Only one nostril constant irritation and sneezing - PART 2

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   Posted 11/4/2014 2:47 PM (GMT -6)   
Here is the link to Part one:
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   Posted 11/4/2014 3:46 PM (GMT -6)   
This is a continuation of an experiment that I posted about earlier. I am grateful for everyone's help and have found some temporary relief from the steamed apple cider vinegar. I have tried most of the other medications and over the counter remedies without success. I would love for someone who's struggling to try this supplement... I am surprised that it works because I can't see any connection, but I think it works... anyway, it's a nitric oxide stimulator (for workouts) called Super NOS by body fortress. It's cheap and can be purchased at Wal-Mart. Please let me know if anyone else has found similar success with it.

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   Posted 11/21/2014 3:36 PM (GMT -6)   
I wanted to post on here, I was up in the middle of the night with this issue, and it hasnt gone away all day. I just tried some alka seltzer not long ago and it seemed to help a lot. I tried Allegra, Nasonex and vicks vaporub and no relief from them but something about alka seltzer worked. I hope this is helpful to someone else out there, this is one of the most miserable things ive ever experienced!

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   Posted 12/2/2014 2:48 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been following this thread (mostly its predecessor) for a year now. Last November, with the onset of cold weather in the Northeast combined with running outside to prepare for a marathon, I started experiencing the symptoms most of you have. Raw nerve feeling in just my left nostril, sneezing fits, runny nose (mostly on the left), eye watering (left). The symptoms would last 2-5 days and then go away, sometimes for a week or more. Although the whole thing started with running outside in the cold, some days it would just start up again for seemingly no reason (no exercise, no cold exposure).

I had allergy testing done (which showed I was allergic to molds, grass, dogs, dust), but it always felt like more of a physiological/nerve issue than an allergy issue. I was put on Claritin, then Allegra, then Zyrtec, then Flonase. None of them did a thing. I tried the neti pot, saline sprays, Aquaphor up my nose, apple cider vinegar fumes. Nothing touched it. After mid-January, the symptoms disappeared entirely, only to show up again a month ago. After a run in the cold. It's been unbearable since then. On the bad days, the nerve discomfort is so bad that I can't function at home or at work. I can't stop my nose from running or the sneezing attacks. The only thing that brings mild relief is stuffing tissue up my left nostril to prevent air flow (which irritates what I assume is a nerve) and holds the nostril open.

Saw an ENT today. I had been previously told I had a deviated septum and allergies. That my turbinate/s were swollen so there was probably uncomfortable contact in my left nostril due to the septum. Today, the new doc told me that he thinks I have a combo of a deviated septum (obvious), Sluder's neuralgia (which is a contact headache involving one of two nerves in the nose - for me I think it's the ethmoid nerve) and vasomotor rhinitis (due to temperature/dryness sensitivity). He said that nasal steroid sprays can reduce turbinate swelling and thereby possibly reduce contact with the nerve, but they aren't enough to work for everyone.

I'm going back for a sinus CT scan soon and then will return for his recommendation. He said deviated septum surgery was a possibility but no guarantee. I just wanted to throw this info out there because it sounds like nobody has really discussed the Sluder's neuralgia possibility. Will check back in after the CT scan...

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   Posted 12/28/2014 3:13 PM (GMT -6)   
I just started suffering from this too! Mine is not caused by allergies or a cold. It happened after I went running yesterday, and it seemed like it came about out of the blue. Antihistamines and pseudoephedrine don't seem to help, but I've been able to alleviate the symptoms very well with nasal saline irrigation - aka the neti pot. I think I have a type of non-allergic Rhinitis: Vasomotor Rhinitis.

The medicalnews page on non-allergic Rhinitis says:

The signs and symptoms of infectious rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis and rhinitis medicamentosa are similar, and they include:

A blocked nose
A runny nose
Nasal pressure
Nasal pain
Postnasal drip - phlegm (mucus) in the throat."

The page on Vasomotor Rhinitis says:

"This inflammation can be caused by a number of different irritants or allergens. However, there are times when there is no specific cause for the inflammation. Vasomotor rhinitis occurs when the blood vessels inside the nose expand (dilate). Dilation of the vessels in the nose produces swelling and can cause congestion. Mucus may also drain from the nose.

