Posted 4/1/2011 11:24 AM (GMT -6)
Hi! I'm new to this thread and feel like I have just found my "people"! This past October I self-diagnosed myself with a sulfite allergy after years of feeling horrible! It was like a light bulb went off in my head, of course it wasn't a curable diagnosis which is the frustrating part. My family and friends keep asking when I'm going to "get better"! My husband is sure the somewhere out there is a doctor who can cure me! I know that sulfite-free eating is a way of life for me.
I have also been diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, does anyone else know a link between autoimmune diseases and sulfite sensitivity? I have been to 2 allergists who give me an epi-pen and tell me to avoid the foods making me sick!
Because of this thread I started looking at the vit D capsules and herb capsules I had been taking recently, I was feeling very foggy and tired and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until someone mentioned gelatin! AHA! I was trying to be better about taking my vitamins and herbs only to discover they were gelatin capsules!
I have also started taking the B12! Thank you! that has helped too!
I have suffered for years from IBS, migraines, and stomach discomfort. I thought it was MSG /Soy at first and avoided all of those foods, in August I had a salad with a large amount of balsamic vinegar and started getting a migraine, then my throat/mouth starting swelling up more than it used to with "msg/soy"! Luckily I'm an RN in a hospital and was working when it happened so I was able to get an IV benadryl rather quickly! It still took me until October when I realized what was wrong with me, after I had to spend 24 hours in the hospital again for severe stomach pain! CT scan showed inflammation. Little did I know that the morphine sulphate they gave me for pain and the drink they gave me for the CT where contributing to my symptoms! My face was so puffy it was almost unrecognizable!
So now I feel like I have found people who understand me and don't think I'm a hypochondriac!
Does anyone know of a cookbook for sulfite allergies?
Posted 4/3/2011 5:37 PM (GMT -6)
nrp -
Do you have actual allergy symptoms - hives, swelling throat, etc? Or do you have the typical intolerance/sensitivity reactions - gastric reflux, migraine, tachycardia, lower gut problems? The latter is my type of reaction, although others have true allergy. If you are getting swelling it sounds like you may have the true allergy. :( Maybe your allergist can invent a skin test with a miniscule amount of sulfite. There aren't any approved ones on the market.

If you read a bunch of the threads - see the search box above - you will find lists of websites, how to keep a food journal, etc.

Watch that IV Benadryl! You have to ask for non-sulfited! Don't take the liquid at home either. It's sulfited too.
But there isn't enough gelatin in a simple capsule to harm you. Gel-caps, containing gelatin for filler inside them do have enough sulfite to bother me.

A lot of people who have sulfite intolerance seem to have auto-immune diseases. But then auto-immune and fibromyalgia is common too. I don't know of a really good study showing any real connection.

The epi-pen probably won't help unless you have an actual true allergy. It's got sulfite preservative in it too, so you need to get to a hospital if you use it. They don't keep well, have expiration date, so I am not refilling my Rx.

I take vitamin D, don't have any problem with them. I do have problems with Advil Liqui Gels, Tylenol Gel Caps, all liquid stomach preparations.

Foods with MSG seem to be on the lists of foods with sulfite. Processed soy generally has sulfite also.

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