Can Anyone help me???

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   Posted 3/13/2015 4:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Hell guys I really need some help here and any advice you can give will help me out greatly.
I am a 33 Female with no children, I di however have RADS which is similar to asthma but I’ve only had 4 episodes in my life and the last on was 3 years ago. about a month ago I decided to become Vegan. No meat, no eggs no dairy. The first week was easy with no craving and my mind felt clear. However physically I felt run down. I noticed that I wasn’t able to complete my normal exercise routines which included walking 5 miles. I was exhausted after about 1 ½. So I just stopped going all together. BY day 6 I was experiencing mild chest pain and light headedness I also work up with racing heart for no reason but was able to fall back asleep after about an hour. I thought lack of protein was the answer, so I started drinking Rice Protein with bananas for breakfast. Things got better but then I kept feeling like I was coming down with a cold. By week 3 I noticed a small white patch on my left tonsil. I went to my local walk in clinic. They said I had mild fever (99) and low but normal blood pressure 107/11. I got a strep test that came back negative. The Dr said the infection could be bacterial or viral so he gave my two prescriptions. While I was there I also told him that I had itchy ears , which I had- had for years. He said I had an outer ear infection and prescribed some drops for me. I went home and immediately took the zpak. After day 5 on zpak my sore throat was gone and I was 80 normal. I didn’t bother with the viral medication at all, Instead a waited a day and began taking the drops for my ears.

Day one on the drops was really bad I had serve shortness of breath after taking them but my ears felt better so day two I only took one dose. That night I woke up with a racing heart and a feeling like I was going to pass out. It was terrifying I thought I was having heart failure or a heart attack. I went to the ER they did a CBC and they said I was fine and that it could have been a panic attack. I had never had anything like that happen to me before but I took then at their word. Two days later I was back in the ER with chest palpations and shortness of breath. This time they did even more blood work and a stand up xray that looked at the front and side of my heart. The results were negative. The Dr said nothing was wrong and sent me home with the same pain I came in there with. He suggested that it could be mirovalve prolapse and that I get an out patient echo.

The next three days were hell. My heart raced all the, especially when I tried to lie down. I was filled with fear and the chest pain was now accompanied by arm numbness and back pain. On day four I went back to the ER in the around midnight. It was a different hospital. They took more blood ran more test. Finally tested to see if Id had a heart attack. Nothing. Every test showed I was fine by 4am I was back home. Thinking maybe I had a low immunse sytem I took some zinc. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack again. Heart racing, dizzy, shaking. So by 11am that same day I was back at the ER. While driving I was felling light headed I almost passed out behind the wheel, By the time I got to the ER I was actually having a full blow panic attack. The nurse said she could tell by my hands. I was crying and I couldn’t catch my breath so again I was told it was just panic. I tried to explain that YES I was panicked but that the reason for coming in was that I was having shortness of breath I couldn’t stop shaking and I felt like I was going to pass out behind the wheel. That would make anyone panic. They calmed me down using breathing techniques and then I left. That night was the worst. I seriously felt like I was having a heart attack so I took some Bayer aspirin. I also took the “panic” meds the Dr in the ER prescribed me. I slept for 12hrs straight. When I woke up I was still in pain. That day a nurse from the ER called to check on me. I told her nothing had changed so she said that I should come in and get admitted to the hospital. I did.

I checked in around 3pm.All day and night they took my blood and blood pressure. They did more xrays and gave my an ehco to look for the micrvalve prolapse. They also gave me a Nitrous pill. They offered pain meds but I refused them. I didn’t want the Dr to ask me about my pain level while Im all doped up. The nitris actually helped, I felt like I was getting oxygen for the first time in a week. My heart still raced and woke me up every time I dosed off. After 24hrs and all that work they hadn’t found anything. The cardiologist said I was fine and the Dr said my pain was muscular skeletal. I was shocked and still felt weak and at that point I had developed this dry hacking cough. I thought it was from the hospital air. However I took the Drs at their word and went home. I decided to sleep on the opposite side as not to further damage my muscles on my left side. The next day I had Jaw pain and arm numbness and the cough had worsened. At my wits end I took an iron supplement. It was great, I shook and shook like a leaf on a tree the same way I was in the hospital after the nitris. I felt like I was getting oxygen again. I was finally able to sleep without a racing heart.