Unfortunately, doctors have not been able to pinpoint what causes the blood vessels in the nose to swell. Some common triggers that may produce this reaction include irritants in the environment such as perfumes, odors, smog, or secondhand smoke, changes in the weather, particularly dry weather, viral infections such as those associated with a cold or flu, hot or spicy foods or drinks, medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis may come and go throughout the year. The symptoms may last several weeks or may be constant."

Here are the links for more info:

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   Posted 1/6/2015 7:48 PM (GMT -6)   
This is my first post on this topic, though I've been reading this forum topic for several months. I'm a 55 year old male, and first started experiencing this syndrome about a year ago. My "attacks" typically last 2 - 4 days and recur every 2 - 4 months (though they seem to be getting a bit more frequent). They do not seem to be triggered by anything in particular. My symptoms are sneezing and profuse watery runny nose triggered air passing over a "raw-feeling" irritated spot in one of my nostrils (usually the right nostril). I've tried nasal irrigation (saline sprays, Neil-Med saline irrigation), which did not help. Astelin nasal spray and oral Benadryl also do not help. The only thing I've found that consistently works well is taking 2 or 3 ibuprofen tablets (400 to 600 mg) every 4 to 6 hours. It seems to suppress the sensations from the irrritated spot in my nostril, so that I can breathe normally through that nostril without triggering sneezing or runny nose.

I have obstructive sleep apnea and have used a CPAP machine with a nasal mask for about six years. It's occurred to me that maybe the artifical airflow associated with CPAP use might be causing the irritation. However, I tend to doubt this explanation, in part because the rhinitis symptoms actually improve when I'm lying in bed or sleeping while using the CPAP.

A number of posts have have advanced the notion that this syndrome is "vasomotor rhinitis." I've read quite a few articles and web pages on vasomotor rhinitis, and what strikes me is that they never seem to mention the most salient symptom that we experience, which is the acute, pinpoint, raw/irritated sensation inside the nostril. That's the unique, defining feature of this syndrome, reported by just about everyone, and it seems like it would be prominently mentioned in the writeups. Take a look at this article: -- specifically the flow chart titled "Suggested Approach to the Pharmacologic Management of Vasomotor Rhinitis." According to the chart, the preferred therapy for the symptoms I experience is Astelin spray, which as previously noted, has no effect on my symptoms.

I'm planning to get a referral to an ENT specialist, though based on the experiences of others in this discussion, I'm not that hopeful that I'll get a definitive diagnosis and treatment that works.

If anyone does get a firm diagnosis and effective treatment, please share it with the rest of us!

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   Posted 2/24/2015 10:11 AM (GMT -6)   
Wanted to share my story, in the hope that I can help someone out, since I definitely know how frustrating this thing could be.

After running/exercise, I would occasionally have this "tickle" in my upper right nostril, and the only thing that stopped me from sneezing nonstop was shoving TP up my nose to stop the air flow. After a day or two, things would calm down, until of course I ran again... it was very inconsistent, but seemed to happen as I exerted more effort. Very frustrating!

I went to an ENT several years ago with this problem, had CT scan (everything came out normal, no polpys, etc). He really couldn't figure out what I had, but he recommended I take Nasacort during the seasons I run outside the most, and let him know how it worked out.

I don't really like to take any kind of medication, but I had to solve this problem. Thankfully it worked! When I know I'm going to run outside more, I use Nasacort preemptively(since it has a 3 day delay). I don't like to spray things daily into my nose, but it worked for me... so I try to use it during my "higher risk" seasons. Hopefully it could help others as well.

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   Posted 3/20/2015 10:05 AM (GMT -6)   
Me, too x infinity.
Left inner nostril has apparently once again attracted a troupe of jumping mini-monkeys wearing tacks for shoes and my left eye has become a faucet. My face keeps squinching up for a sneeze...then I (successfully?) sneeze anywhere from one to 9 times in a row.
Rinse, repeat.
These attacks happen 5-8 times a year. THIS time around I remember suffering from a blocked nasal passage (the left one, naturally, since my right one generally likes me and wants me to be happy.)
Attempts to numb said inner nostril (always the left inner) have involved Orajel, Neosporin analgesic, and Anbesol and have failed spectacularly.
Pressing firmly on the outside of the nostril works until my nerve pathways figure out what's going on and discover ways around it.
Applications of Vicks Vapo rub, eucalyptus oil, Benadryl cream, and whatever else fell out of my medicine cabinet have proven interesting but fruitless.
Oral and spray-mist decongestants were that they just made my nose run more but eased no symptoms.
Alaway eye drops were useless.
Life is interesting.
Cue another attack of hellacious sneezing...brb...
This is getting so old.
If anyone is interested in data gathering, I am also right-handed, pudgy, early middle-aged, female, diabetic, prehypertensive, night owl, mildly asthmatic (have inhaler, will travel), sedentary (but for sake of reference I did go out shopping y'day before the attack commenced very early this morning), on Claritin (Loratadine) prn, and would love a nap and a cup of coffee but not in that order.

