Many things going through my Head at the same time and it's overwhelming..

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   Posted 7/27/2008 1:42 AM (GMT -7)   
Firstly,I'm working very hard to finalize my late Father's final affairs,and having an extremely difficult time.An Aunt and she and Dad's Sister in-law have his business tied up and have done a HEAP of stuff they weren't supposed to do EG: Removing,disposing and selling items from his Estate and pocketing Money when I'm his sole Heir.
Secondly,I'm fighting what seems to be a losing battle getting out because of lack of Transportation.I figured it up..there were 33 Day's between renewing my Driver's License and going to the Doctor that I was out,and 13 Day's between going to Doctor and the Hearing a Week ago this past Tuesday that I went out.
I MUST get out on a Daily basis,but can't.I don't have a Vehicle,there isn't Public Transportation,my Sister Friends Transmission in her Car went out..she doesn't have the Money to fix it right now and the one and only Cousin I can trust has 1 Vehicle running at the moment and she is sharing with her Husband.
Thirdly,I want to return to School,but can't.I can not move away right now.There are no Universities in my Area that offer Science related Bachelors.A Science Major requires Labs on Campus.
Fourthly,Baby's are on my mind a lot lately.Am 36 in less than 4 Month's.At my age am already classed high risk..I'm scared because my 29 year old Mother died 11 Day's after my Birth.I have Degenerative Disc Disease,Fusion and a Curvature in my Spine.Never been told I can't have Baby's,however a former Gynecologist told me due to my Spine I will require Bed rest the last 2-3 Month's and a C-Section due to the Spine and having small Pelvis.
Fifthly,I can't be Pregnant and take Xanax which I was just prescribed.Before I would even consider conceiving,I want to lose weight and be in as tip top shape I can be.
Sixth,I need a complete and thorough Medical work up.Both Parents died from Pulmonary Embolism and Cardiac Arrest.This SCARES the PEEE out of MEE!
There are so many things going through me Head and I realize I can only do 1 at a time..
Before I can accomplish anything I MUST get my Dad's affairs settled in a fair and just manner.The Aunt's should be forced to pay double or triple items they've sold/removed and should payback the Money they've pocketed.
I am in desperate need to purchase a Vehicle which I could have done IF my Aunt wouldn't have hassled me about my Father's Vehicle and held onto it for dear life like it was her's
I could have down traded it for TOP dollar and what was owed would of been paid off then I could of bought a Car and it be paid for.
They NEVER in a million Years thought I'd ever come out of this House.They didn't want me to..they wanted me to die in here.I showed them b*tches wrong now didn't I?

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   Posted 7/27/2008 4:14 AM (GMT -7)   
Gosh Sydnee I feel overwhelmed just reading your post -
it's like you are living in a whirlwind and have forgotten to breathe and stand still for a while...time to stop and take stock of what is really important to you - make a priorities list and then little step by little step work your way through these...and don't forget to add 'looking after myself and treating myself kindly' on a daily basis as No. 1 priority :-)
Wishing you well.
Sista J.
Love All
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But Always paddle your own Canoe...

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   Posted 7/27/2008 5:18 AM (GMT -7)   

"Whirlwind" is exactly the right word. You've got *so* much going on. I can't offer any good advice, but I say "Bravo!" to you for getting out of the house (even with the gaps) and especially for shaking up the greedy relatives by doing so. They don't know who they're messing with, do they? 'Cause you've got us as your whole team behind you, and we won't let you fall!

Jordan's right: make sure you take care of yourself. It's like you're in training right now for all those things that need to be done. Picture yourself as your own little "Rocky." Dum-da-da-DA da-DA-da-da-da - up the steps one at a time - you can do it!


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   Posted 7/27/2008 8:36 PM (GMT -7)   


It is amazing how the greed comes out when money is involved but you sound like you are handing yourself very well.  Remember to stay in the moment and remain assertive, not agressive.

