Only one nostril constant irritation and sneezing

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   Posted 12/7/2011 8:52 PM (GMT -7)   
Geez....I thought I was the only weird duck out there about all this. I too am affected by all this. It happened to me once last year. Then it happened to me last September and it lasted more than 24 hrs. Now, it happened to me yesterday early evening just after my 5 mile in-door track run. Same exact thing just how Tham explained it. I too have asthma, but it has been under control...all I need is a MaxAir albuteral shot does it for me. Here are some details:

After my 4th mile, I stopped to get a drink of water at the drinking fountain. Then, I started to breath heavy, having a asthma attack. Problem here was that I forgot to bring my inhaler with me. It was a little chilly in the in-door track. After a 10 minute rest, I started running again. I felt a little dizzy, then stopped running and began walking. After a couple laps, I started to run again. Ran a mile, then went to the locker room to take a shower. Here is the funny part, as soon as I got outside to go to my vehicle, my sinuses started to bother me. Then I started to sneeze. No hankie or kleenex available, I had to get out of the car and blow my nose holding one nostril at a time. Draining and more sneezing. I slept through the night without any problem, but soon as I got up it started all over again. All during the day Wednesday, Dec. 7th right up till now, 10:42PM EST.

With all these posts of the same symptoms, there has got to be thousands of more people who are suffering from this. There has to be a simple cure for all this. I don't want temporary stuff like Vicks vapo rub, I want results and it seems easy enough for a doctor to determine, right?

Oh well, enough of this....its starting to depress me. I hope a pray that all of you as well as me find a solution very quickly.


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   Posted 12/17/2011 11:47 AM (GMT -7)   
I read this thread last week as I was having this exact problem. I am a regular sneezer, by that I mean I do sneeze every day but usually only 3-5 times then I'm done. I've never really had allergies and have always been fairly active. I am 50 yrs old and in good health. Last week I was at a conference in a building I'd been in before and out of nowhere I just started sneezing. Even as I was blowing my nose I had the sensation that I needed to sneeze. I was there for about 3 hours. By the time I left I had the "itching" in the right nostril with a constant feeling of needing to sneeze. This went on for the rest of that day and all of the next, this is what brought me to this site. I read the entire thread and decided to try the hydrogen peroxide idea. For 2 days I took a q-tip, soaked it in peroxide and put it about 1 to 1and 1/2 inches up my right nostril (I used both sides so 2 times) using enough peroxide that it would run out of my nose. I did this at least 3 times, maybe 4 for 2 days. While the q-tip was in my nostril I could hear the peroxide bubbling. It took 2 days of this but the itching finally quit. Its been a week and it hasn't returned. The peroxide does not burn or sting. My q-tip was bloody when I took it out but my nose never did "bleed". I hope this helps someone. Thanks for helping me.

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   Posted 12/17/2011 8:08 PM (GMT -7)   
I can't believe I found this forum. I have had asthma and allergies all of my life. And I knew the feather up the left nostril was no allergy. I have about every allergy med known to man. Even the old Hydroxyzine did not work. And that is the one I use when nothing works, the only problem is that you are knocked out. In any case I finally figured out what the problem was. It is some type of sore in your nose. The only times it happened to me is when I first started using oxygen. After using it for a few days I could not stop sneezing. And it was debilitating because I can't breathe because of so much sneezing. I took everything and nothing work, other the then the Hydroxzine putting me to sleep. After a few days I felt a scab at the exact spot I felt the tickle and then some old blood and that was the end of it. I was put on a Bi-pap with the nasal pillow and the same exact thing happened to me the next day. I woke up and there was that tickle and uncontrollable sneezing and the scab and blood a few days later. I suspect the air shooting into our nose is making this happen and causes a sore when you first are put on these machines. Or in other cases something gets into peoples nose causes a irritation and you eventually blow it out. Something so small we do not even notice it. And then after a few hours the uncontrollable sneezing from the sore starts, Now I am not sure what to do about this or how to relieve it but I believe I know what causes it. And I am not sure us putting stuff in our noses just prolongs the problem or we should just suffer sneezing for a day or two. We can't even pinpoint the spot until it scabs up or you get dried blood in the spot. See I think we sneeze so much whatever we put on it runs right out when we blow our nose. And for the people with the itching in the ear. I have that too, It is eczema, or you wax which is actually white flakes before in goes into your ear.