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   Posted 3/28/2015 3:06 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi to all fellow sufferers of this strange condition with no name.
I have read the entire thread and like others I'm grateful to have seen Im not alone and to have a bunch of potential solutions to try.

My case:
Asthmatic, allergic to cats
Irritation in Left nostril - I'm right handed
Low blood pressure
This is a second time I've had it in 4 years - both right after coming out of a cold - feeling almost ok then this starts. Infuriating irritation and itching inside the nostril causing violent sneezing water none stop driving from it and eye watering so much all the time you can't actually see or cope like a normal person. Holding finger on the nose inside on the itchy spot or outside soothes a little, tissue in the nose helps a bit but no other relief.
To me the theory about irritated nerve sticks the most, the first time it happened to me I was sniffing dried ginger up my nose (please don't ever do that its insanity!) as my mum recomened that as a solution to cold and runny nose, I am certain I have damaged my noses lining and nerves from that. I think that maybe all of us have done it - damaged a nerve somehow and now it's permanently more sensitive so the condition will come back sometimes.

I have summarised most of the solutions you suggested through the whole thread,
I have tried - not eating sugar the whole day (as on the day it started I ate 2 kg of fruit!)
Antihistamine - I took double dose of Cetrizine hydrochloride so 20mg
Saline nasal spray - I have bought a Sterimar sea water natural spray and Mandanol Nasal Drops and been cleaning my nose with the first then applying the second
Vics Vaporub dab on a cotton bud - surprisingly this has helped, a bit of a strange feeling but had numbed the sensation
Neti pot NeilMed - I have done this few times this was my first method followed by the others above
Hydrogen peroxide dab - haven't tried
Nasonex - wasn't available to buy
Neosporin - wasn't available
Bag Balm - didn't try
ipratropium bromide nasal spray - didn't try
Visine Allergy drops - didn't try
ecalyptus oil applied with a qtip to the inside of nostril - didn't try but Vaporub helped

The few things I tried have actually helped me, I now have very dried nose inside and that's not pleasant but I keep spraying the sea salt spray and making sure I keep the nose hydrated, it's still a little bit irritating to take air in but it's bearable. I think if I was to summarise - the antihistamine dried my nose up, the netipot possibly flushed any irritants out, same with the sea spray, but the Vaporub numbed the nerve or the sore spot. I will be trying this combination again if it ever comes back.

Good luck everyone

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   Posted 11/4/2015 10:30 PM (GMT -6)   
Any other suggestions on this? I'm going absolutely crazy over here. Same thing as everyone else - tickling in my left nostril, sneezing, watery eyes, and watery runny nose. It's going on 12 hours now and I have tried about everything at this point!

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   Posted 11/8/2015 2:38 PM (GMT -6)   
I've had this condition all my life. It is awful. I think the idea that there are multiple causes is probably right.

For those of you who have exhausted the resources of allergists and ENTs, you might consider a visit to a good neurologist. In my case, the nostril zing turned out to be an aspect of atypical trigeminal neuralgia, and the medication that I take for TN stops the nasal itch/pain within 20 minutes. (It also makes me foggy, so I can only take it when I'm home and don't have to drive anywhere, but that's a tradeoff I've had to make.)

I hope this isn't the case for most of you, because TN is not easy, the medications have side effects, and most doctors don't seem to be aware. It took me three neurologists to find one that really understands it.

If I'm out and about when this hits, I use a small dab of pure lanolin right on the unhappy nerve. It helps a little.

Good luck all.

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   Posted 11/23/2015 11:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everyone, thank you for posting and sharing your experiences, it really helps to hear all of your stories both for moral support and for cure finding.

