Posted 5/4/2011 10:08 AM (GMT -6)
mel- said...
the same thing happened to me starting last summer. was having allergic reactions (swelling throat) to everything starting with asthma medication and zyrtec. then moving on to even tylenol and a vitamin and finally to food.

my allergist says the newest research from harvard and yale says that when you suddenly become hypoalllergic to your environment then it is something INSIDE you. a person just doesn't suddenly become allergic to all foods and medicine. the number one reason is a fungus/yeast infection (out of control).

that is what he is treating me for. unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the fungus medication and will try it again once I become stronger. because I was reacting to every food I ate I was terrified to eat and lost 30 pounds in 2 months. he recommended only eating organic everything and only fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, no prepared food of any kind. also he gave me info for an anti fungal diet (no grains or sugar, even artificial sugar and only one fruit a day.)

am finally getting better and am only losing 2 pounds a week instead of 1 pound a day though I can still only eat 1 meal a day. you're supposed to only eat a food once every 4 days at most. the toxins the fungus releases is what causes the chemical sensitivities, food allergies and intolerances. he said every or medicine will eventually do the same thing until the fungus is eradicated.

the fungus is most likely candida but he said could be one of a hundred or more that are normally in your body. search the web for candidasis (not sure about spelling) candida diet, yeast diet etc. for more info on both the way to eat to help cure it and medical research.

the diet alone has really helped a lot (the anti candida diet starves the yeast/fungus since it can only feed on sugars and meat and vegetables don't turn to sugar fast enough) but will probably need to take the fungus medication to get rid of it entirely. hoping I can try it again in a week or so.

good luck !


Melinda, I need your help! I have all of these symptoms and am afraid I may soon have to live in a bubble and eat or drink nothing. Can you please help me locate the doctor you are talking about who is treating you for the candida?? I am scared. It's been 7 years since I first got sick, and I feel like I am becoming more sensitive to things every day...Please help...
Thank you!!
Posted 5/4/2011 10:37 AM (GMT -6)
gojos123 -

Have you seen an allergist? It's very possible to acquire new allergies or intolerances especially to things you eat often. Skin testing is a good place to start finding the "true" allergies.

If you think your problem may be intolerance to foods or medicines, keep a food journal noting everything you eat or drink and all meds, the time and your reactions an hour or two later. If your reaction is migraine it could be something you ate 2 days ago! It takes a couple of months to find a list of suspect foods.

If you have a list of food triggers ask your allergist about "challenge testing." If you have life-threatening reactions, please do not do this on your own!!!
Posted 5/4/2011 5:20 PM (GMT -6)
There's a quick home test (very low tech) that you can do for candida.
The first thing in the morning before doing anything is spit into a glass of water. It's best to have a clear glass to see through the side. If you see a jellyfish like tenacles streaming down from the spit floating on top it's a sign of possible candida.
Posted 1/20/2012 1:37 AM (GMT -6)
Hi all,
I probably have information that would benefit many of you on what is causing multiple food allergies. For the last 6 years, I have endured non-stop itching. I have spent thousands on going to over 30 doctors (neurologist, int med, rheumatologist, allergist, endocrinologist, dermatologists, psychologist, psychiatrist, gastroenterologist) in search of what was causing my issue. They basically said my illness was mental and referred me to a psych who prescribed me medicine whcih didn't really help.

Physically, i had no rashes unless I scratched myself. Overal, i was hypersensitive. It felt like my body was on red alert, ready to react to everything. The water running down my face in the shower was itchy. Hair running up against my skin was itchy. I could not let anyone touch me since anything would incite more itchiness. I could have swore I had a sugar allergy and so I went to my allergist to get food tested. Nada. All negative.

To make a long story short, I was referred to an environmental doctor (an MD who is also a cardiologist) in Dallas. When I met him, I thought he was just another doctor who wouldn't be able to diagnose or help me. He told me he thought he could and boy, was he right!

He actually has had thousands of patients like me previously. In fact, many are more in more serious straits than me. Overall, what he says is that people suddenly become allergic to their environment (home, chemicals, foods) due to an excess amount of toxins in their body. This results from chemical exposures, excess mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc whcih build up in your body over time.

So Melinda was right in her previous post regarding an internal issue of toxins. In my case, I was experiencing Leaky Gut Syndrome. So here's what happened to me. I had taken lots of antibiotics, prednisone and ibuprofen pills for many years. Also, I have not had the healthiest of diets (refined flour, bad carbs, sugar, etc). Over time, the candida in my body over took the good bacteria in my gut and caused Leaky Gut. As a result, every time I eat, larger sized food proteins escape through my now, more permeable intestine. When the proteins escape, my antibodies don't recognize them and think theyre invaders. So then hisamine is released and that's what was causing the itching. The mycotoxins released by the candida in my body is also likely causing the itching since I, like almost all humans, are sensitive/allergic to mycotoxins.

The environmental doctor tested me for food/pollen/chemical/mycotoxin sensitivities in a way more accurate than my allergist. Thru his testing, he found I had multiple food sensitivities to every day foods like wheat, dairy, sugar, tea, shrimp, tomatoes, bananas, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, fructose, serotonin (yes, serotonin) and many more (up to age 35, I was never allergic to these foods). I didn't believe this so to prove it, I stopped eating such foods. And lo and behold, 80% of my itching went away.

So in contrary to traditional medicine, I am giving myself food/histamine/serotonin allergy shots under the guidance of this doctor. I also received gamma globulin shots since my IGG subclass results showed my antibodies were weakwr than avg. finally, I took diflucan for a couple of weeks and am now on Nystatin. I am not 100% better yet but am optimistic. I also began to feel nauseas after eating (before treatment) and that is definitely better now.