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   Posted 12/23/2011 11:12 AM (GMT -7)   
I have the same exact issue. The only thing that seems to work now is blocking the passage with some tissue, reducing the airflow during breaths through my nose. When I take out the tissue, I immediately feel the tickle sensation come on. I only experience this when I'm getting over a cold and go from where I live at sea level to a cold, dry climate. I'm hoping we can come across a true diagnosis. It's hard to convince doctors (or anyone else that hasn't experienced this) that it's NOT an allergy.

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   Posted 12/27/2011 9:57 AM (GMT -7)   
It's not allergies, if your someone who showers once a day you might accidentally get water up you're nose while your in there, its very un noticeable, but when you breath with that water in your nose, its going to dry out your nose, just like your skin with out lotion, if it gets too dry it will get a small cut, and later in the day when you blow your nose mucus will get stuck to the dry blood from that cut, causing the dry cut that has dry mucus stuck to it will catch some air when you breath.

the best remedy is to rinse your nose thoroughly with hot(warm) water then blow your nose after till you get all the water out and feel mucus, once your nose has mucus running through it after the water is gone it will keep it lubricated so it doesn't dry out or cut open again, this is one of the many reasons we have this slimy stuff in our nose.

don't listen to doctors im 16 years old and have decided that if I dont have a broken bone I don't need them, your subconscious mind is your immune system only you can find out whats wrong with you, and only you can cure it. Taking medication for allergies or anything makes your immune system weaker leading to problems somewhere else, once you see a doctor you'll always have to is my motto :q

The ear itching is actually nothing at all but ear wax that has accumulated trash rolling out of your ear at the right time, you just have to help it sometimes by suction cupping your finger tip to your ear hole and shaking your ear with your ear facing the floor, usually nothing you can see comes out cause its still in ear just not at a irritating spot till it can find its way out

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   Posted 12/27/2011 10:30 AM (GMT -7)   
"Taking medication for allergies or anything makes your immune system weaker leading to problems somewhere else"

I'm sorry but I have to disagree. Allergies are an immune response, an over active immune response. Allergies can be controlled with anti-histamines. The body's auto immune system produces histamines to what it mistakenly views harmless material as a foreign object. Allergy medications do not mess with the immune system but rather helps counteract the affects of it. Uncontrolled allergies can be detrimental to your body because it exhausts the immune system over time and THAT can cause issues down the line.
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   Posted 12/27/2011 3:26 PM (GMT -7)   
I haven't read all of the posts on this topic so I may repeat an earlier suggestion. I use a product called a Neti Pot made by NeilMed. The function of the Neti Pot is to pour a saline solution (provided in packets) into one nostril and allow it to drain from the other.
You could probably use plain (previously boiled) tap water with a bit of salt if you don't want to get the packets. Always use with previously boiled water.
I use it when I wake up with a stuffy nose, when experiencing post-nasal drip, to avoid headaches, and when I feel a cold starting. With cold prevention, the theory is that cold germs proliferate in the nasal passages and throat. Use of the Neti Pot washes the bacteria out. Drinking hot liquids like tea washes bacteria into the stomach where the acid will kill them.
I don't react well to antihistamines and most over-the-counter medications. My personal opinion is that they do more harm than good. I do use Zicam spray to alleviate cold symptoms and swear by it.

As far as ear wax is concerned, I've seen special "candles" sold by health stores that clean ear wax out. I know people who use them regularly. Sounds weird but they work with no drugs. Hope this info helps someone....:_)

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   Posted 12/30/2011 5:26 AM (GMT -7)   
Awaken at 6am with all the same symptoms described above - bug in nose is what I thought, also. Two nights ago I awoke certain that I had a bug in my ear - terrible itch. I freaked out and flushed my ear with water, then with hydrogen peroxide (found that on Google for bug in ear) - no bug came out. I don't know if these two events are related, two days apart. As far as I an recall, this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