I went for a run yesterday morning where I pushed myself a little harder than normally. As soon as I got back home I started sneezing uncontrollably and felt that itchy/tingly sensation in my right nostril (I'm right handed). I was miserable! My boyfriend started googling my condition and found this forum. After reading a lot of everyone's experiences I realized that this same thing had happened to me before at the beginning of the year in January 2015. Back then, it also started after I went on a run, only back then I thought it was because I was allergic to a roommate's cat.

Anyway, I tried several remedies people recommended on the forum:

-Ibuprofen: popped one an hour into the sneezing, didn't do much of anything.
-Apple cider vinegar boil: tried this after popping the ibuprofen. Breathed in for a couple of minutes, then took a break and tried it two more times. When I breathed the vapors in, they did provide temporary relief, but ultimately didn't get rid of it. Felt like I only succeeded in feeling like I was singeing my eyebrows/boiling my face.
-Tissue stuffed up nose: like most people on the forum, this helped temporarily stop the irritation but as soon as I took it out the itching would start immediately. I really got the tissue up in there so that it was touching the "itch."
-Bag balm: I'm a big fan of bag balm's magical properties generally, so when I saw that as a solution on the forum I immediately thought it would work. I stuck a glob of it up my nose to the point where I felt the itch. Instantly felt relieved, but my nose kept running and if I breathed in sharply I could I could still feel the tingle up there. I rubbed the bag balm up my nose a couple of more times and stopped stuffing a tissue up my nose. My nose kept running here and there through the evening but by the time I went to bed, the running stopped and I felt almost totally normal. When I woke up the next morning, no "itchy" sensation at all.

My best guess based on my experience is that it does have something to do with inflammation of a nerve brought on by sharp breathing. I'm not sure if the bag balm actually helped with the itch, or if it was placebo. I think it was a combo of the bag balm providing a coating on the inflamed part of my nose and me just leaving my nose alone after I put it on (i.e. not jamming tissues deep into my nose to poke the itch or trying to blow my nose). One of the previous posters said to treat the "itch" like a mosquito bite, so if you rub ointment on it and leave it alone, it will calm down.

Hope this is helpful to someone. Happy to add my story to the internet oral history of this undiagnosed itching disorder.

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   Posted 11/30/2015 3:22 PM (GMT -6)   
Echoing everyone's sentiment, thanks to all for posting these responses. I've been following this thread myself for quite a while hoping for some miracle cure to be posted, but unfortunately nothing I've tried (and I've tried most) has really solved it.

My one, true, defining symptom is the incessant itch about an inch into my right nostril. It's always the right nostril, in the exact same spot every single time the itching flares up. When it starts, I'll sometimes take a pen cap (as it seems to be just the right length) and use the "arm" of the cap to lightly scratch the bullseye. I do this in an attempt to get relief for just a short amount of time. Scratch, sneeze, blow nose, repeat until I've desensitized the area enough where the annoyance is reduced to a more tolerable level for 15-20 minutes. Yes, I know this isn't a great idea as it can cause tissue damage, but it gets to the point where the itch is unbearable and I just need something to make it go away, even if it's only temporary.

I've had my itching symptom for years now. For me specifically, the eye watering and runny nose seems like just a secondary reaction to the itching, and I don't consider them my main symptoms. When I poke at the itchy spot, my eye waters like a faucet and my nose runs. Something is causing the itching, and the itching is causing the watering and running. Therefore, I feel like if I can stop my itching in that one dastardly spot, that all of my problems will go away.

I've been to an ENT. He looked inside and said I have a minor deviation, but not enough to cause problems. His response was the standard "oh, it's allergies", but I kept insisting that if it were allergies it shouldn't be in the exact same spot every time. I mean, I can touch it when I'm flaring up and make my entire face leak, for heaven's sake. He said that it's probably just an area in my nose that can "easily collect allergens" and thus my body reacts to allergies. As I'm sure most of you on this thread will agree, this is not the case. This is something physical.

Strangely enough, exercise does not seem to make my symptoms flare up. That seems to be a common occurrence in this thread. Yes, I've had itching occur after working out, but I do an intense workout 3-4 times a week and it isn't consistently triggered. Also regarding my lifestyle, I work in an office in Hartford, mostly sedentary for 9 hours a day during the work week. There isn't much to trigger an "allergy" attack here and even with the controlled climate, it happens here as much as anywhere else. I do have allergies (tested) to pets, pollen, and molds, but they aren't as intense as when I was a teenager anymore, and honestly I'm not even sure if half of my "allergy" attacks when I was a kid might have been due to this itchy spot.

