Endoscopy procedure

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   Posted 11/11/2007 7:06 PM (GMT -6)   
I've had it done twice and the 2nd time had a very bad experience.
And was reading today about what goes on in it...it said that you're partially awake at first AND they ask you to swallow the endoscope? I never did this the two times I had it done. But, the 2nd time I was awake at first and kept throwing up the endoscope.
Did your doctors ask you to swallow it? That seems weird to me.
And were you totally out? That's what I want to happen, as I may have it done again soon (w/out insurance...fun crap)

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   Posted 11/12/2007 3:41 PM (GMT -6)   
The second time I had an endoscopy they gave me the standard amount of medication and I was completely awake through the whole procedure and felt everything. I was horribly upset and told my doctor that. He didn't believe me, told me it was my imagination, and that he sedated everyone to be comfortable and not remember the procedure and brushed me off because after all, I was a small person, I wouldn't need that much medication.

I switched doctors. The next time an endoscopy came up I freaked out and told the doctor about my last experience, told him that I have been given 5mg of versed and 50 of demeral and it didn't do anything for me. He said I must metabolize medication differently and he would pay close attention and adjust the doses for me to make sure I was in lala land. He sure did, he ended up having to give me enough to knock out a horse...but I sure don't remember the procedure :) They gave me around 9mg versed and a lot of fentenal for the procedure then.

The last time I had an endo, they threw in a third medication to cut down on the amount of the other two they had to give me. The three of them working together was awesome. It was phenergan, versed, and fentenal. However, I did get a bit wacko after the procedure and told everyone that my gastro doc used to be a construction worker (I'm sure he really appreciated that) I'm not quite sure where that came from in my brain either but the nurses sure thought it was funny.

Hope this helps...talk to your doc!

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   Posted 11/12/2007 5:30 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for your reply. I remember the 2nd time, I heard him say to increase the Demeral. So I think that's all I got.
The first time, when everything was fine, I don't know what I got. And it was the same doc both times. He no longer practices.
Another issue is that my current doc seems very cold so he might not listen to me. He didn't acknowlege when I told him about my bad prior experience. God what the hell is wrong w/doctors? Why are they such dicks!
The thing is, I am on Prozac and Xanax so they have to adjust for that. I was on it both times I had it done. I didn't realize that there was such a variety of stuff to give you. I remember when I had my wisdoms pulled, I was just barely awake and didn't care about anything. Whatever they gave me then, however, upset my stomach some. I just don't want to be heaving after I do this thing. I know you can have reactions to the sedatives.
And my other question...did the doc ask you to swallow or anything...or just put you out and that was it?

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   Posted 11/12/2007 7:13 PM (GMT -6)   
My GI guy never asked me to swallow the Scope! I remember the first time--I was totally out! I had to get an endoscopic ultrasound done---and I was out for a while---then, wokeup with that tube down my throat---looked at the MD who was showing a med student how to use the machine to look at my stomach---I started to gag---and they turned around, "OH, hey....good morning!"---then, pulled the tube out---it was gross---but, he was a nice guy! I am glad they knock you out when doing the procedure!

Gotta love swallowing the novicaine(?)----BLECH!

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   Posted 11/12/2007 8:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Wow! The 2nd time I had it, and I had also had a colonoscopy the same time, I woke up and they weren't done w/the colonoscopy! I don't think it felt as bad as the tube in your throat. If I were a doc, I would look for ALL signs that the patient is feeling something. It's common sense! If I'm paying $2500 out my OWN pocket, I BETTER be comfortable. That's over 1/4 of my savings.

Brenda K
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   Posted 11/14/2007 11:19 AM (GMT -6)   

Not to be nosey, but where do you all reside?  I am shocked that some of you are awake during an endo and/or colonoscopy!  Good grief!  I am in Ontario, Canada, and I had both done this past September, and I was out cold!  No one asked me to swallow anything, nor did I get my throat sprayed, I was just "out!"  Now my best friend just went for just an endoscopy and she did have to have her throat sprayed, which she said tasted vile, but that she was out cold and then awake just 10 minutes later, but was never asked to swallow anything and has no recollection of anything.  We get an i.v. with some good sedation and it is lights out!  My friend and I both woke up feeling marvelous (starving though!), no sore throat, no scratchiness, my tushy was fine, I felt like a million bucks!

So if you don't mind, where do you all live that you are somewhat awake, or waking in the middle of these procedures???  That is crazy to me!

Have a great day!

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   Posted 11/14/2007 6:48 PM (GMT -6)   
You're absolutely right...it is crazy! It's unacceptable. I'd tell my no holds barred opinion but I'd be kicked off the forum.
I was outraged at my doc when this happened. When I told him, I said, "Thanks to you, I'm never going under again."
He said, "Well you'll probably have to"
I was like, "Well then, you see what a ****y situation I'm in due to you"
I'm in Illinois. Perhaps I'll drive to Canada to have this one done.
I wonder how many doctors would still be doctors if their salary was cut by 2/3s. Then you'd see who's in it for actually helping people instead of raping them.

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   Posted 11/15/2007 1:52 AM (GMT -6)   
I was givin a choice for my upcoming Endo. Either heavy sedation (Anesthesiologist) or mild sedation (no thanks). Of course I chose to be completely out. Funny though, during my last procedure I too woke up in the middle of it. I remember seeing the doctor and feeling noooooo pain or discomfort what so ever. I even gave the doctor a thumbs up to let him know...hey I am here but feel just fine. Then I saw him give me another syringe in my IV. Lights out again. I also metabolize medicine fairly quickly. I would never ever do that procedure awake or aware of what was happening.
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