I do have allergies and the only thing I can think of is that I did some house cleaning yesterday and my allergist did say to wear a mask while cleaning. My allergies aren't really that bad though, and I have never worn a mask. Mold is one of my allergens. I had incessant sneezing at 6am, watery eye. I did my netti pot and that didn't help; I did some saline solution. The nose has calmed, though my eye is still watery, but I can still feel the itch, though it's not so intense that it's making me sneeze constantly at this time. I'm right handed, this is in my left nostril only about 3/4 inch up (though I may actually be left handed, as I do a lot with my left hand and as a child doctors told my parents to take the crayon from my left hand and put it in my right hand - 70s doctor).

I'm inclined to think that seansk is right - read the info at the Mayo Clinic - it's not terribly hopeful, unfortunately...

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   Posted 1/25/2012 12:01 AM (GMT -7)   
I have been all over the web trying to find out what the heck is happening to my poor nose. To start I am generally a very healthy person and rarely get sick and have never had allergies. I do however get sinus infections once in awhile and I just let it run its course with some Advil cold and sinus and it goes away. Well this last week I had a very nasty cold/flu/sinus bout and yeesh its taken its toll on me, its been years since I caught a cold this bad.
Well I had to do a very physically challenging runnung course today, that was in a cold dry gym and when I finished I started sneezing and havent quit!. I to have that annoying constant tickle (or like someones in there poking it with pins) in the right side of my nose, brings on watery eyes and runny nose. I am shocked there is no distinct medical term for this. I just started penicillian for a sinus infection I have had all week (yesterday was blowing out the yellow/greenish junk). Well with this sudden onset of a tickle in the nose the yellow/greenish stopped and has been replaced with the clear and sneezes. I am baffled as to what is triggering this. I am hoping the meds will help but after reading this I am now terrifed this wont go away.
Is there any ENT or Doctor that can jump on here and help all of us out?! 

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   Posted 1/28/2012 8:57 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm so glad to find out this isn't a unique problem to me. After having another day of this, I decided to google the problem... it brought me here.

First, a little background info:

I've had asthma all my life. It is both allergy and exercise induced. I'm allergic to pretty much everything they can test you for (all kinds of dusts, pollens, tree nuts (I outgrew peanuts, thankfully), animal dander, etc. etc. etc.), and have been that way forever. I've never done the allergy shot thing, although, as an adult now, I am considering it. I frequently get sinus issues, ranging from full on infections to allergy related stuff.

Recently, a round of various illnesses has rampaged my home. I started out with what was eventually diagnosed as bronchitis. My son (17 months) has been dealing with two infected ears (accompanied by congestion, post-nasal drip) as well as a rash that was diagnosed as hand-foot-mouth, and my wife has had more minor symptoms of head congestion. My son went through a round of Amoxicillin, which didn't work to get rid of his ear infections, and is now on a stronger antibiotic which seems to be working. I was on a round of antibiotics (can't remember the name now, started with a C) that got me fixed up.

This morning, I got that all too-well-known feeling you all are describing. Call it the tickle, the bug-up-the-nose, whatever. It is something I have gotten from time to time since high school (I am 31 now). It is also always my left nostril, and the symptoms are always the same. I can't blow anything out, yet both sides drip like a faucet. The entire left side of my face itches. My eye waters.

When it happens, the only thing that will bring me any sort of relief, and even then only keeps me from sneezing my head off, is a good wash of the face, a Benadryl, an Allegra, and rest. I was once told by my physician that taking a dose of Benadryl and a dose of Allegra is the equivalent of a small epi-pen dosing, and that each blocks different histamines that cause allergic reactions.

I've tried the Vicks method, and it too simply quells the sneezing. The congestion feeling (limited to that side), the watery eye, and the drip remain.

Like others have described, the sneezing fits this brings out leave me tired, irritable, and just generally unhealthy feeling.

I don't know what it is, but I lean more towards irritated/dry sinuses, but I don't know why it would always be the same exact feeling, on the same exact spot.

Breathe-right strips can also help the tickling sensation, but let's face it, who can go around all day wearing one of those without getting funny looks?

