lbs)
I have NO history of digestive disorders, other than occassional constipation
I am currently breast feeding my 6 month old baby
I had very little heartburn during pregnancy.
I tested negative for Giardia
An urgent care doctor (Not my primary care doc) palpated my gallbladder area and said my liver and gallbladder feel normal.
I have tenderness/pain under my right ribcage--but only when I press there, and not all of the time.
It doesn't seem to matter what I eat. Everything is bothering me.
Sometimes when I eat I feel pressure right below my rib cage. Often I just feel very bloated below my belly button, have alot of flatulence and some bleching and lots of bloating.

I am paranoid that I may have ovarian cancer (no family history but one side of my family is from Eastern Europe, I have mild Endometriosis, I didn't have kids until my late 30s, I took fertility medications for several cycles.) I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week to look at my ovaries, but neither the Urgent Care Doctor nor my acupuncturist thinks I have Ovarian Cancer.

My acupucturist has me on digestive enzymes, pro-biotics, and some curing pills for digestion (started them last night). She thinks I may have gotten some kind of virus and my intestines got out of wack and seems to think I will be back on track in a few days. Today I woke with lots of gas before I even started eating or drinking anything!!!

It is just so disconcerting to not know what is causing this. Sometimes during the day I feel fine, but when I eat, or sometimes right after, or sometimes 1/2 hour or 2 hours later I feel crummy.

I just started keeping a food diary a few days ago. I have never had any food intolerances that have seemed obvious. I don't have any food allergies.

I eliminated dairy for 2 days at the suggestion of the Urgent Care doctor, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I can't tell which foods are aggrivating this and everything seems to bother my stomach and intestines right now.

I don't eat alot of sugar. I don't drink soda. My biggest vice is a cookie or icecream several times per week and I don't always eat whole grains at breakfast.

I don't know what to do next. I coincidentally have a physical scheduled for next week.

Should I try some sort of elimination diet or dietary changes?

What questions should I bring to my primary care doctor next week?

What further testing should I have?

Thank you so much for any thoughts!!


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   Posted 8/13/2007 11:31 AM (GMT -6)   
I do have alot of belching with GERD. Hope you are feeling better. Some others may have more info than I do.

You will be in my prayers.
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   Posted 8/13/2007 11:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you Greyhound

I am feeling a little better but not sure if this is resolved at all....I am going to my primary doc today and will find out if I need follow up tests.

at wit's end
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   Posted 8/14/2007 2:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Meemster. You sound like me. I too have the periods of belching, usually within hours after eating, have problems with flatulence, alot of times difficult to pass. I keep a knotted up stomach but lack the burning in my chest and throat. And when I get highly agitated which is most times the knotting in my stomach gets even worse. Some I feel is gas and other tension. I am on Protonix 40mg a day, Asacol 1600 total milligrams a day, I take 4 pills a day. I too have no problem with belching acid up into my esophagus or throat. The more stressed and agitated I get, the more belching I have. And then I start having severe left sided spasms and back spasms. My bowel movements are normal also, no diarrhea or constipation. There are times I feel so bloated like you. I am paranoid of colon cancer as I have Ulcerative Colitis, spend too much time looking up diseases and symptoms on the internet which makes me even more panicky. I seem to have alot of problems with gas no matter what I eat. The past two nights out of three I have had no more than 7 hours sleep due to the side and back spasms and the feeling of a eaten up gut. I am not tolerating alot of foods anymore that I used to be able to tolerate with no problem. I have periodic rectal flares with either rectal bleeding or just rectal pain with my colitis. I am 47 and totally avoid acidic foods, no sodas, no chili, no tomato based products, nothing fried. But I have had two abnormal pap smears in a row showing atypical cells and the cause is unknown, doctor says it is just inflammatory at this point since an endometrial biopsy showed normal. However, I do have uterine fibroids. I constantly have stinging sensations down low in my pelvic area and occasional burning upon urinating but urine tests showed no bladder or urinary tract infection so I think there is something not be caught. If I have a third abnormal pap in 6 months they are going to do a coposcope to try to determine the cause. I eat no pizza or barbecue either. Nothing spicy at all, not even coffee. I have recently over the last month started taking Digestive Enzymes and Pro-Biotic Acidolphilus and hope this will pass eventually. When I have bouts of this it lasts me a long time before I am over it. Maybe we can help each other through this. Take care.  

