What is causing this?

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   Posted 10/8/2008 12:56 PM (GMT -6)   
I wake up every morning for the past 7 months spitting up greenish phlegm and constantly clearing my throat.  My throat is sore when I wake and sometimes my chest has a burning sensation like it would if I were sick.  Sometimes I even feel short of breath too. 
I went the asthma route with inhalers and breathing treatments but they didn't help at all, just made me jittery.  I tried zyrtec to see if it would help but it didn't. 
My doctor says maybe I have allergies but I had an allergy test 4 years ago and I wasn't allergic to anything.  I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD 1 month before all of this started. 
Does this sound like I delevoped allergies or something caused from the GERD?  I just want to go back to feeling good and what I should do.  Any advice would be appreciated.   :-)   

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   Posted 10/9/2008 10:58 AM (GMT -6)   
You have a lot going on right now.
The Gerd can cause asthma symptoms at night.
Are you seeing an asthma/allergy doctor?
if not then get into one.
Allergy testing you had 4 years ago may need repeating, allergy testing is not definitive nor always accurate.
So yes it could be allergies or asthma as a result of gerd.
good luck to you and hope your feeling better soon.
might also help if you took a sample of the greenish phlegm to the doctor in a baggie, of course.
Lots of well wishes and hopes that you feel better soon
Soft hugz.......
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   Posted 10/9/2008 3:51 PM (GMT -6)   
If allergy or asthma medication did not help your symptoms, that suggests something else going on in addition to or other than allergies.  Could be reflux got into your sinuses and caused an infection in the setting of already-present allergic inflammation (I've had this happen to me). I agree that you probably need to see an Allergist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Skin tests are not accurate, especially if you're taking anti-inflammatory medication for something else (even Aspirin may interfere with the allergic skin tests), and some conditions cause people to not react to anything on a skin test no matter what (this is called Anergy). A good Allergist should be able to tell you whether or not your test results are valid (should see a positive response to Histamine control - if not, the test is not valid). And it is possible to have allergies to things that do not show up on the test, or are not tested for, so be sure to discuss this thoroughly with the Allergist.
In the meanwhile, you may find some help for the reflux from raising the head of your bed up by 4-6 inches and avoiding certain foods (citrus, caffeine, spicy foods, tomato products, peppermint, onions/garlic, fried/high-fat foods, and anything else that you notice seems to aggravate your symptoms).  Also, don't eat anything within 2-3 hours of going to bed.  An acupuncturist may be able to help with the hiatal hernia (at least, I got great help from an acupuncturist for my hiatal hernia) and some of your other issues.

Also, rinsing your nose out with saline (nasal saline sprays are available in most drug stores over-the-counter) daily may help clear the allergies (and infection) by washing away anything that doesn't belong in your nose. My Allergist recommended that I do something similar because of my severe allergic sinus congestion.

I hope this helps - good luck,

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   Posted 10/10/2008 8:58 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi, I read your post and i'm no expert but I think that greenish phlegm may be an indication of some type of infection.  It could be sinus or something in your lungs.  Have you had a good checkup with your PCP?  I would talk to the dr. and then maybe see a lung specialist and an allergist.  I had chronic bronchitis this past winter and one of my problems was coughing up that discolored phlegm.  Keep posting so we know if you get some results.  Take good care of yourself  and post what you find out.


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   Posted 10/10/2008 9:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you all so much for your responses. I am def going to try the saline in my nose to see if that relieves it. I did this one time before and got the saline in my ear from squirting too much in at one time I guess. Haven't done it since but it's worth a try.

I saw a Pulmonologist in April and had a Pulmonary Function Test. My PCP thought I had asthma and it turned out that I didn't. He said that it must be from the GERD and maybe an allergy and it would pass. I have brought it up several times to my PCP but she doesn't seem concerned.

I did call to make an appt with an Allergy Doctor which isn't until the middle of November....but I guess I've waited 7 months, one more won't kill me :)
I will keep you all posted on what I find out.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!! All are VERY much appreciated:-)

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   Posted 10/10/2008 10:11 PM (GMT -6)   
I agree anytime you cough up green,or yellow stuff you have an infection & need anitiotics.See your Dr ASAP.


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