Ibuprofen helps, but only in the slightest. I'm right-handed and it's my right nostril, so I just wanted to throw that out there as I know some people were talking about some potential relation to the opposite side of your dominant hand. I neti-pot multiple times a week, but only for the last year or so. It doesn't provide me much relief and I continue to do it just to keep my nasal passages clean.


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   Posted 12/6/2015 7:56 PM (GMT -6)   
So I went running again last weekend and had an attack. This time, bag balm and laying off my nose did not work! I went to CVS and grabbed some Nasacort and it has been working for me. An issue is that once you spray it into your nose, you have to wait 15 minutes before blowing your nose, which can be a problem if you're sneezing uncontrollably. Hope Nasacort will be helpful for some of you out there.

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   Posted 1/12/2016 11:27 AM (GMT -6)   
I am currently on my second day of this exact same problem, and it is causing my left eye to water up so bad that it has become pretty irritated (I wear contacts, which doesn't help).

It looks as though there hasn't been a clear cut solution to this prroblem that has been posted here. Can we summarize all of the remedies thought to help so people like me, desperately seeking relief, can easily find a few options to try? I'll start from what I have read/can remember from this thread:

1:1 Apple Cider Vinegar simmering on stove, breathe in steam
bag balm up in there on the itchy spot
take ibuprofen
vicks vaporub, icyhot, or eucalyptus oil inside nostril
netipot flushing
trim nose hair
ipratropium bromide nasal spray
hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip up nostril, 2-3 times a day
Alaway/visine eye drops

It seems like everyone has had some success on 1 or all of these solutions, but plenty of people have said that each one of these didn't work for them. So I guess trying them all until a solution works for you if going to be your best bet. For me bag balm provided temporary relief, but not enough and same with apple cider vinegar. Trying ibuprofen, netipot, and nasacort today.

Good Luck!

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   Posted 1/18/2016 4:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I just read through this whole thread as well as the previous one, and it's a relief to know that there are others going through this same thing. However, it's crazy that after almost 10 yrs, no one has a solution or diagnosis -- just a list of treatments that work for some people, but do nothing for others.

I've been having the same exact left nostril itch that causes a runny nose and watery left eye, just like everyone else has posted about (except I am left-handed). Mine doesn't seem to be exercise related -- I did go to the gym a couple of days ago, and went swimming yesterday, but the symptoms had started before that. I don't take any medications on a regular basis, the only thing is I did get all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago, and I was on antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for a week after that. I was also taking Aleve (naproxen sodium) for the pain for a week also.

I first noticed having a stuffy/runny nose all day Saturday (two days ago) and then yesterday morning was when I first noticed that it was only my left nostril. Today, it has been much worse, with the intense itchy nose/watery eye thing happening probably 8 times so far. I was standing/walking out in 20 degree weather for about 30 minutes this morning trying to get into the building where I work so I don't know if that could have made it worse.

I've tried a decongestant (Sudafed PE) and an antihistamine + decongestant (Advil Cold + Allergy Relief). Neither helped at all. I'm going to go to Walgreens after work to get a Neti Pot because that seems to have worked for a few people and I like the idea of a natural solution. I definitely feel that my sinuses could use some clearing out, I've had an awful post-nasal drip that's bothering me in addition to the nose itch. It's causing me a sore/scratchy throat.

I will post back again if I find a miracle cure -- although seems unlikely because everyone seems to have such different triggers and different solutions.

One theory I did come up with is that it's somehow triggered by cold weather. Looking back at older posts, many of them seem to be from November-February, with not nearly as many in June-August. Assuming that most people are in Northern Hemisphere, this could be a clue? I don't know if if would be the actual temperature of the air or the dry air that causes the problem. I am in Southeastern US with a very hot and humid climate in spring-early fall, but it's been very cold and dry here lately.

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   Posted 2/5/2016 2:08 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you everyone for posting! I just joined this site because of this discussion!
Tonight I had this same issue that you all are reporting - and it is a repeat from the same issue earlier in January. The first time I assumed it was a really bad cold because it lasted 2 weeks and my husband had a cold right before - but as you all have said - it's really more intense than a cold or allergies.