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   Posted 8/14/2007 10:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi At wit's end!

Thanks for sharing your symptoms with me. Wow, we have VERY similar symptoms. I too get the rectal bleeding occassionally.

Have you been diagnosed with GERD? is that how you were prescribed those meds? (Protonix and Asacol?)

Have you noticed a diference taking the enzymes and Pro-biotics?

Do you have children?
What about Endometriosis? Have you been diagnosed with that?

Have you had a colonoscopy to ease your mind about the colon cancer thing? How did you get the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis?

I hope you are feeling better! I still have some bloating and I really need to stick to a food diary as I can't seem to figure what is triggering things.

My doc has ordered parasite tests and thinks I possibly am having trouble with my gallbladder. I don't get that tight feeling too often that you described. Mostly it is the gas and bloating. Even when I don't eat dairy.

Per my doc's recommendation I am going to TRY to eliminate diary for 2 weeks to see if I feel any different and I am going to keep up with the Pro-biotics, etc... Keep me posted on your symptoms and and progress with the pro-biotics

Have you tried yoga or meditation? I do a little before bed or sometimes mid-day. It is supposed to help relax the autonomous nervous system (did I spell that right??) the part of our bodies that supposedly runs itself (such as the bowel).

at wit's end
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   Posted 8/15/2007 8:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Meemster. I do not feel so well this morning. Woke up with bad tightness in my upper gut, belching alot and burning in my chest for some reason this morning. They have diagnosed me with gerd even though I have not had an endoscope. Right night I feel like my guts are being eaten up. Burning very badly this morning in my upper gut also. The Protonix is for the gerd but the Asacol is for Ulcerative Colitis. My gas is under control a good bit but I literally feel ill this morning. I have a son who is 25 and married but lives about 200 miles away. Yes, I had a colonoscopy back in January 2006 and a sigmoidoscope back in January of this year. Both were clear. I got sick back in 1986 from eating some fried chicken, got salmonella, it caused bacteria to attack my colon apparently and I ended up with UC. Spent 10 days in isolation in the hospital sick as a dog with both of those things and a kidney infection. I do have a yoga tape that I have used periodically. I go to bed tense and get up tense and my entire gut is very tense right now. I am drinking some Chamomile tea right down to try and ease my digestion. I wasn't feeling that bad last night when I went to bed. But now I am. Ears are stopped up, I am sniffling, throat is raw. I've read where reflux can cause those sinus type symptoms. I can feel the gas or stinging or tingling sensations in my gut right now, when I belch it is relieved somewhat. My asacol can cause gas and indigestion in itself. Don't know about the Protonix. I'm worried now. If I didn't stress so bad every time I feel bad I would get over this.

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   Posted Yesterday 7:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Meemster! It is quite possibly to have GERD without burning, like many other health conditions, some individuals may exp various degrees. I've exp Reflux problems for approx 22 yrs, more obvious while carrying child 15 yrs ago, but didn't exp burning in throat for another 7-8yrs afterwards.

I exp burning in the throat quite infrequently, thank GOD, but the nausea, bloating, and flatulence is a different story. Oh, sometimes exp the chest and back discomfort too. It is in my opinion that the result of eating offending foods on one day could have lasting effects for several days or show up several days later, especially if you're exp a lot of flatulence.

I've come to realize if flatulence is overly offending, there's a chance that food have been fermenting in belly which is causing the problem.

Also, because this problem has lasted for a great length of time for you, I would ask doc about an H-Pylori test, just to rule this out too. I think it's a good idea to eliminate diary products for awhile if possible. Maybe try Lactose free milk and Lactose free Ice-Cream, they both taste like the real thing to me. Hopefully, the Digestive enzymes will also help.

Good luck!
Gentle Huggs,

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