You are doing a great job...........Keep it up.  Kudos to you is doubled.



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   Posted 7/28/2008 12:38 AM (GMT -7)   


Let me explain in FULL detail these two Women.I am NOT slandering or defaming,I'm being HONEST!

My Aunt (Dad's Sister) has BIG issues.If she were to come to your Home,and you have the teeniest speck on your Carpet..she would notice and remember 50 Years from now..

Whilst in your Home she'd tell you how to Water and care for your Houseplants,how to wash the Filter on your Vacuum Cleaner and tell you that you need to Water your Aloe Vera Plant even if your sick in Bed with a 101 F Temp.

She got Married to her first Husband 3 Weeks after turning 17.Her Husband was 8 Years older,and Air-Force Alcoholic who had already been Married,Divorced and had 2 Children.

After 30-35 Years of Marriage,3 Son's (1 Deceased) and the Adoption of a Niece of my Grandmother with special needs he decides he wants a "sweet young thang" who worked for he and my Aunt,so he leaves my Aunt for the much younger Woman.

My Aunt get half his Military Pension,a Coin Collection (part or all could belong to me coz they took Silver I was given as a Baby and put into safe keeping for me) and no telling what other Assets acquired during their Marriage.

The Woman led the life of an Air-Force Wife for a very long time and is bitter what her ex-Husband did to her.Well,her choices in life ain't my problem and I don't owe her a Dime!

Before the Sister in-law and my Uncle Married she got Pregnant with her Daughter by a Married Man who had at least 1 Child with his Wife.

She is an EXTREMELY bitter,ice-cold,evil and hateful Woman.I figure she probably loved the Man,but he wouldn't leave his Wife for her,so it led to her bitterness,but she comes from a "screw you over Family" anyway.

After she and my Uncle Married they had a Son.Their Son who is now grown is Dyslexic.He never learned to Read and as far as I know can only write his name.

She took advantage of his Disability.How?He owned a Property..chances are she forged his name to sell the Property,but DID lie to him about the amount his Property was sold for.

She told my Father her Son would be better off in Prison or dead!

Not only did she "screw" her Son out of Money she "screwed" my Parents then my Father and is now trying to "screw" me.

My Father went to his Bank and borrowed Money to get she and my late Uncle out of a bind.They were to repay the Note,but didn't.My Uncle Died (my Step-Mother died 52 Day's later) and who knows what she did with the Life Insurance she got off my Uncle.

I know this much..she didn't pay the Note off and my Father almost lost his Home and Land.He had to sell Land at a much cheaper price and quickly or the Bank was going to take.The Bank DID reposses his Vehicle.

She stole,sold and pocketed Money from Cattle my late Father owned FREE and CLEAR!We're not talking pocket change here..

Now she's trying to take me for my Inheritance..

Am trying to stay in the precious present moment and remain assertive when I'd love to bring out the ruthless b*tch that's inside me!


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   Posted 7/28/2008 12:49 AM (GMT -7)   


Because of my former Fiance's Emotional Abuse for 26 Month's,I now have this mindset that before I can accomplish anything be it returning to School or having a Baby,I must weigh a certain number on the Scale before achieving,so losing weight is on the higher end of the Totem Pole.

In my Society,I feel like I'm seen as this "freak" or "Ogre" type who has weight issues (I detest the Overweight and Obese words so use WI) who has a Disorder that limited her life and am tossed aside and not taken seriously.

Even though I have the Disorder,I think if I weighed less People wouldn't be as judgemental of me.

I am trying my very best with everything I have inside myself and with limited resources to look after and treat myself well,however I beat myself up/down too.

Someway somehow I've got to get past the "I'm undeserving and unworthy of a life and happiness" in order to have..

Thank you for the well wishes


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   Posted 7/28/2008 1:13 AM (GMT -7)   

Thank you feels good and is reassuring knowing there are People who care and who I can count on.I haven't had many to believe in or encourage me.

Love your sense of humor :-)



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