The pain kept alternating. Jaw,chest, back, arm tingling, arm numbness. So I started taking honey. Afterall I had been assured by 10 diffent Drs that I was ok and that whatever I had was not life threatening. A day later I felt like there were bricks on my chest and that I was breathing thru a straw. So back to a different ER. They looked at my records, gave me an EKG, told my I was fine and that I should start using my inhaler. But they gave me a referral to a cardiologist to be on the safe side. So I made the appointment I had to wait a week in the mean time the honey really helped me and I had no racing heart whatsoever and it really helped with the coughing as well. Finally I was able to see the cardiologist. I did a stress test. I thought I was going to pass out I was so out of breath. However, they said I passed with flying colors. After I left I’ve had chest back and Jaw pain. Pain that I hadn’t had in a week. And now the honey doesn’t seem to help my cough as much. This was two days ago. I have been in pain and nausea every since I left the Dr. I have been having spells of lightheadedness and constant chest pain and cough. This morning my arm was numb for at least to hours. Does anyone know what this could be. DO I need to see a pulmonologist or a psychologist.??? Is this walking pneumonia or pleracy or what. PLEASE HELP!

about me:
Non drinker non smoker drug free. Before this I hadn’t had a cold in years. I have no preexisting conditions besides RADS. I don’t work but I do live an active lifestyle ei rebounding 3x’s per week and walking 5 miles every other day. Also my diet was the Mcdoughal diet. I was high card low fat vegan for 1 month and a week. Before that ate healthy but I did eat meat and now I eat meat again.

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   Posted 3/13/2015 8:18 PM (GMT -6)   
With all of this blood work you've had done, have any of them checked your vitamin b levels? I was having some similar issues in December. After doing some research I thought maybe my problem might be vitamin B1 deficiency so I went to GNC and picked up a bottle of 300 mg B1 tablets. Within a week all my symptoms were gone. Well, except for the numbness. That took closer to a month to go away entirely, but nerves are notorious for taking a while to heal.

B1 is very fast acting so you'll know if that's the problem within two or three days of starting it. One of the things that makes me think this may also be at least part of what's going on with you is you mentioned that the rice protein helped some. Rice bran and to a lesser extent rice protein, is one of the best sources of B1. It may have helped, but not been enough to get your stores back up which is why you were still not feeling great. Our bodies don't really store that much, only about 40 mg which can be used up fairly quickly if your diet is deficient for a while. If you get sick, you can go through your stores in just a week.

The other possibility could be B-12 deficiency. It can cause a lot of the same symptoms as B1 deficiency and vegan diets are notorious for being deficient in B-12. I'm not vegan, but I don't eat a lot of meat. I also supplement B-12.

Anyway, if none of these doctors have checked your vitamin B levels, you might want to have that done.

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   Posted 3/14/2015 7:44 PM (GMT -6)   
My opinion only. Not a doctor! Take with a handful of salt.

The only thing you mentioned that changed dramatically was your diet. Therefore, from Occam's razor which says that the simplest answer usually being the best, look at the diet as the culprit. Adding a bunch of honey aka fructose, is like drinking a lot of sodas, so that could be doing something too.

I'd see an allergist and make up a list of all the foods you ate while on the diet, also all medicines, everything you drank and don't forget the honey.

You sound like what happened to me a couple of days ago when I accidentally ate some cereal with my food trigger. I didn't check the ingredients on the package carefully enough and consumed molasses, which contains sulfite. I felt miserable, tired, heart racing, hard to breathe. After a while I had nausea and diarrhea. The last symptom was because I ingested a fairly high dose of sulfite, a large bowl of the cereal. What made me mad was the labeling on the package promising all natural, gluten-free, no preservatives. Sulfur dioxide is added to molasses as a preservative!

What's in that Rice Protein? Rice doesn't have much protein. What was added for flavor? According to Doctor Wikipedia, Rice protein is high in the sulfur-containing amino acids. I sure won't be trying it! I'd be in the ER for sure!! I'm intolerant to sulfites to the degree that once I had a heart attack triggered by eating cereal with dried fruit (heavily sulfited).

Just my personal opinion and experiences. You could have something totally different! My allergist helped me find my food trigger. Weeks before my heart attack I was tested up one side and down the other for chest pain and tachycardia and was told I was "just out of shape."

The reaction is not unknown. It's called cardio-esophageal reflex. There are many papers you can google. The heart is connected to the gut, stomach, many other organs by the vagus nerve. So when one part gets irritated another part can react. When I eat my allergen my stomach and esophagus become irritated and the heart responds.

I'll bet the white patch and the itchy ears were something else altogether, not related to the racing heart.

Look in the search box at the top of the page for food journal, trigger foods, and you'll find many posts on this subject.

But, remember, this is a forum, not a doctor's office and I could be WAY out in the ozone. Just a patient.

Best wishes.

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   Posted 3/15/2015 6:12 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for your response "notdebby"

Yes I was taking a B vitamin complex when my symptom first began. But it didn't seem to help so with all my ER visits I stopped.

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   Posted 3/15/2015 6:21 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks "Alcie"

I thought it was food or vitamins too at first but I've stopped taking the rice protein long ago and my daily multivitamin. I thought maybe I had some sort of viral infection in my lungs so I started taking the honey because its good for that and it soothes cough. But it hasn't had a permanent effect. At this point I'm on my inhaler 3xs per day thanks to some other advice I got on this site, and it has helped me survive. I have a apt with my primary care DR on Monday. While I'm there I will ask her about allergies. God knows I have allot of them ... especially cocoanuts. The stress of this situation is almost unbearable. I hope its some thing as simple as food. Also I will check out the food allergy section you suggested on this site.
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