I have pretty severe respiratory allergies (cats, mold, hay fever, grass, etc) but it is winter in Kansas so seems unlikely.
Anyhow... today I did Zumba and a little rowing - didn't overly exert myself cardio wise because I'm pretty de-conditioned right now AND had too much caffiene/ not enough water today.
So, after exercise I get in the car, put my coat over my shoulder and begin to sneeze violently - nothing worked (shower, 2nd dose of singular, rinsing nose out repeatedly with water, RX nasal spray. Benadryl decreased the sneeze frequency but still sneezing/dripping/and pain just on right side.)

My symptoms: repeated loud violent sneezes that cause my head to bob. constant nose blowing and nasal drip. pain/irritation in one side of nose (outer wall) it is as others have described like something is eating a hole in my nose or scraping w/ sandpaper and at the same time tickling that hole with a goose feather or a cat hair (I'm allergic to both of these by the way)

First let me say - the solution of 1) Vizene allergy eye drops then 2) breathing 1:1 cider:water solution offered significant relief, although nose is still running some the flow has slowed, no sneezing, and pain in nostril is lessened.

Just to add to the data everyone is reporting:
1) right side nostril only (can't say if it was same nostril last time or now) I'm right handed but I don't understand how handedness would matter
2) have sinus allergies most of year but have been getting allergy shots 2 years and they are much better managed (meaning if I take my zyrtec, singular, and use my nasal azestaline spray, I can breath with only minor nasal drip throughout most days. Still react to cats, but not as severely) keep Benadryl on hand for days when the non-drowsy stuff doesn't cut it. (again use much less since allergy shots - but did need it for the 2 week long flare up I had start of January)
3) I used to use flonase until it started burning the inside of my nose and I had severe pain like the inside of my nose had been sandpapered. (maybe that was the start of this issue) - so my doc switched me to azestaline spray, which is better
4) have other health issues (infertility, early menopause, hypo(low) thyroid, IBS, ADD, overweight BMI 28) My blood pressure is excellent, so I don't have that in common w/ others. I have been sick way way more often since entering menopause;, when i was a kid I had allergies but I seldom got sick w/ flu or bad colds.
5) I too have a deviated septum - had it fixed surgically but it got hit while still healing so it's deviated again
6) mediation list: azestaline nasal spray 2X/day, Singular 2X/day, zyrtec, levothyroxine (thyroid), mimvey (estrogen/progesterone hormone replacement for meno/hot flashes) Dexedrine (only on work days for ADD) also take OTC ibuprofen PRN for knee or back pain. Hadn't taken any today, but did take a few days ago.
7) I have a weird condition where my vocal chords seize up (vocal chord dysfunction) when I do cardio or hike up a hill out in the cold - I've had tests from ENT w/ a scope and nothing physically wrong w/ throat. ENT doc acted like it was a pscyh problem (like something I am doing) Allergist said since I still have symptoms after treatment may have non-allergic rhinitis on tip of allergic rhinitis. I'm wondering if there is some neurological thing going on with both that and the nose pain/sneezing thing?

ok so I'm confused about the Ibuprophen - I saw one post that says Ibuprophen triggers allergies and another that said it helps w/ this condition.... My back and knee hurt today would love to take some Ibuprofen but now I'm worried about triggering more symptoms.

thank you again for all who have posted and especially for the cider vinegar solution which I though was hocus pocus but I was willing to try anything - it really did reduce my symptoms greatly. (still dripping & nose is irritated but not pain - hey, that I can handle)

