Asthma - Chest pain / please help

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   Posted 4/17/2012 7:10 AM (GMT -6)   
Good day,

I live in South Africa, and have had asthma from the age of 10, im 26 now.
The past 5 years, iv been to Hospital with asthma problems.
Its been 3 years now, since iv been there, always in April or May

Today i woke up with this chest pain everytime i breath, and shortness of breath....

Dont know if its the Venteze pump iv used yesterday, coz if used quite alot of it.

IM also in Seretide..

What is this pain? I realy dont wana go to Hospital again. ho wcan i get this better?



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   Posted 4/17/2012 7:38 AM (GMT -6)   

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   Posted 4/17/2012 1:38 PM (GMT -6)   
Neil, you have a serious problem that probably nobody on this forum is medically trained sufficiently to speak to you about since you have been hospitalized at other times for it.  If you're going to the hospital in April and May, it sounds as if you may have a grass or tree pollen allergy, probably along with some others that appear when winter is over and dampness appears to be dimnishing.

The best thing I can think of is to ask you to see your doctor right away and get temporary relief. After you are calmed, try to see an allergy specialist and be tested for whatever it is that you are so allergic to that you are developing severe asthma. Once those problems are determined, you may be put on allergy shots and find yourself feeling remarkably better after several weeks of antigen injections.
Frankly, it sounds to me as if your bronchial tube and/or your lungs may be clamping down somewhat to prevent the allergens from affecting you so badly.  Your immune system is trying to help in that way.  The clamping down may be the cause of pain.

Very likely you are allergic to something in the home that is part of the problem as well as some atmospheric allergens and even food sensitivities that may be creating problems.

The important thing is to get back to a doctor today or tonight if you are able and be medicated to stabilize the current condition.
If you feel better in an air-conditioned environment, try to set aside one room that is sufficiently air-conditioned and free of all dust
particles, carpets, unenclosed pillows or blankets or mattresses so that you can establish a fairly allergen-free environment until the
allergy shots begin to take effect.

If it's a food sensitivity, it's very likely something that you are addicted to, according to my allergist.  They are often milk, wheat,
cheese and other milk products.  Grains are often addictive and can cause problems.  Limit sugar strongly.  Eliminating a suspected food  for 7 days may provide you with some relief, although you need to be tested for possible food sensitivites.  If you feel better after 7 days not using the food, chances are you are sensitive to it and should eliminate it from your diet.  You know which foods you
eat most frequently and have cravings for.  They are likely strong triggers for asthma attacks that are milder than the ones that send you to the hospital.
Atmospheric molds are often troublesome and spray is availabe for
your home to use if it's inside the home strongly.  (Molds are ubiquitous, so it has nothing to do especially with the fact that it's
indoors, although a strong concentration of molds can be a serious trigger and cause dangerous problems.  Please stop eating blue cheese if you suspect a mold allergy.
Remember that sugar is derived from the cane (which is a grass)
and wheat is a (form of) grass.  If you are sensitive to grass, watch for wheat and sugar sensitivities right off the bat.

Take care and continue to post as you feel you need to seek some support.

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   Posted 4/20/2012 12:30 PM (GMT -6)   
I agree you need to call your doctor, as your doctor should know...
or at least be able to help you...
Sure hope your feeling better soon keep us posted as we do care....
Hope your doing better...
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   Posted 4/22/2012 12:41 AM (GMT -6)   

In my medical opinion you need medical attention. You don't ever mess with chest pain or asthma.

For my asthma, It took me stumbling in the ER looking frantically for help (cause no one was of course at the desk), a guy in scrubs saw me and said "Ma'm can I help you?" I put my inhaler in his hand and passed out. I had to be stabilized in the waiting room. I'm glad that guy saw me. I woke up to smelling salts, wearing oxygen and pulse ox meter and blood pressure cuff and a portable ekg. I was in a wheelchair too. I have no clue how I got in the wheelchair nor how I didn't feel anyone poking and prodding me. I came in to the hospital on a city bus. I was told I would of died if I came in 30 minutes later. That was the next city bus. I decided to take my asthma serious after that. I listened to my body, my signs and symptoms and get it under control. I now know all of my triggers, and I try to avoid it as much as possible.

A couple months after that, I had a severe allergic reaction and had to inject my epi pen. Epi Pens are life saving injections you stab yourself with this huge needle. It stops you from dying from a bad allergy. After using it you need medical attention though. My roommates kid had a 105 temperature, needing medical care too. So my Roommate tossed both us in the car and hauled us off to the hospital. We drove the doctors and nurses nuts. I kept getting up and checking on the kid of course.... unfortunately they were looking for me the same time for meds LOL Finally one doctor decided "put the lady in with the kid" then we confused the interns.. because they never had a room with two patients in it. Anyhow, I found out I had a heart murmer and was sent to a cardiologist to make sure I was ok. The cardiologist told me if you have any kind of chest pain, to get my ass in the ER on STAT (um right away). A week later... Sitting on the bus waiting for roommate (who is the bus driver) get off work. I all of a sudden start grabbing my chest saying "it hurts" and had it happened off and on. She freaked... called 911.. paramedics came and had them baffled. They could tell I was no way in shape or form faking pain, and it was true but my pulse was normal. So they grabbed me and took me to the ER. Poor doctor thought I was faking it... I told him it comes in waves and goes. Anyhow, he is having me squeeze his hand to check my mobility, and a wave of chest pain hits me. He said "let go your hurting my hand" I said "it hurtttttsssss" He looked up and saw that I was not faking it. He goes "Ok describe what is happening" I told him "a monster travels up from my stomach to my chest then a bomb goes off and I explode". He walked off after prying his hand free.. comes back and says "I know what is wrong with you, quick drink this and you got to drink it fast" So I'm chugging down this weird cold, chalky, horrible mint tasting drink. I said "yea doc it is helping, whats up with it?" He told me "You just drank liquid nitrogen and a con cation I made up because I think you had a severe acid reflux attack" I nearly fell over acid reflux mimicking a heart attack. I said "are you sure its acid reflux pretending its a heart attack?" He says "Yes, your EKG is fine, your BPM is fine (heart rate) and you aren't in pain anymore" I said "omg and I took an ambulance over acid reflux" he laughed and said "Severe acid reflux attacks can mimic heart attacks. Its always better to get it checked out to make sure you arent having heart problems". I felt better when he reassured me.

From my personal experience you can be having bad asthma attack, I've had them before with chest pain, you can be having heart problems, you can be having acid reflux. Do yourself a favor and get checked out.
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   Posted 4/22/2012 7:51 AM (GMT -6)   
It was happen to me last year about the same thing and of course I went to the doctor because I am more fearful by nature and have discovered that because of asthma appeared serious heart problems and since then I take pills and l go every 3 months to check me out.
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