i can't handle the pain anymore

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   Posted 7/28/2012 8:37 PM (GMT -6)   
hi.sorry but this is going to sound like a whinge.am in the throws of another horrid sinus infection.the pain is so,so bad in my cheek area,eyes,eyebrows and my chronic headaches and migraines have doubled.i don't have a runny nose but my ears are sore.
i am on antibiotics and steroid tablets for 4 days.i have had all of this before quite often but this time,it seems so much worse.i just can't handle it anymore.laying in bed with heatpacks is not helping and i still have to look after a house,3 kids and run around in the car all the time.i still have appointments and stuff and i am struggling so badly.
i have booked into see an ear,nose and throat specialist in october but i can't afford to see him let alone get any tests done.i am only going for the first consultation.i am booked into an allergist next year sometime but can't afford to see him either.
this is effecting my life so badly.i can't stop crying it hurts so bad and i am immune to pain killers working due to my multiple chronic pain issues.
i am seeing a pain clinic in a couple of weeks.i suffer chronic bladder pain too and other issues and i have had enough.it is so bad this time,that i just want to give up.i have no support with my family which makes it worse.i am stressed and feeling really down.when will it all end.i just want to feel a little bit human again.why is this all happening to me.
mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad

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   Posted 7/28/2012 9:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Autumn, I am soooooooooooo sorry u are in such pain. What country are you in. In America you would not have to wait so long for doctor. What about emergency room? Try calling these doctors back and see if you can just sit in office and they work you in. Is that possible? Do you irrigate with saline daily. I have to do it at least twice a day to keep my sinuses clear. Its over the sink and with a large swringe (cant spell) and really push the water thru so it comes out your mouth. Yes, it sounds groce but it makes a world of difference for me. Please keep us informed. I will be thinking of you. Oh, I nearly forgot. Try pressing the pain spots on the bottoms of your feet. do a search and Im sure you can find some information. Finding just the right spot on the foot, or your hands even and can help. Again, looking for more news from you, good evening....Cathy
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   Posted 7/29/2012 7:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Autunm, I to am sorry to hear that you are in that much pain! I can completely understand what you are going through. I had very similar issues from October 2011 to March of this year. I had repeated sinus infections that exacerbated asthma (and also GERD....which is a different story). Fortunately, I had been in the care of an allergist who sent me for a CT scan after six months of this cycle. Prior to the CT scan, I was on two different antibotics that didn't help. The only antibotic that has been helpful in touching my sinus infections is biaxin. The CT scan showed all kinds of damage to my sinus' (the ones under your eyes, between your eyes and right above them all had damage). The only option that i had was surgery. BUT one of the things that has really helped me after the surgery to manage my sinus issues is the rinse! if you are looking for something that might help immediately, it's worth a try! The first few times I used a rinse it was uncomfortable (all the sinus damage from the infections and surgery made me very sensitive). HOWEVER, it has been an amazing help. I'm not sure how much it might help in the throws of an infection but i use it on a daily basis and it's making them more managable.
Good luck!

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   Posted 7/29/2012 8:20 AM (GMT -6)   
I had a recurring, chronic sinus infection in my left ethmoid (the sinus just at the inner point of the eye) for a couple of years. Kept getting horrid cellulitis, with swelling and discoloration of that whole side of my face. I told the first doc I saw that it was sinus, but he just blew me off and diagnosed only cellulitis. That happened about four times in two years. My doc was all concerned because that's so near the brain, and kept giving me antibiotics, which would clear it up - for a while.
Finally he put me in the hospital. ENT consult and sinus ct showed the sinusitis. Five days of IV therapy with three strong antibiotics later, it was gone. That was nearly a year ago, and so far no more problems.
What with the resistant bugs around and the difficulty in clearing the sinuses, chronic infections seem to be becoming more and more common. I hope your doctor can find an answer for you soon.
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   Posted 7/29/2012 7:41 PM (GMT -6)   
a big,big thank you to everyone that replied to my post.i feel really embarrassed that i whinged so badly yesterday.reading all of your posts,it seems this is a big problem for lots of people.yes,i do use saline rinses each day but they are not helping.if i went to the hospital,it will be a 10 hour plus wait and then i will end up waiting in the er for the next day or so.there are not enough nurses and doctors in our public hospitals in australia.
the allergist i am booked into is the only one around.it is a 15 month wait and i have tried and tried to get in earlier but no luck.i don't have the money to persue immunotherepy and things like that but i am so sick all the time.
i had a sinus operation on my face and nose over 25 years ago and i got 10 years relief.my symptons were different back in those days.i suffered runny noses and sneezing and basically felt like i had a headcold non stop.i can't afford to go in that direction now even if the specialist found problems.
if i go through the hospital,it will be a 4 year wait,if not longer just to see someone about my problems.i am on my 3rd year of trying to get help in the public hospital for my chronic bladder pain.
i can't afford to go private.i can't work because of all my chronic pain issues and i have 3 teenage kids to look after.my hubby works but it is a struggle each day.i will look up the areas for pain to push on my feet and hands.i did not even think of that one.i took my last steroid today.after that the pain will hit really bad again.this morning is the first morning my face has not been on fire and in agony.it still hurts but i am hoping things will improve with the antibiotics.
this situation with sinus problems is awful.i feel so sorry for everyone who is dealing with this.i don't like having chronic sinusitis.my allergies are causing it.i will need to find out what i am allergic too first and go from there.thanks for caring about me everyone.that has meant the world to me.i feel so alone in my life of chronic pain and illnesses and it is nice to have people show concern about me who don't even know me.take care guys. turn
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