anaphylaxis and negative blood and skin tests?

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   Posted 7/30/2008 9:44 PM (GMT -7)   
I suffered anaphylaxis 2 weeks ago after eating a normal sushi dinner that I always eat. I ate nothing new. I met with the allergist today and had blood and skin tests done. I am negative to everything they tested. Has this happened to anyone before. The doctor was no help at all and pretty much told me to "eat safe", whatever that means and just carry my epi pen. I am so frustrated b/c I do NOT want to experience another anaphylatic shock. Not sure what to do now. Thank you.

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   Posted 7/31/2008 10:54 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello, nice to meet u and wish it was under better circumstances!
There is a web site and it's a good one, where you can ask a doctor a question It's:
I would recommend you ask this question there.
People can have false negative reactions to the skin testing. Where you off all antihistamines for a least a week prior to testing? Also other medication can interfer with skin testing such as most stomach medications prevacid, zantac ect and as well as some heart medications.
You can always ask about the Rast testing.
Do a google search for rast testing. as I've not under gone rast testing.
I wish you good luck and hope you don't have another allergic reaction.
Soft hugz......
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   Posted 8/1/2008 2:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Hey T,

Sorry to hear you had to experience an anaphylactic reaction. They are truly scary. It's not too common to be negative to both tests. However it does happen. Has your allergist mentioned anything about Idiopathic Anaphylaxis? ... that is anaphylaxis that is caused by 'no known cause'. I am somewhat in the same boat as you. My RAST tests are negative, however a couple of my skin tests have been both positive and negative. I know there are a few foods I have to avoid, but then again I avoid them sooo carefully and still end up in the ER monthly due to anaphylaxis.

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   Posted 8/2/2008 12:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Me too. . .
Hi, sorry that you are having the negative tests with the anaphylaxis experiences! I am in the same boat, and have been for about 14 years. I started having anaphyl. reactions to specific food groups (seafood) about 14 years ago, and since then I have added in a few other foods, but I stay away from similar foods just to be sure (IE: reactions to mango, but I stay away from tropical fruits as well.)
I went to the allergist and did a complete skin work up -but did not have a typical reaction! They pricked my skin with approx 3/4 of the allergens, NOT including known problems for me (I can just touch something that has had a seafood product on it, and I'll have an immediate and severe anaphylactic reaction!). . . but when the nurse put the "control" prick into my arm, I started to swell up in that arm and then quickly moved into anaphylaxis! They wiped my arms down to get any other allergens off me and then gave me an epi shot! The reaction slowed, and then rolled back and came on again, so I got another epi pen within about 10 minutes of the first one (wheeee- that was not fun!).  They gave me 2 steriod shots in my lower back area to block the histamine reaction from going through my body. . .all the while stating "that has never happened in 20 years of practice" as my heart is beating out of my chest! Then comes rolling reaction #3, and that is when they called 911 (that's right, the allergy doctor had to call for the EMS!!) and they gave me yet a 3rd epi shot. Talk about freaking out! As the EMS wheeled me out, I caught a glimpse of the other patients waiting in the office, and I remember thinking - "wow, I'll bet they are scared to go in and get their testing/shots done now!!" :) When I got to the hospital I was given good old benadryl, and something else, I can't remember, via IV. I settled down later that night and they finally released me once they were sure that I wouldn't react again.  Funnily enough, none of the spots on my arm that were pricked were swollen or indicated any allergy, except of course the histamine "control" sample - my arm was huge and swollen from that point.
So the Dr. called me back to come in after 1.5 months (steriod treatment between, plus waiting for my system to normalize between reactions.) She was sure that the blood test would clarify the problem, with the obviously severe allergic reaction. And the answer? Nothing. It ALL came back clear. NOTHING! It was the weirdest thing.
She gave me 4 epi pens to carry with me, plus an inhaler (the anaphylactic reactions cause immediate breathing issues for me) - and basically said that I should self-monitor my foods and any exposures, and to NEVER be skin or "challenge" tested again, due to the severity of the reaction! Yikes! She also prescribed, if you could say that, a medical alert bracelet. I will never take it off - I am allergic to iodine (anaphyl reactions when I was swabbed by tech!!) and if I am unconscious I know that EMS and hospitals routinely use iodine to swab/clean for invasive procedures. . . It will kill me, so I keep the bracelet on at all times!!

Since then I have had a few new "additions" to my reaction, and I don't ever expect them to go away. My doctor was a very respected allergist in my area, with a long successful practice that also participates in research, etc, so I felt very secure in the experience (ok as much as you can when they almost kill you. . . )
If I were you, I would say that you "know your body best" - and if your body says you are allergic, then you ARE, regardless of any test neg/pos.  Call it an allergy, insist that those around you help you to stay away from anything that has caused a reaction for you in the past, and be hypervigilant about what you allow yourself to be exposed to when you are not the one preparing your own food! :))

Good luck and know that this IS manageable, but after having an anaphylactic reaction, you know how little you want to do that again. . . hang in there!

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   Posted 8/13/2008 9:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I have secondary progressive MS and I got progressively more allergic over the last 5 years including 3 anaphalaxis(once to chelation, once to antibiotic and once to a herbal tea?!). As I became allergic to all chemicals, drugs, supplements, including most food & tap water (fluoride in it) I tried to find an alternative solution. Have had a lot of success with a group called Advanced Allergy Elimination (using Kineasology but at a more advanced level than any I have tried before) they have offices in all capital cities in Australia & New Zealand (apparently the most allergic countries in the world). I was even able to have an operation to install a baclofen pump which took away my pain and gave me my life back. I found out in advance what drugs, aneasthetics were to be used and desensed to these and they could tell me that I was allergic to all the preservatives used in the aneasthetics. Can now eat and drink anything which is a joy but am still v sensitive to anything synthetic. I was so desperate I had to be open to anything that could help. Particularly as the sensitivities were building on each other all the time. Wish you all the best, health & healing.
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