Many traditional doctors dismiss Leaky Gut and the overpopulation of Candida as causing health issues. So if u suspect u have a similar cause,I would recommend you see an environmental doctor (not many in the US) or holistic MD. They are expensive but forward thinking. Note that the shots I give myself will likely not be something that any doctor, holistic or environmental, will permit or prescribe. Many treatment plans for Candida do not mention it either. My doctor happens to have conducted research on antigen therapy and so he is well prepared to administer this program. He also works with patients who have had a higher level of exposure and more serious exposure to chemicals, so they really need the shots.

What is interesting is that I have had the opportunity to speak to many other patients at this doctors office. They come from all walks of life from all over the US and Mexico and have been through the dozens of doctors (like me) who dismissed them. Interesting how they are well versed in knowing about the body, health, medical conditions given theyre extensive reasearch. Some have Lyme disease,mold exposure, chemical exposure from work, etc and they all exhibit some sensitivities to the environment. It was therapeutic for me to speak to other patients knowing I was not alone.

if you do a search on the net for leaky gut and candidiasis, you will get lots more information. I think there is a website called which walks you through self-treatment. Once the candida in your gut becomes under control, then your leaky gut will repair itself. Over time, you should not be allergic to food again.

I would recommend anyone with candidiasis try to get medication from a doctor. Killing excess candida or fungus in your body is hard (the pharmacist told me this). He said some folks use Antifungal medication for many months, or a year or two.

My experience has been one I do not wish on anyone. I am appalled at how the medical establishment in the US will think a person has a mental illness if they cannot identify their illness. I had contacted Mayo who wanted a referral from my neurologist before scheduling an appt. However, he did not want to give one since he thought I had anxiety. And even after I told my allergist and gastroenterologist about multiple food allergies and leaky gut, they did not acknowledge that their tests failed to identify this condition and said leaky gut has not been proven. My int medicine doctor balked when I told him years back that I thought I had a fungus in me. He was wrong. Over these last 6 years, I've learned whcih doctors truly cared about me, listened to me and admitted they could not help me (as opposed to thinking I was a nut case). I will continue to see those doctors as needed but have dismissed the others. And as I learn more about healthy living, I've Learned that the human body can repair itself provided u feed it the right foods and exercise and get adequate rest. Good luck to all of you in working towards getting better.

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Posted 1/20/2012 1:45 AM (GMT -6)
couchtater said...
There's a quick home test (very low tech) that you can do for candida.
The first thing in the morning before doing anything is spit into a glass of water. It's best to have a clear glass to see through the side. If you see a jellyfish like tenacles streaming down from the spit floating on top it's a sign of possible candida.

I must admit that I tried this but saw a video on YouTube that indicated this home test was a marketing ploy and not credible. If you want to be tested , there is a stool test and perhaps others that a doctor can administer. However, many doctors explain that false negatives are common so they don't even administer such tests. This is since Candida is omnipresent in your body and not just in one area. Some doctors, if you're lucky, will go ahead and prescribe Antifungal medication even with false negatives. But u will likely have to show other symptoms like nail fungus, leaky gut, thrush, etc.
Posted 1/20/2012 5:58 AM (GMT -6)
Btw, I forgot to mention salycilates is a natural form of asprin, hence why its found almost everywhere
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I am 41 years old married and two teenage daughters 15 & 16.

In 2007 I had my first anaphylaxis shock unknown what was happening to me. Taken by ambulance to the ER as we live out in a very rural area. The doctors all felt I was having severe migraine headaches and that is how I was treated.
In Oct of 2008 I had another episode of anaphylaxis this time after another ambulance ride and a trip to the ER I followed up with my primary care doctor again. While sitting his room talking to him it hit me what caused it. I am lactose intolerant I had bought soy milk and ate a bowl of cereal. Within 20 minutes of eating the cereal the palms of my hands began itching turned bright red, I felt like I was burning up red blotches all over me, I grabbed a wet cold wash cloth went and laid down on my bed my husband woke up asked me what was wrong that's when the impending doom began and I had not motor function I could hear but that was it.
I went to an allergist I was tested for everything. It came back I had a slight soy allergy to raw soy.....
September 28 2012
New job had been working at job for a little less than a month. They had an annual cook out for employees at work. I ate a hamburger and a salad it was a potluck type meal. about 2 hours exactly I felt very hot and itchy went to the rest room saw myself in the mirror I had red blotchy skin everywhere, came back to my office told them I did not feel good it was going to be serious. I asked for benydral no one had any or an epi pen which I did not have on hand they had expired a few years ago. I passed out and it was down hill from there, ambulance came and took me to the ER. We figured out it may have been the salad dressing soil oil was the second ingredient and if wasn't cooked may have been the cause.
Talked to allergist no need to be retested it had been 5 years since the last episode if it were soy they won't retest for it due to the reactions I have had.
If anything happens in the near future to come in and get retested.
December 16, 2012
I ate a tablespoon of Peanut butter and a banana just like I normally do. I eat Peanut butter and bananas all the time. Woken up almost 2 hours exactly sweating pro-fussily and heart racing. Everything happened within a few minutes husband injected epi pen in my thigh and called 911. Rushed to the ER this time it lasted long than all the other times. So very scared of this and the unknowing of whats causing these and if I am going to make it.......
Any help would be grateful, going to see primary doctor today and hopefully into the allergist to be retested.

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