Posted 7/17/2011 7:28 PM (GMT -6)
Gee whiz...this is horrible. I went to the trouble of going on a pre-admission visit and the doctors gave me stuff I was allergic to after my surgery. Had to go on oxygen, sent to a local rehab dump, etc., etc.

I stay away from the medical people now. Let them get a part time job at Burger King if they need more money! They're getting nothing much from me.

p.s. I looked up advair and it is bad for your heart...I rather not pay for my heart attack, thanks anyway. don't know about albuterol.
Posted 7/19/2011 7:52 AM (GMT -6)
Razzle -
What is homeopathic phosphorus? What formulation is it? The website you mentioned just calls things by random numbers and letters and I couldn't find any real information. 30c doesn't tell me anything. It's an interesting idea because the med I was taking for pain is noted for lowering potassium and phosphorus. My potassium level was tested (fairly low) when I went in the hospital for tachycardia, but phosphorus was not tested.

My PCP told me today I may have allergic asthma. He had me take prednisone yesterday when I was having a particularly hard time breathing, and it helped. I don't want to keep taking steroids though! My allergist has me on a steroid inhaler, which works a little, but I will try an antihistamine today - told to by PCP.

Joan -
I was told to come in an hour early - same as your pre-visit. It merely meant I had to get up an hour earlier and sit at the hospital an extra hour and still not get any extra time from anesthesiologist. Next time I will fax them my lists of drug reactions and meds I refuse. I can forgive them if I get a reaction to something new, but I'm going through PTSD from them giving me 2 things I refused, one in writing, and then having a bad reaction! I'm quite upset every time I think of the next long surgery I need this year - shoulder impingement with bone spurs.

In paragraph above you can see I am also afraid of these inhalers, especially since I've already had the heart attack. I'm concerned about NSAIDS too, same reason. Trouble is, they work best on my shoulder impingement.
Posted 7/19/2011 10:41 AM (GMT -6)
there are other inhalers out there that won't be so hard on you...Xopenex, comes in a rescue
inhaler and it's better than albuterol / proventil don't take either of those they are the same.
but ask to try xopenex inhaler...write to the hospital administration and tell them what happened
they need to know about it, They should be responsible for paying for your er visit and costs.
Also let your allergist know what happened as they prescribed this medicine you should let them know
as well as this should never happen to you again...
Benadryl can sometimes reduce allergic reactions, can you tolerate that??
Well wishes to you and I sure hope you do have any other reactions...I take a b-12 sublingual as I
couldn't tolerate the injections, had problems with the b-12 shots...vitamin D can help with
pain and I'm also taking a new supplement called "Oxycollasyn" for joint aid, I just started it and
will see how it helps, look it up it might be able to help your your homework on it...
many well wishes...
* So many dx's I could write a book* "It would be nice if we could use the edit button in real life"...
Posted 7/19/2011 11:53 AM (GMT -6)
Chartreux -
This morning I tried half an Alevert (loratidine), and it relieved the chest congestion quickly. I like Alevert because it is non-drowsy, comes in a nice flavored chewable, but also the ingredient, loratidine, comes as cheap store brand also, and is easily breakable. Benadryl puts me to sleep. Now I believe I may really have allergic asthma, as PCP said. I get allergy shots, don't have sneezing or drippy nose. I don't understand how I can have only asthma symptoms. Would more allergy testing help? I don't see allergist until October, but can call. I wonder if I have a problem with one of my meds or a vitamin.

I take B-12 shots as well as sublingual, also Vit D 2000 in the summer, 4000 in winter because I run low on testing.

I'm leery of Xopenex because it's still right-handed albuterol. I'll have a discussion with my allergist. I want to be near a doctor if I try it!

Keep us informed about Oxycollasin. I'll do some reading.

Meantime, I see the pain doc in a couple of weeks and I'll ask about taking more Mobic, which works well for about 4 hours, or a different NSAID. My PCP says it doesn't make much difference if it's taken orally or cream or patch. Reducing the inflamation stops the shoulder pain, but Advil isn't enough. They are all tough on the stomach.
Posted 7/19/2011 9:35 PM (GMT -6)
Homeopathy is essentially energy medicine. Phosphorus homeopathically is not the same thing as the mineral phosphorus, though the homeopathic form is derived from the mineral.

30C is the strength of the remedy that is probably the best to start with. It is a relatively low potency, so won't have any interactions or other risks.

Here's a direct link to the webpage with more info on what symptoms homeopathic phosphorus can potentially help with:

Here's a link to a place to purchase the 30C potency Phosphorus at a very reasonable price:

I have no financial connections with any websites/companies in this post.

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Meds: Ceftazidime, Zofran, Claritin, Singulair, Solu-Medrol, homeopathy, etc.

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