Please help me help my Mom...2 Months of hell

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   Posted 3/12/2007 6:59 PM (GMT -6)   



My mom is 72 and was in great shape, very active ,  She is diabetic but controlled with diet and meds.  She went in to the  hospital in mid januaryfor an acute gout attack inboth knees, ankles and feet, which was resolved by colchicine,  and the day she was relaeased she started with these symptoms, High BP- 187/91  and really nothing lower than 174/86  ( her blood pressure was always  on the low range like 100/62), extreemly exhausted, weight loss, her sleep patters are off, ( insomnia), constipation, nausiouse,  she is extreemly cold most of the time, no appetite, pain in her lower back ( not sure if it's by the kidney)and she has lost over 25lbs in 2 months.  While in the hospital they noticed her TSH level was 13.2 I explined to them it must be lab error or transient , as her Tyroid was always normal.  They insisisted she go on Synthroid 25mcg dailsy, well for 3 weeks they took her on and off it , after numberouse TSH test found her Tyrois was normal 4.11 T3 & T4 are both normal .-My Mom is basiucally bed ridden, the doctors just keep runnign the normal Blood test, ( cbc's) and keep sayign eveything is fine.  I'm so scared She is also having pain int her stomach where they injected blood thinners and Both lower arms are"buring " - everyone says it's phlebitis, but that would have resolved by now as it's been over a 2 months.  Her GP know's there's soemthign wrong , but it's not his feild .. he thinks "her body is out of whack" maybe due to the severity og=f the giut attach, so he refered us to an endocronologist which ran the same TSH & T3 and T4 test, which of course came back normal, We need some answers, the doctors won't look beyond her normal TSH function test, and My mom and the rest of my family can not go on like this much longer....  The sudden spike in her blood pressure is scarry..Plus her sudden on set of exhaustion, she get’s palpitations when she exerts herself…. Any help or advise would be appreciated

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Doreen?  Did they check her for MRSA?   It's common for older people to get that while in the hospital. My mother had it.  She had back pain and some of the things you described your mom has.  That can be painful and whack the body out.  I am not sure what the abbreviation stands for. I only know it has to do with the bowels.  I would think the gastro doc would have checked her for this.  Might be something to insist on them checking her for.   Is she still in the hospital?  Being in the hospital at that age can change an older person physically too.
    I know what your feeling though, I went through it with my mother for over a year now.  Sadly she fell in her room at the retirement home, the fault of the nurses.  And she had internal bleeding from the fall.  But each time she went into the hospital they checked her for myrsa and she had it.  It's an infection I believe in the bowel or intestines.  Also antibiotics mess older people up too.  Majorly.  My friends mother used to get confused each time she was on a particular antibiotic.    Just somethings maybe to check into to give you piece of mind.  It's hard to watch our parents go through what they do.  My mother was doing fine until she fell.  They had a potty chair in her bathroom and she didn't even have to use it nor her room mate.  Her walker got tangled up in the potty chair and she fell against her bed.  The nurses were helping her with dressing and washing before she fell, but they didn't seem ot see the enourmous black and blue spot from her navel around to her left side back on her abdomain.  Now how can you not see something like that when you help to wash them and dress them.   She was doing great before that. She passed away in January after having strokes which the doctor said it probably was from the internal bleeding. 
You take care of your mom by speaking up and insisting on things being checked out.  Your mother needs you to speak up for her.

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I totally agree YOU have to speak up for her
Demand more answers to find out WHAT is causing this
I lost mom in March and now dad in Hospital I am involved in every aspect of his care
Please let us know how you make out
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Did they check Mom for antibodies in the thyroid test? My son has Hoshimoto and T3 and T4 were okay but he had high antibodies and is on thyroid meds. Sounds to me like something happened in the hospital and no one wants to check too closely. Keep demanding some answers and don't give up. Your Mom deserves better care. Good luck:)

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I'd have to agree about having the thyroid antibodies tested. Before I was Dx with Hashimoto's, I had occasional low levels of T4 that coincided with many of the symptoms that your Mom seems to have. These antibodies are not part of the routine thyroid panel and have to be ordered separately. Also, it's likely that your Mom was taking Levothyroxine and not the brand name synthroid. Although most of us with thyroid ddisorders can take either, some need to have the Brand name. The generics may have other inactive ingredients which can be an allergen.

Your Mom's symptoms mostly ring the beel for a possible thyroid problem and so you really should push to have this further evaluated. Remember, for those with borderline problems, it's not uncommon to get one abnormal result, followed by a normal level because the hormone levels can bounce back and forth before you finally go into thyroid failure.

If plebitis is suspected, then she should have an ultrasound to "see" what's going on. This would give you a real Dx or not.

As far as her BP, this should probably be evaluated by a Cardiologist. It is quite possible that her sleep patterns are affecting this. I've known several people who suffered with sleep apnea and as a result had extrmely high BP. Once they began using a CPAP, the BP lowered. Of course, a CPAP may not be the answer, I'm just explaining that poor sleep can affect the BP.

The MRSA that is mentioned above is probably not the culprit, although it produce similar symptoms. The full name for it is Methacyllin resistant staph aureus and it is a common hospital-acquired infection which can infect any area of the body. The reason I doubt that MRSA is behind this is that your Mom's CBCs have been checked routinely and she does not have any abnormal findings. It's likely that if she had this infection, she'd be showing signs of a high WBC and other changes.

I hope you find some answers and relief for you Mom soon.
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