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   Posted 2/9/2016 3:12 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi, like others above have also joined just for the purpose of chiming in for posterity...
It does seem reasonable to assume after ten years that this isn't exactly the same thing for everyone, but while it was frustrating to read through so much and not find an easy answer, the patterns are definitely there.
Dubme14, I'm in the SE too, and I had also noticed the greater frequency of posts in the winter. The amount I have to add (aside from the things common to everyone) is pretty small, but hopefully it will fill in a bit more for someone reading ten years from now!
I also use a CPAP, and it is one that humidifies - not sure they all do. This morning I woke up to find that a) my house was really cold...that's not unusual, as it's a really old house and impossible to keep warm, but after a week or so of warmer temps, it plummeted again...and b) my CPAP had run out of water, so it was forcing dry air into my nostrils. When I woke up, my nasal passages and throat were so dry it felt painful, like I had strep or something. That got better, in terms of my throat, as soon as I drank water, but then right after that came the bug up my nose. It's been almost 24 hours.
I think there may be a similarity there to the folks that were working out hard, not because of overheating, but because of the greater volume of (cool?) air and maybe dry nasal passages.
To me that would suggest what others have thought: a tear in the nasal lining or some other kind of irritation that has become inflamed.
At least for some of us, that would make sense.
Someone else said different things work for different people because it's not the exact same problem, and I agree.
So far, I haven't done anything at all. I'm trying to leave it alone and wait it out. I think, though, that the reason the CPAP provides relief to some of us is the humidity/moisture eases the irritation, and that could also happen with hot showers, steam, or even sprays.
Anyhow, I really just wanted to post because it's clear people are going to keep coming and read all the way back as many of us have...I wish all of us - past, present, and future - the best of luck!

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   Posted 2/17/2016 4:37 PM (GMT -6)   
wow. there are lots of us. i get this too--left nostril, right handed (isn't that curious?). i think it might have something to do with dry winter air. feels like a hair or feather, but it is neither. i do have a deviated septum, but am not sure how to figure this in. i have tried most, if not all, of the remedies suggested throughout the years of this thread--and none have worked. i live in the southeast, but moved here from the northeast and have experienced this same thing in both places.
after blowing my nose to remove the what seems like gallons of runny, watery mucus, i might feel relief for two seconds--until the sneezing starts again. then the mucus outpour starts again. i do have allergies, but this seems unrelated. no suggestions (sorry), but i will keep visiting this thread for new possibilities.
i continue to marvel at the sheer number of sufferers--but it seems that many have found the problem relates to dry air--of both temperature extremes--outdoor cold, indoor heat. i concur. what surprises me is that if there are well over a hundred of us here, there have to be more out there--but doctors seem baffled and treat us like we're loony. how is it that they are unaware of this and its cause, i wonder...

Post Edited (circe81) : 2/17/2016 2:42:55 PM (GMT-7)

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   Posted 3/2/2016 1:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Grateful for all the responses. I have added to the forum once or twice over the past 3-4 years. My little tickle almost always comes from excessive effort in running or exercise. I have tried virtually all of the suggested remedies with little to no success. I'm here again today because it happened again this morning. Has anyone else tried nitric oxide stimulator? It's not a cure-all, but so far I have only had success with that and the Apple-Cider vinegar (although I feel like I have permanently destroyed some brain cells from the ACV). The NO stimulator has worked 2 of the 3 times I've tried it, but once it seemed to have zero impact. Oh, one other thing, I have had much better success when I have eliminated caffeine or other stims from any work out regiment.

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   Posted 3/23/2016 10:25 AM (GMT -6)   
Well after googling why my nose is itching off I found this site! It started last night about 1am I was woken by a massive sneeze and the feeling of something in my nose. It is exactly the same sensation as if you got a q tip and put it up your nose and the feeling when you need to sneeze. It wont go away I didnt sleep for sneezing and my nose running like a tap.
All this started after suffering with terrible pain on breathing yesterday which went up and down my left nostril, it was so painful.
The last night the tickling and sneezing plus buckets of snot. Its just awful! I have tried my netipot which gave me some relief for say 5 minutes but soon it returned. My right nostril is fine and I can breath clear through that one but my left feel restricted.

I am at a loss as to what is causing it may be the dry air with it being winter in the UK and my heating is on all the time? I am going to try steam tonight. Oh I hope something helps as I am tired from not sleeping last night

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   Posted 4/7/2016 8:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for the icy hot suggestion it worked, instantly.

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   Posted 11/20/2016 7:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi there, this is my first time joining a forum, I always thought that I was alone in feeling this way but glad to know there's millions of you fellow sufferers out there :)

Anyways, I just experienced this yesterday again and was trying to figure out exactly what it is. I believe it to be a triggered reaction to some alien body entering our system such as dust particles, pollen, stewie in a spaceship.

