Posted 5/11/2015 7:30 AM (GMT -6)
So Razzle, how bad is your sulfur, sulfa, sulphite(sulfite), sulfate allergy?
Posted 5/12/2015 8:13 AM (GMT -6)

I go into anaphylaxis if I ingest sulfites (throat swelling, difficulty breathing (airway spasms), heartburn/acid reflux & esophagus spasms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, shaking chills, etc.).

Topical exposure (e.g., lotions, etc.) causes a very itchy rash. If I inhale sulfites (e.g., car exhaust, etc.), I get Asthma, and sometimes also heartburn/acid reflux (because inhaled substances can sometimes get swallowed a little bit too).

Chronic Lyme, Bart., Gluten & Sulfite Sensitivity, Many Food/Inhalant/Medication/Chemical Allergies & Intolerances, Asthma, Gut dysmotility & non-specific inflammation, Lupus, Osteoporosis, etc.; G-Tube; TPN-dependent
Meds: Flagyl, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Herbs, etc.
Posted 5/12/2015 11:59 AM (GMT -6)
If this is your reaction, why to you ingest so many sulphites when you can stay away from them? If my friend was to take these products, she would be dead!!! Your comments are not making sense to us.
Posted 5/12/2015 12:51 PM (GMT -6)
12Linus17, I don't think Razzle actually ingests those foods. That was just a way of showing how extreme Razzle's allergy reaction is. It is encouraging that Razzle has found a way to control such an extreme allergy, isn't it?
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Posted 5/12/2015 1:27 PM (GMT -6)
I am sorry but Razzle mentions that Benadryl helps and that the need for Magnesium, iron and zinc could be needed. All of those contain sulphites, most in the form of cellulose which you may know is made from wood fiber broken down with the use of Sulfur. I too am trying to help people by use of the knowledge and research we have done. I just want to make sure that we are on the same page as she has found, from a Doctor at the hospital, (she went in when she was in a bad state), and the Doctor went through this book and said there was nothing they could do for her. Everything they had contained sulphites. We are reading the ingredient list of everything we may buy to see what it contains and 90+% of products contains some form of sulphites, as does most medicine, in the non-medicinal ingredients. Thank you for your concern.
Posted 5/12/2015 1:31 PM (GMT -6)
I am sorry Razzle. Maybe you were not aware of the sulphites in those products.
Posted 5/12/2015 5:33 PM (GMT -6)
Thanks for clearing that up, 12Linus17!
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Posted 5/12/2015 5:40 PM (GMT -6)
Yes, I'm aware of sulfites in those products. Sulfites are impossible to avoid completely. However, everyone's sensitivity level is different - each person can handle a certain amount of sulfite without symptoms.

I happen to have a very, very low threshold of tolerance to sulfites, so very small amounts of sulfites can trigger reactions for me. But when I regularly take the nutritional support for the CBS methylation gene SNP's I have, my tolerance increases to some degree despite the sulfites in those supplements. The Vitamin B12 injections help the most, followed by the Molybdenum supplements. I don't swallow the capsules, I open up the capsule and take the contents, so at least I'm avoiding the sulfites in the capsule itself.

Thanks for your concern Linus, I do appreciate what you're saying and I do wish this world would stop using sulfites in everything. But I don't know of any other alternatives for these products that would have less sulfites. If you know of such alternatives, please suggest them. Thanks,

Chronic Lyme, Bart., Gluten & Sulfite Sensitivity, Many Food/Inhalant/Medication/Chemical Allergies & Intolerances, Asthma, Gut dysmotility & non-specific inflammation, Lupus, Osteoporosis, etc.; G-Tube; TPN-dependent
Meds: Flagyl, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Herbs, etc.
Posted 9/29/2017 2:22 PM (GMT -6)
I need help please
Posted 9/29/2017 3:27 PM (GMT -6)
I can try to see if I can help in respect to any sulfur, sulfa, sulfite, sulfate issues. I am not an expert but I have a friend that has a serve, almost deadly, reaction to these added to our food chemicals.
Posted 9/30/2017 9:27 AM (GMT -6)
Dear Supermum,
What is your problem? Lots of us on this forum have allergy/sensitivity to sulfites. If you put some keywords in the search box at the top of the page you can find just about any sort of reaction or food containing sulfites.

There is no cure and not many treatments for sulfite intolerance. Avoidance works well though.
Posted 10/24/2017 10:23 AM (GMT -6)
Just because your friend is allergic does not mean it is a silent killer. People are not dropping dead over sulfite allergies.

I am allergic to the antibiotics but I take a sulfa blood pressure pill for PMS bloat water weight retention and I have zero issues. The shape of thr molecule plays a role in thr allergies people have to sulfites. The sulfite is not thr allergen. It is how thr body metabolizes it and in that stage it can be an allergen to them...or go on wothout issue.

I would have a blood test if my face swelled after coming into things without assuming sulites were killing me. The best antibioics are sulfa drugs.
Posted 10/25/2017 7:45 AM (GMT -6)
I saw a comment earlier that Ventolin has SULFITE in.... this is incorrect it has SULFATE in it, which is not related to SULFITES (sulphites) it has an entirely different structure. If you are Asthmatic you need to stay away from SULFITES (SULPHITES) and carefully study SALICYLATE foods (eg: CORN and if you are GLUTEN FREE you need to be very careful as MOST GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS CONTAIN CORN. I am Sulphite, Nitrate, Gluten and Corn free after lifelong struggles. Severe joint pain, Asthma, Diarrhea, chronic stomach pain and bloating.......very debilitating. Just recently decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar honey and warm water before meals because I was told I had IBS (Dietician and Gastrologist said it won't hurt you) and finished up in Emergency with Asthma. Very little off the shelf products are suitable if you are Gluten/Corn free, best to go all organic and cook your own foods, sadly no eating out as I have been sick many times having been accidentally Glutened ordering a so called Gluten Free meal due to the fact people aren't aware just how easy it is to cross contaminate. I do hope some of my information helps someone else.
Posted 10/26/2017 8:21 AM (GMT -6)
BBH83 - Thanks for your input. What is is about the shape of the molecule and what is the metabolite to which you refer?

As for dropping dead, unfortunately we can, and I very nearly did. I have had a number of trips to the ER for severe reaction, one time a heart attack, triggered by sulfites. My reaction is esophagus and stomach triggering the vagus nerve which causes my coronary arteries to spasm, causing supraventricular tachycardia.

Because I keep a food journal (see many posts on this subject in the archives) I have learned my trigger foods and my sulfite limit (2000 micrograms). My heart attack was triggered by a small bowl of cereal with dried fruit.

Example of food journal results: If I eat a slice of pumpkin pie, even my own, made with a normal pumpkin pie spice mix, I always react. If I use separate spices and leave out ginger or use fresh ginger, I do not react, as long as I limit my portion because sugar has sulfite too.

I have a rule of thumb now when shopping: If the ingredient list is longer than a half inch or a centimeter and a half, or 10 ingredients if it's small print, I simply don't buy it. I one time ate a store brand chicken pot pie, very delicious, with over 100 ingredients and ended up in the ER, of course.

Judianne - That apple cider vinegar would send me to the hospital too. It's loaded with sulfite, as are many fermented foods. Most of my doctors (gastroenterologist, cardiologist) don't believe in sulfite sensitivity, but my allergist (3rd one) does, and she got me started on the food journal.

I'm OK with corn, but everything made from it has sulfite.

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