how do u handle ocd? obsessive thinking when enoughs enough and then more, what to do!

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   Posted 9/20/2008 12:28 AM (GMT -6)   
what do u do? ive thought so much over something so irrational for so long and im at the stage now where i can see that and i know what im thinking and that i dont need to have fear over it so then why is my mind still persisting the thoughts.. im just getting really sick of this to the point where i literally feel sick i dunno what to do anymore. then after months of pain and struggle where ive made progress another thought pops in and its like never ending coz ill always have another answer that will stay in my head. i just wanna go back to normal again and i dont know why it still keeps popping up when i dont even care bout it anymore. any tips guys what do u do? im trying to just be distracted and step out of my thoughts but will it just dissapear? can u really escape from it all? whats the process like ? ive had this for 3-4 months ongoing, feels like alot longer though like maybe 6months sometimes i get a break but its still there, how long does it usually take. i found my answers that were troubling me and am satisfied with it so whyyyy am i still thinking bout it. i dont take meds, i just dunno what to do there so stupid yet they wont leave me alone. ive never had such a stuggle with this in my life.. this is the worse ever, ive never had ocd problems b4 and i just dunno the patterns or what to expect. this is a new one for me and im at wits end with this. i want my life back darn iiiiiiit. and why did another thought have to pop in and start the process again, hasnt this disorder done enough to me already.. geez just leave me alonnnnnne!!! far out i cant believe this crap. sorry im just getting angry and frustrated. im sooo exsausted with it all....

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   Posted 9/20/2008 8:22 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey there Emz, I've always called this "Runaway thoughts" or "Runaway scenarios" and had them for years. They still try to sneak in, but the skill I practiced and
learned to stop them in their tracks is this one breathing exercise where I breathe in through the nose for 8 seconds and say "In" to myself while breathing in, then
breathe out through the mouth and say "out" and then say "Pause" when there's that little pause. Saying the words takes up the space of thoughts entering. They
may still start to enter in your head, just acknowledge that thought, then go back to breathing and saying "In" "Out" "Pause". It takes a very short amount of time
to get this down. Another thing I do is just immediately think of and/or write down things I'm grateful for, no matter how little it is (clean sink, bird that landed on
your windowsill, anything).

The runaway thoughts/scenarios had been my biggest problem. I do take a very, very low dose of anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety that help a lot as well, but
the breathing think and the grateful thing are my two saviors from those thoughts.

I hope this helps!

~ Julie

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   Posted 9/20/2008 8:51 AM (GMT -6)   

Good Morninig EMZ

I am sorry you are in a bad place right now.

We spend much time thinking about what was and what could have been. And we spend much time projecting into the future and wondering about what may happen.

This way of thinking is indeed a great way to make much of your life a lot more miserable and limited than necessary. The key to solving this problem is of course to live as much as you can in the only moment that you ever really live in and control. This moment right now.

There are more advantages to being in the moment besides being able to decrease mindmade suffering.

When you are in the moment you  feel centred, relaxed and whatever you do you do more easily. Since you are not projecting into a possible future or reflecting on previous experiences there is very little fear holding you back.

Staying in the moment is a skill. You will slip back into involuntarily thinking about the future/past. But the more time and effort you spend connecting with the moment the easier it gets reconnecting with it. And staying there longer.

It’s easy to get stuck in a loop of old memories. You may want to move away from them but there is a feeling there that brings them back over and over. So you need to decrease the power that feeling has over you. And you don’t do it by fighting it. You do it by surrendering to it.

The feeling is a loop within your mind that you are feeding with more energy by resisting it. When you accept the feeling then you stop feeding it and it vanishes.

Surrender to the feeling and let it in. Observe the feeling in your mind and body without labelling or judging it. If you let it in  and just observe it for maybe a minute or two the feeling just vanishes.

By letting the feeling in you will be able to get out of  the nasty circle. Your fighting so hard to not let in the feeling you are constantly thinking about it.

Remember to stay in the moment, it takes practice but you can do this.

I have great faith in your power to learn this skill and use it daily.

Gentle Hugs


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