To me, it feels like an allergic reaction. The unexplainable part is that it is limited to the left side every time. The candida suggestions sound like an interesting lead, and I will be looking into that one. The same goes for the other bacterium living in the nasal cavity. I still don't see how either would limit it to one side. The only thing I can think of to explain that is, as mentioned, septum deviations (which I have never been diagnosed with.)

The only thing I can even attribute to why it would be left-side-localized is that I am primarily a left-side sleeper, meaning my left nostril is the one closest to the pillow the majority of the night. Maybe there is a colony of dust mites living in there that are making nightly expeditions? Maybe lying in that position allows bacterium to pool inside my sinuses that way due to gravity? Who knows?!?!?!

I just know that it absolutely sucks when it happens. And, I now know I am not alone in my suffering, which I suppose makes me feel a little less like a freak.

Good luck to all you whom suffer the same problem, and do please let us know should you find/hypothesize any other causes/remedies.


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   Posted 2/5/2012 7:50 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Everyone,
   I'm on the same boat. Itchy nose, lots of sneezing especially in morning times, wake up in the night with sneezing fits, have days where it lasts all day and my eyes water and I just want to shoot myself in the face. I've tried everything from antihistamines like telfast and claratyne to every nasal spray that has "nas" or "bec" (nasobec,beconase,nasonex yada yada yada...). I've also had scans done to see if there was anything physically wrong or stuck in there.
However, after a particularly bad weekend where I couldn't function. My nose was driving me crazy and my eyes were constantly watering, I decided to give Nasonex a try again. However, the chemist made it pretty clear to me that it takes time for this to work and it's an ongoing thing I'll need to use. Previously I only tried using it when my condition flared up and dismissed it because it didn't have the immediate effect I was expecting.
This past two days has been bliss, I can actually breath through my nose for the first time in years. I slept uninteruppted. I feel awake at work. It's a bit early to be shouting miracle cure, but after the weekend I had, this is a welcome change. I'll post up an update in a few days and let you all know if it continues to work.
Has anyone else had any short term/long term success with Nasonex?

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   Posted 2/18/2012 4:06 AM (GMT -7)   
It's been two weeks now of using the Nasonex and so far so good. I rarely sneeze anymore and have no irritation or side effects.

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   Posted 2/23/2012 5:47 AM (GMT -7)   
It's somehow validating to find you guys...
Raven, I thought for sure a spider crawled up my nose in the night too!
Has anyone talked to a doctor and found out what's going on?
I'm so curious. I've googled & read everything but nothing so far....
Think it could be a nerve since we're all experiencing it in our left nostril?
Okay, I'm going to keep checking back.
I hope someone finds relief and posts it before I actually sneeze my head off!

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   Posted 2/24/2012 9:27 PM (GMT -7)   
I had blood tests done to check for alergies which came back negative. I had a CT scan to check for obstructions; that was negative. I took antihistamines like telfast 180 and claratyne; no good either. I have suffered with this for years (and my partner has had to put up with me sneezing all the time too lol). But after nearly a month of using Nasonex, I think it's safe to say that it's a cure.
I hope you guys and girls have the same success I've had as this was torture.

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   Posted 3/1/2012 1:43 PM (GMT -7)   
I have had the stinging in the left nostril and constant sneezing of and on for years. I'd be interested in what you sufferers think of this. I use to run. I'd come home and take a shower, and in 10-15 minutes the stinging and sneezing would start. I tried everything. I gave up running. Slowly came back to exercising. i have GERD and I think the acid comes up far enough to irritate the nose. I don't know why it's one-sided, but I think it has something to do with it. Also, it seems it often happens going from the cool or cold to a hot shower. I've been to allergists, ent's, etc. and no one seems to know what this thing is. Fluticasone (sp?) nasal spray helps because I think it has some cortisone which would help decrease inflammation. My dear husband is a physician, but can't help me.

