Egg allergy yet no reactions?

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   Posted 4/4/2015 7:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Everyone-

This is the first time I ever posted in a forum but I need some advice or input from others because I am kind of confused with my IgG and IgE results. I knew I had a thyroid problem even though test came back in the past saying everything was ok. In 2012 my thyroid finally gave out (Hypo end) because I had Hashimoto's is what we found out. Well, I know your thyroid doesn't just give out. Typically it is caused by something else going on in your body. So I've been seeing this doctor, and he's great, since the beginning of January. A lot of Hashimoto's begins with the gut and leaky gut which makes you more prone to food allergies. So he ordered an IgG and IgE test for me. Aside from being sensitive to wheat and gluten which is common amongst those with autoimmune disorders, on the IgG it came back saying that I was especially sensitive (Class 2) to cow's milk and whey (which I already knew since I was like 8 because of the reactions I've had from dairy), but also from egg whites and yolk which shocked me because I've never had a reaction from eggs. Eggs also was the only one that came back on my IgE as the highest for me (Class II again). So, if I'm not actually having a physical reaction from the eggs (swelling, rash, hives etc.), is my body somehow reacting to eggs that I am not noticing? Like the proteins binding to my muscles or something? I just get frustrated with the egg allergy result because I raise chickens, I love their eggs, and now my doc says I gotta stop eating eggs because it was the most prominent allergy I have aside from milk and wheat. I haven't eaten an actual egg since he told me to stop eating them, but it's so hard for me to understand why I have this allergy when I am not and never have (aside from a little gas with hard boiled eggs) had a physical reaction to them. Does someone know what's going on and have any insight? I would love to have eggs again, I just don't know if I should or not when the allergy test says one thing but my body says another...

Thanks much!


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   Posted 4/7/2015 8:01 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to the forum. I was hoping someone with more egg knowledge would come along because I don't react to them per se, only the sulfite if I eat too much egg.

If your test was a blood test, they're only about 80% accurate. I'm supposedly allergic to peanuts, but I can eat them and peanut butter in large amounts with no reaction.

Do you maybe react to chicken feathers and not the eggs? I got myself truly allergic, not just sensitive, to sunflower seeds from feeding birds for many years. I still feed birds, just avoid eating sunflower seeds or any unidentified nuts.

Do you really react to milk? Protein or just lactose. I have a bad problem with lactose. I have gotten sensitive to wheat too, but it's common to get sensitive or allergic to it or even acquire celiac sprue. I do have to avoid wheat but I'm not hysterical about it, just avoid toast and sandwiches.

My allergist said we have to get tested for allergies every 3 years now, according to government (Medicare) guidelines and insurance.

I did wheat challenge last year in the doc's office. You start with a tiny slice of a plain pita that has no barley (if you can find one), no soy or other potential allergens. I get to have water with it or I couldn't swallow it. Then you wait 20 minutes. If you have no reaction you double the dose, wait 20 min again, double again. This continues until you have a reaction or have eaten a whole large pita. I get nauseous at a half pita. So, I'm allowed a half pita, or that amount of wheat, a week.

You can do the same thing with milk. Start with a teaspoonful. Stop at 16 tsp or a reaction. I'm fine with whey - milk protein.

I think I'm getting a problem with something else, but need to look at my journal and try to find out what it might be.

Best wishes.

Joan M
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   Posted 4/9/2015 6:16 PM (GMT -6)   
my advice is not to fool around with egg allergy. the reason i say so is that a lot of the flu shots etc. can not be given to those who are allergic to eggs. i hope you do not have a bird in your house. find out for sure about the allergy to eggs.

not to scare you but allergies can be serious.

best of luck

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   Posted 4/11/2015 1:03 PM (GMT -6)   
ya, I agree with alcie - these tests are not 100% accurate -

i've always wondered about the whole dairy thing - a lot of folks have issues with pasteurized milk, but not raw -

i would suggest not eating eggs for 30 days, note as closely as possible how you feel, then add them back into your diet, and again, be very cognizant of any reactions -

hope you can continue to enjoy your bounty :-)
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   Posted 9/28/2015 12:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Aquarose, I also have an egg allergy. The doctor told me to never again have a chicken egg or a flu shot or to eat anything that contains egg, such as mayo or anything fixed with mayo, baked goods, rolls, some ice creams, etc.

Like you, I don't know what my reaction to eggs is, but I have noticed that whereas I used to bite my tongue and cheeks and lips after breakfast, I no longer do that, so I think my reaction is that I swell.

Are you, like me, only alergic to chicken eggs and a few other kinds, such as quail? I can have duck eggs and turkey eggs, so I can make my own baked goods with duck eggs.
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