Allergies, Acid Re-Flux, Nissen Fundoplication, PPI's, Mucinex, Texas Allergies 2017

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   Posted 3/8/2017 12:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Everyone,

I've read everyone's responses and thought I would share my problems and shed some insight.

Background: I'm 32 years old, white male. 6'2" 240LBS. Been an athlete my entire life. Big weightlifter and outdoorsman. Fish, hunt, and am outside all the time. I live in Texas, Been here my whole life.

When I turned 30 I started having crazy re-flux (medicine didn't help anymore, all sorts of PPI's), went to my Gastro Doc and was put through several tests. Scoped my throat and stomach, did the Barium Swallow (twice), 24 hour PH study(the worst ever).

After 24 hour PH study I was told I was the worst they had ever seen. People are usually at a 14-15 and I was at 75 on the scale. I do not know what these numbers mean, just remembering what I was told.

In June of 2016 I had Nissen Fundoplication surgery to fix my acid re-flux problem, I had no choice really, the muscle that closes above my stomoch was not working right anymore. When they were in there they also fixed a Hiatal Hernia that I had, stomach sucked up into my chest.

Let me just say I'm as tough as they come and recovering from that surgery nearly killed me. I went for 245 to 200LBS. After the surgery everything was awesome. I felt great August, September, October, until November 2016 I started feeling weird again.

I couldn't pin point whether it was re-flux or not. My thoughts were allergies were causing me to have re flux. My Gastro Doc said do a Barium Swallow and make sure everything is still good, Had that done and he said I looked great and shouldn't be experiencing re-flux.

He told me to go see an ENT doctor. I went to see the ENT doctor last week 2.28.17, he said he didnt seem to see much but wanted to do a 40 panel prick test. I asked Scott and White how much that would cost me and they said 3000.00. HAHA! I havent met my deductible this year so Im out of pocket 3k for a skin test, I said no to the tests.

So here is where I'm at today: My diet is not very good, I've always felt I could eat whatever I want since I work out so much. I dont drink during the work week but on the weekends I put back some beers. I can easily drink 12-18 beers on friday, saturday, sometimes on sunday. I drink a lot coffee. Dont eat much sweets. Dont really smoke, dip snuff on occasions.

I've been having what I feel is small acid re flux, my throat is dry and sore often, sometimes I have head aches, and Ive recently started experiencing what yall call Globus Hysteria or Globus Syndrome. I feel as if I cant clear my throat and something is stuck in there, I also feel like I cant suck the mucus out of my nasal cavity.

Im taking PPI's again, I have tried Claritin, I have tried Mucinex, I take tums.

I recently started keeping a journal of my life and what I eat and how I feel. I'm going to take this to my Gastro Doc in a few weeks and tell him I want answers.

Any advice you guys have, let me hear it.


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   Posted 3/10/2017 7:36 AM (GMT -6)   

I think your journal is a wonderful idea.

I too am in Texas and this year has been awful for my allergies. I have been experiencing what you have been experiencing. Without the allergy tests you do not have confirmation of if you have allergies or what you may be allergic to. If you get tested perhaps they can test for food allergies also?

GI issues.. I have Crohns disease.....nasty viscous incurable. Diet can have a tremendous impact on your health. For now I would clean up my diet--stop drinking and eat healthy. Keep a food journal AND write down how you feel three times a day. Try an elimination diet. Eat a few select healthy items for 3 days then add or replace 1 item, go three days and repeat. This helps pinpoint specific foods that might be causing issues. Modifying your diet and keeping a journal is a pain but does help. Remember to include condiments etc... This means you will probably be cooking and taking your food with you. If not, and you eat out......well I don't know how successful you will be with the elimination diet.

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

06/12-07/14 symptoms start, no diagnosis.12/14 diagnosed UC & diverticulitis. 01/15 hosp- fistulas, DX changed to Crohns, 02/15 developed new skin rashes, eye problems and painful joints 06/15 Hosp.2x again.. new specialist.Said was worse case he's seen. 7/16 hosp 5mm Stricture stricturplasty to 15 mm.09/16 colostomy. Meds: Remicade, methtrexate, prednison,folic acid, vit D, calcium, pro biotic,

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   Posted 3/10/2017 9:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Listen to Clo's recommendations. You can figure out a lot of your allergies and sensitivities by just keeping a journal. Mine sits on the kitchen counter, but you could also use your cell phone. A better diet and lifestyle will help!

You might try Mucinex 12 hour again for the mucus/globus problems. It thins the gunk so the cilia in your trachea can clear it. Follow directions. Don't chew it! Only try the smaller 600 mg tablet. If you have trouble swallowing that, butter it and take with milk instead of water. I got my spouse to try it for a bad cough from a virus that was going around. I use it occasionally when my sinuses are clogged. The active ingredient is just guaifenesin, which you can get cheap without the extended release coating, but also doesn't last long enough to help much.

You can't suck mucus out of your sinuses, but you can wash it out with a good sinus wash system. Netti pots don't work well because they have no pressure. Sinus sprays don't get far enough into the sinuses. Try one of the squeeze bottles with the packets of salt. Use only distilled or boiled water! Tap water can have parasites fro the bottom of the hot water tank if it's below 140 degrees F. I warm the water in the microwave 30 seconds. I also wash my bottle with bleach or run it through the dishwasher. (Rinse with distilled water.)

I sympathize with the hiatal hernia repair recovery. My stomach was in my chest after an accident. It takes a year or more to completely recover from that level of surgery. Take care of yourself and don't rush back into weightlifting or heavy duty sports. You're young yet! Lots of time to get back slowly!

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   Posted 3/10/2017 3:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank-you! I'm on my 3rd day of keeping a journal of what I eat and how I feel. I go to the GI doc April 4th and I'm going to give her all my notes. I'm afraid they are going to make me do the 24 hour PH study again, which will suck to go through, but its the only true way to know if someone has acid coming back up. I've also been taking Amoxicillin just in case I have a stomach infection or ulcer or H-Pylori. I will let yall know what happens, maybe I can help someone out in the future.
I've been doing good on my diet this week, I just hope I can carry it over into the weekend. Im going to limit my alcohol intake for sure, I need to do that, its a no brainer.

I appreciate you alls input. Have a good weekend!

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