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   Posted 3/8/2012 9:27 AM (GMT -7)   
I also have a similar problem! If I'm in a room with even the slightest bit of dust, then I'm absolutely streaming! I went to the doctors and they gave me a nasal spray and antihistamines. I was worried to use the nasal spray, and then when I did, it barely worked, in fact it made my running nose worse! Every time I used it the spray would make me sneeze, then my nose would run and the cycle would start all over again. The only thing that works is the antihistamines, but it mostly happens when I'm asleep, so waking up in the middle of the night to take one is often annoying and takes me a long time to get back to sleep. It's strange, no matter where I'm staying (so it surely cannot be my environment?) I wake up at about 5 or 6am and my nose feels tingly, I then have to itch it, and the whole sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes start again! It's incredibly annoying, frustrating and distracting, can anyone give me any tips on what to do or how to handle this without using a nasal spray?

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   Posted 3/10/2012 5:51 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello, everyone! I'm so glad to have found this discussion. I have had similar symptoms for several years. I believe, after talking to doctors, that this is, in fact, allergies, even though it's localized on one side and resistant to most drugs. My allergies are really severe so lots of meds have little effect. I highly recommend NasalCrom, this non-drug nasal spray that is NOT an antihisthamine but is some sort of chemical that works directly on the tissue within your nose. You can use it as often as you need because it doesn't have any counteractions with other medications. I have been using it for two weeks, twice daily on days without symptoms and more on itchy days, and it's amazing! It kinda hurts for a few seconds when you first spray, but if you're like me, that pain is almost therapeutic when compared to that horrible itch. It really seems to target those itchy spots directly, instead of working from within like other meds. Love it.

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   Posted 4/15/2012 4:47 PM (GMT -7)

I have found this site that sounds like it could possibly answer the problem. I have had the same problem for over 20 years with no solution. It flares up at any time, from swimming to getting my nose bumped or temp changes, showering etc., etc. I have gone as far as looking up my nose to see what could be the cause. All I have found is what looks like two miniature sized peas nearly touching, which I believe causes the tickling sensation. The swollen turbinates really sounds believable, don't know if I'm ready to go in and have surgery on my nose though.

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   Posted 4/16/2012 1:38 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for the turbinates article! I had never heard of these things at all. I'm going to look further into this. Thanks again.

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   Posted 5/16/2012 1:39 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi everyone.

I also have developed the same symptoms in the past few days. Quite severe irritation in the left nostril. Bug feeling, watery eyes, constantly running nose with clear mucus and a lot of sneezing.

I've never had this sort of thing before to this level of severity until this week. I've had normal reactions to some of these things which quickly passed after some simple clearing of the nostrils, nose blowing and some sneezing which was quickly over.

Now I just read the whole thread carefully and thought about everyone else's stated symptoms and situations, and my situation and here are some thoughts and observations that may help us get a better idea about how to solve this.

Firstly, hot body temperatures and dry environments. I'm an expat living in a city in China which is surrounded by deserts, the city is dry, dusty, somewhat dirty, and somewhat unhygenic in places. Though I do a moderate amount of exercise normally, I've been forced recently to have to get to my work by a very roundabout route by bicycle everyday because of ridiculuous roadworks (another story). Anyway, whilst cycling I am really heating up quite a lot, sweating quite a lot and breathing heavily. My tshirt is pretty soaked with sweat by the time I get in and quickly turns cold and damp after my body temp cools down a little. It's at these moments and immediately there after that it has been worst. This is appears similar to those who did other types of sports (eg jogging, soccer etc...) and displayed symptoms during or there after. It also strikes me that they seemed to experience the symptoms in dry environments after their body temperature rose a lot. Spring has come in the last few months and summer is almost here so the weather is getting hotter and hotter too.

Secondly, breathing dust and particulate matter. Definitely the case in my cycling experience. Also I just moved recently to a new apartment in the city which has had a fair bit of dust in it since it has been empty for sometime. Though I have cleaned it I can't help wondering if this is/was another factor, besides the air outside. Others mentioned similar things such as the comments about sawdust etc... After several days of this happening during and after my bike rides I decided yesterday to wear a handkerchief tide around my face as a facemask whilst cycling. I can definitely say that there was quite a reduction in the onset and severity of symptoms.

