I am still shaken up over this

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   Posted 1/23/2008 3:40 PM (GMT -6)   
I dove up on a car accident today just seconds after it happened where a car hit a patch of ice and rolled over about 3 times.
This was on the road I live on too which is out in the country on some back raods. A lady waved me down as I drove by with my 7year old in the car. I of course pulled into a safe area and locked my little girl in the car cuz I was not sure how bad off the person would be and I did not want my little girl to see anything that might upset her. As I ran over to the car i saw a kids booster seat and thought please dont let there be a baby(kid) in that car. A few guys ran over and helped the lady out. She seemed not to bad off considering how the car was upside down. She was upset and I tried to comfort her and do what ever i could till the paramedics got there. 
Im not sure what the out come was but I hope she is okay. I called my sister to let her know why i was not home to answer my phone and she said she was shocked at how calm i was and how I was able to even go near the car with out a panic attack. I was too!!!
I had been calm and cool headed the whole time which my whole family cant believe, but now that i have had time to think about it a little, I have become a bit shaken over what i saw and feel my anxiety is tring to act up.
Has anyone been thru anything like this? did you feel stress after it was over and you were able to look back?
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   Posted 1/23/2008 4:07 PM (GMT -6)   
I personally think, that sometimes, when we "NEED" to be---our adrenaline kicks in and helps us get through these kinds of things! A similar thing happened to me--but, it was an older person slid into a ditch with their car---and I felt so bad---I started to shake when I saw it--but, pulled over and helped her get herself out of the ditch, called a tow truck, had her in my car to keep warm, etc.....I was calm and cool the whole time---but, afterwards----I was very shaken (literally---my body was shaking for a while)!

I don't have any advice for you---except maybe practice breathing exercises to get you through the 'shakes' if you get them---breathing helped me get through mine! Good job though-----:)


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   Posted 1/23/2008 5:27 PM (GMT -6)   
I TOTALLY agree with Laurel .OUR adrenaline kicks in and we do what we have to do .we become " super person" in the hardest times it seems at least I know I have had that experience

Once all is over with you are then finally able to grasp exactly what has happened and then you do go into anxiety/ stress/ panic mode ..........

I am so PROUD of you ....you did an awesome thing stopping to help this woman ......

God Bless You...............

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   Posted 1/23/2008 7:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Crying -
Years ago when I worked in a hospital the call came in that they would be bringing an older woman in who had been in a roll over once they extricated her. That took 45 minutes, after which she said her 8-year-old granddaughter was in the vehicle with her. She ended up being pinned down by the floor board so none of the EMS had seen her and the woman hadn't said anything (she didn't see her and thought she had been removed from the vehicle before her). They brought them in and I watched as they were trying to revive the young girl. The doctor was calm and calling out his orders, the nurse doing CPR was crying, all was a flurry in the ER.

At the time I felt calm, I cried a bit when they pronounced her deceased but felt numb. It was on my drive home when I came upon the scene at 3 a.m. (they were still cleaning it up and had detoured the traffic), once I made the turn to detour I had to pull over and broke down.

At the hospital they had the chaplain on hand for several days afterwards. The first and foremost was for the family and after that it was for those who had been involved. My point is that something like this impacts everyone involved, and you were involved once you left your vehicle to help this woman....your response is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Just talking about it will help you immensely. It makes you face your own fears and mortality. In my opinion, you seeing the car seat in HERr vehicle made you connect because you had your child in YOUR vehicle. Please know that your response is normal and your mind will process it in its own way.

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   Posted 1/23/2008 7:13 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you both soo much, I do beileve you are right. When I saw what was happening i knew i had to help.
This whole thing has brought up old memories of when i was in a car accident with my little girl. She was only
a year old and when my car was hit by another lady who was speeding, my car was spun and crunched! I just thank God my little girl was not hurt!!!

I think i had a lot of flash backs from seeing that lady hurt and upset. I almost feel like I dont want to drive anywhere anymore but I know if I dont get back in that car soon...I may not get back in it for a long time. After my accident I didnt drive for a year and I was the worst passenger to have in the car, everything freaked me out! I would scream watch out for that, theres a car! It was bad my hubby had a hard time dealing with me. I did get back into driving when I had no choice and I had to take my girl to the doctor. I guess it all comes back to the fact that when we HAVE to do something we can always find away .....even if it feels so horrable to do it.

MY hubbyhas since come home and I have been able to take to him about it and smother my kids in hugs and kisses and I am slowly feeling better.

Thank you guys for being here for me!!!!!
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   Posted 1/23/2008 7:19 PM (GMT -6)   

Hey it sounds like you were amazing, congratulations for being such a helping and supportive person despite your anxiety.  i had a car accident myself just two weeks ago and (thank goodness it wasn't serious) I was completely numb for days...it tirns out i was in shock but I couldn't feel anything.  I think our brian just takes over and protects us when we have to do incredible things.

Keep smothering that family in kisses and pat yourself on the back, you did a wonderful thing, especially considering your past trauma. Kudos to you

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