The reaction is similar to a nose-hair pull or being punched on the nose where your eyes start to water and your nose leaks as well and all you do is sneeze. I have lived in India, Dubai and London and the reaction is the same, so I can definitely say it's not the weather but possibly particles in the air. I would suffer at work everyday and not be able to do my work properly, If a colleague peeled an orange, I would automatically burst into tears and get a sneezing fit. I would take panadol night as soon as I got home so I would'nt have to deal or take allergy tablets and cold and flu tabs as soon as I got it and be droggy the whole day, the cold would disappear but I would become a zombie and my brain would not be able to process anything.

Just so you know, I smoke regularly, drink occasionally and eat alot of junk food and have sodas with my food.

When I started working as a sales colleague in london, I had a regular routine where I would wake up every morning at 5.30, have a hot shower(mainly to stay awake), make breakfast which was either toast with nutella(provided there was bread) or cornflakes(provided there was milk), have a cup of black tea and finally take a certzine/hayfever tablet(red box) and did this for almost 3 months, in that time, I kind of developed an immunity to the sickness, my work involved dealing directly with customers so I could not afford to be sick at any cost, I would have a cold after the shower but once I got to work I'd be immune to any cold or sickness, feeling a 100%, i would get wet in the rain or walk home in the cold and never had a cold or itchyness of any sort. Even while travelling through the tube and sick people would sneeze, I would never get sick.

I believe we are reactive by nature rather than proactive. We take the meds once we get the sickness expecting it to cure it right away but our bodies don't work that way. You need to develop an immunity to it, prep for it before you get it so it does not happen again, I don't believe in these temporary solutions as it solves nothing long term, I've tried the vicks and although it provides temporary relief where you can breathe and function properly for a while, it doesn't solve the problem completely.

So i'm here sharing my experience so as to help atleast one person in their turmoil, take one over the counter allergy tablet( the ones i mentioned earlier) before you begin your day, everyday and you won't have this stupid insignificant mosquito of a problem to deal with ever again.

Also as to why it's one-sided, I really don't know, maybe it's alot like love and alkaseltzer is a great cure for hangovers :)

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   Posted 12/25/2016 12:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi All,

My cure is just HOT WATER! No medicines, no special cures. Just hot water. Changing the temperature of this special spot in my nostril turns off the irritation.

I had today the same problem. The invisible feather that makes my nose running non-stop. No sneezing, just running right nostril. Yes I have the problem only with my right nostril. It is this very specific spot in it. When I touch it from outside it activates this irritation, and my right nostril starts running. I was shaving in the bathroom this morning when I smelled the foam (I use Gillette gel for sensitive skin). And it turned on the irritation at this special spot.

It has happened to me dozens of times in the past in different situations I have not analyzed. The last time I remember I was on a business trip in Moscow. I came back to the hotel room from a long evening walk and I felt this irritation again. My right nostril started running. It was very cold outside and we were walking with my colleague downtown a lot so I thought I've got some cold. I thought that if I find a way to heat my nose this will make it stop running. So I decided to try to heat my nose with hot water from the tap. I ran the hot and cold water taps. I set the water to a temperature so hot that I could resist and put my nose in my handful under the running hot water. I stayed for a minute or so. I repeated once again for about the same time and went to bed. That's it. My nose stopped running. The change in the temperature of this special spot in my nostril obviously turned the irritation off.

I remembered about this experience today and tried doing the same. Lucky me! It worked again!

I hope this simple procedure will help you if we have the same problem. Good luck!

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   Posted 1/6/2017 8:32 PM (GMT -6)   
I am just recovering from a cold and have been experiencing the tickle/sneezing/runny nose phenomenon for the past 2 days. Thank GOD I found this thread! I am right-handed and it's my right nostril. I know that I have a deviated septum because I had an MRI for an unrelated problem years ago. I suspect that I have had it since birth.

Yesterday, I took Sudafed, an antihistamine (Fexofenadine), Advil, saline nose spray, and then I finally squirted some Afrin in the affected nostril. I do NOT like to take that much medicine.

I had been using a bit of Afrin to alleviate my cold symptoms, and I suspect that, in my case, my mucus membranes were dry and irritated. Also, it has been unusually cold here in Central California, and the air is dryer than usual. So in my case, I'm thinking that the cause was 1) deviated septum, 2) colder than usual climate, 3) nose irritated from my cold and Afrin nose spray.

Today, I only took the Sudafed and the antihistamine. It took HOURS, but finally my nose is calm. I hope it stays that way.
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