Thirdly, molds / funguses, bacteria etc .... This city is unhygenic in places, including exposure to wafts of sewage smell floating around sometimes, and people who don't know how to wash or clean things properly, especially in relation to food/restaurants and public toilets / wash basins etc... I certainly try to be careful about hygiene, make a real point of it actually to other people's annoyance sometimes, I prefer cooking and eating at home. There were also dirty food containers in the new apartment which had sat for a little while and not been cleaned developing mold and fungus. Disgusting I know but I promptly cleaned them up.

Fourth, micro cuts / tears to the flesh inside the nose. I often have to clear my nose more than usual here because of the above reasons about the nature of this kind of Chinese city. Though slightly embarrassing to admit in a public forum (but I believe everyone has to do it sometimes), sometimes there is no alternative to picking .... no amount of blowing will remove some 'rogues' that have glued themselves in there tightly especially, those that stuck and dried whilst you were sleeping. I think sometimes this may create small tears and cuts to the flesh inside the nostril and I have had nose bleeds from these places from time to time in years gone by due to other factors and situations. This combined with the other comments by other people may suggest some sort of contamination or inflammation of a tear to the flesh in the nose with dust/particulate matter and / or mold/fungus or bacteria.

Fifth, disrupted sleep cycles. This could be a cause or symptom, or somehow both, not too sure. I may perhaps lower one's immune system which may make us more susceptible to fungi / bacteria. The disrupted sleep cycles really started to happen in the lead up to when the symptoms started to show. I've been struggling over the past few days and weeks to get a good rhythm, also partly because of the new apartment and not having bedding properly sorted out so sleeping a few nights on couch, then moving to the other room but still sorting out of the bed linen between other moving tasks. Also - sounds crazy but is true - being disrupted everyday by a large military base literally next door with soldiers conducting marching and combat drills and playing loud marching music whilst I try to get a good rhythm / amount of sleep. Also the sound of a lot of heavy construction equipment grinding, drilling, clanging and banging from early in the morning to sometimes late at night.

Sixth, possibly eating a little more sugary foods. During the last week or two due to the stress of moving house, plus regular water shortages which mean you can't cook a proper meal or clean things properly or take a shower etc... , I've been eating more chocolate and drinking a little more soft drink. Other mentioned this in their posts not sure if plays a role.

The idea of a nasal swab with some diagnosis of what / if any / unusual bacteria or fungus is in it sounds like a good idea to me. It might show something for some people which could targeted with special medicines or antibiotics.

The idea of turbinates also sounds plausible.

The Vicks idea sounds good and also Nasonex, I'll look into those sorts of things.

Possibly the reason why different solutions are (partially) working for different people is that each person's outbreak may be caused by one or more of the the four causes mentioned above (or maybe others). Maybe trialing use of the various remedies to each cause might reveal which is playing the greatest role.

These are just my thoughts for now, I'm gonna see what I can do to tackles these potential causes and see how it turns out.

I share the same concerns as everyone else, the same relief to see I'm not the only one with such a seemingly weird condition and the same desire to hear from anyone with a solid answer, particular any other professional opinions from medical specialists who have treated this.


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   Posted 7/22/2012 11:59 AM (GMT -7)   
hi every one this is much interesting for me because since i was young may be 12 yrs of age i was having this severe inchy , runny nose, i dont know what its about but my ent always say its ellegric but i dont belive it why always irritating only and after irritation severe sneezing, both the nostrils i feel so, so i think my symtomps is the same yours . but what i dont have is blood pressure iam know 28 yrs of age, i hope we can get solution for this, but i use only some  allergic sprays like rhinocort aqua, do you guys know the best one for sprays please advice and also i use tablets like primalan and clarinase...

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   Posted 11/7/2012 5:34 PM (GMT -7)   
I cannot believe I found this site/forum! I did not want to even mention this weird situation to family or friends because I knew they would not understand or just think I was imagining things.
This all started this year off and on. When it acts up, I feel as though something has crawled up my left nostril. I scratch until it is raw and then it starts throbbing. It goes right up to the corner of my eye but most of the itching is on the end and side of my nostril. I do not sneeze much with mine but it is driving me insane to say the least. I have sinus problems but it is dry sinus so I often feel as though I have a brick sitting on my nose and eyes.
I have read all of these discussions and I must say that a lot of them are quite familiar. I have been having extremely disrupted sleeps lately- usually waking up at 2am and not able to go back to sleep. My eyes are getting that dark look in the corners due to the lack of sleep.
I just purchased new pillows today thinking it might be dust mites because I do sleep on my left side.
Tomorrow I am finally going to see my doctor but do not expect much of an explanation. I pretty much stay away from medicines/pills and try to do things with a holistic approach. I am also going to my homeopathic doctor so hopefully between the two, someone will have an idea!

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   Posted 11/24/2012 2:00 PM (GMT -7)   
I think their are a couple diff issues talked about in this/these post(s)...bug bites, allergies, illnesses...but the orginal Q was/is like my question/comment:
Yo...this seems to be affecting many people...This is the info I have found out (through research/personal experience):
1> Always after running or intense exercise
2> One side of nostral...after running, 10 mins later...sneezing begins, and continues for hours (100-300 sneezes) and iching of one side also starts.  Tickles all the time after...running nose
3> Happened the past 2 times after running 10 miles...but NEVER BEFORE NOW, which worries me a I am going running again.  It's sunny and 50 degrees today (SEATTLE WA), but just recently, it has gotten a lot colder (from around upper 50's-low 60's---to---now---upper 30's-mid 40's...
        I am pretty sure weather plays a large part, do to other posts, and my personal experience...Changing from a wetter/warmer temp to a cooler/drier temp.
        IT's DEF NOT ALLERGIES (I have none)(have cats, a dog, smoke ganga occasionally, and am a reg 5X a week runner)
None found that totally fix this nasel issue....however:
Vicks does help, or anything w/ menthol (mint) really does sooth.
Cotton/kleenex up bothered side stops airflow...which is effective (altho u look like a chucklehead)
Neti pot/H2O up nostral is pretty helpful
I have heard the restricting airflow WHILE RUNNING has helped PREVENT the pain/discomfort "we" are suffering...and am going to try that this time..
Will post my results (if anyone is reading)... tongue   
+++Anyone else have helpful advice??  Suffering??  Thanks for all the posts!

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   Posted 11/25/2012 2:17 PM (GMT -7)   
Yo... All nasal sufferers after exercise.......

I posted the previous post, went running, and altered my preperation.

This is what really helped me , big time !!

Although this is a bit annoying and silly:

A small piece of cotton/ tissue in the nostril ( mine is L; but R handed)
This slows the airflow ( cold air, pollution, particles) to the bothered/irr. side.

In addition I used menthol ( Burt's bees) inside nose, in a thin layer.

A bit more diff to breathe... But worth it.

Without the cotton/tissue I would be sneezing about 200 times after running and felt ill for about 24-36 hrs after...running nose and bad tickle.

This is drug free and worked 100% at preventing the symptoms.

Good luck, and happy running/exercising!!

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The Perfect Combination. My situation started with allergies. However I do believe the cold dry weather attributed to my sudden tickle. I had a stuffy nose on one side for quite some time, so naturally the other side was doing all the breathing. I had been taking allergy medicine, nasal spray, eventually tried the nasal rinse. New Year's Day I spent putting decorations away whilst dealing with a terrible tickle, constant runny nose, and sneezing. I stuffed a tissue up my nose a few times, but the tissues kept filling up fast. I did manage to put all the decorations away and tidy up the house. Thankfully my family decided to leave me be and spend the day shopping. I read all your messages last night and honestly feel really bad for many of you. However, a couple of you managed to refresh my memory. I've had a dry nose before. I used Neosporin on a Q-tip and lubricated my nose with it. Since it worked before I decided to try it on this pesky tickle. Only this time I used the hydrogen peroxide first. The Neosporin did indeed help keep the area lubricated. The tickle was gone, thank God. I managed to sleep all night breathing fine with that one nostril again. I didn't sneeze once and no runny nose either. This morning the mucus in my nose switched sides. LOL Still no sneezing or runny nose and best of all no tickle. I will give it one more dab of both products and that should do it. I should also mention that I covered the outside of my nose with Neosporin to help heal the redness. My nose feels so much better and I no longer look like Rudolph. Happy New Year!
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