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   Posted 10/28/2008 12:59 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello All!-

Brand new to this forum, and to this apparently debilitating disease. I am a 19 yr old male college student in Wisconsin. I have always been a worrier, as a kid I had pretty bad separation anxiety relating to my parents, and just overall was a nervous little boy and quite afraid of my own shadow back then. Fast forward to about a month ago I wake up during the night and my heart is racing and will not stop, I go and wake up my dad cause I think I am having a heart attack, so he puts a heart rate monitor on me and I calm down a bit after sitting there and eventually go back to sleep, but am freaked out by the incident to say the least. This first attack happened on a weekend, and the following school week was hell for me health wise; i felt as though i had been hit by a truck, my symptoms were a constant tension headache, numbness in my right arm, my eyes hurt, my neck and shoulders and back hurt, had bad intermittent heartburn and i just felt very out of it, so i called my doctor to schedule an appt to have me checked out. I had an ekg done and was given a sample Rx acid inhibitor and had some bloodwork done and was fitted with a haulter heart monitor for 48hrs. The rest of the week was just more of the same nagging symptoms and feeling like i was going to have what i now know is a panic attack. 8 days from the first attack, on a sunday 3 weeks ago i didnt feel well and then all of the sudden flipped out and made my aunt and uncle take me to the ER...had a slew of tests done...CT for blood clots in lungs and other places, more bloodwork, xrays of heart and lungs and just general observation. After the ER doc said that there was nothing noticeably wrong with me other than some high blood pressure, she prescribed a beta blocker for the high BP. I took the BP medication for about 5 days and felt absolutely horrible with more of the same chronic symptoms from my last attack which i misinterpreted as side effects from the BP meds. Fast forward about two weeks and i had had a follow up with my family doctor and he suggested that i had a panic attack when i went to the er and the time before at my house. He offers no more help than this and says to see him again in 2 months. 2 weeks later on a weekend i have the worst panic attack yet where it feels as though i am suffocating and cannot catch my breath. I ride out the attack and take one of the BP meds and feel a little bit better and stay out of the ER and go back to bed. The next day the symptoms start again and i have aches and pains kind of all over and the constant eye and headache and the feeling like i am out of it, and now have bad heartburn too. The new thing that has developed is that every symptom i have i think is related to something much bigger like that i am about to have a stroke, have some form of cancer or someother terminal condition. I am so consumed by my fear that i have another more serious disease, and am afraid to go to the doctor because it is costing my dad lots of money because he is self employed and really only covers us for catastrophic type things and yearly check ups. I am now 5 days constipated which is also freaking me out because i have never really been before, and my heartburn/gerd is very severe. My mom and I have found a psychologist that I am going to call and make an appointment with to discuss some of these things, and am almost certain that i will be put on anti-depressants as i have been very blue along with all these other things. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which anti-DPs have worked fastest and most effectively with horrible anxiety and the things i am going through? I feel very lost and alone, and with the strange after effects of the attacks i feel like every day i am living will be my last. I also only seem to be happy when around my dad (whom i live with and is home rarely because of long work hours) or my mom who lives in another state, or my friends. All of my symptoms and feeling of hopelessness and loneliness seem to get much worse after the sun goes down. Please Help me!!!

Wisconsin Sufferer ajc123

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   Posted 10/28/2008 4:34 AM (GMT -6)   

I am so sorry you are going through all this. Many of your symptoms sound similar to the way I felt pre-diagnosis. Its tough that its affecting you financially- but i believe you should consult a pyschologist/counsellor because you can get support and encouragement here, but only a medical professional can diagnose and treat you for your physical symptoms.

Many of your symptoms reflect anxiety at its worst. You are not alone, you will get through this, no matter how futile it may seem right now. Speak to your doctor, but as i have recently learned, there is much emotional support to be found here- its a great place with incredibly kind and sympathetic people.

Im sending positive thoughts your way and hope you get the answers you need soon.  :-) Take care,

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   Posted 10/28/2008 8:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello and Welcome to HealingWell. I am glad you have had all you physician follow ups and I agree you need to see a  psychologist.  You are very lucky to have parents who support you in your illness.
I am not a professional so I cannot dx what is wrong with you but I do see some catastrophysizing in your thinking.  You wrote "is that every symptom i have i think is related to something much bigger like that i am about to have a stroke, have some form of cancer or someother terminal condition"
I hope you can start some sort of therapy to help you.
Again  welcome

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   Posted 10/28/2008 8:40 AM (GMT -6)   
I would definetly say there signs of health anxiety there. I always think a racing pounding heart is tell tale sign of an anxiety order, ask your family doc to refer to for some sort of psychiarist, its only wa your diagnosed if it is an anxiety disorder.

Assuming it is anxiety, then i can tell you it does get better and you learn alot coping strategy's,

Take Care


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   Posted 10/28/2008 10:46 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry that you are struggling so much with this right now.  I think all of us here know how miserable it is to deal with anxiety and panic attacks, especially when it all first starts.  I agree with all who have posted that seeing a therapist/counselor would be the best place to start.  I, too, believe that you have what is called health anxiety, so you may want to bring that up to the therapist. 
There are some great web sites and books out there that can help you get a better understanding of what it going on with you right now.  Here on this site there is alot of information.   Reading about anxiety/panic and posting here as well as reading other posts can be a comfort as you will see you are not alone, many share what you are going through.
Keep posting here, you will get some amazing support.

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   Posted 10/28/2008 10:50 AM (GMT -6)   
I am also thinking you have Health Anxiety
which is very common amongst a/p ppl

I really would go and see your doc as soon as you can to see what can be done

Also read thru resources at top with wen's name on it
And go read some back threads
I am sure something will help you

I am really happy you finally posted
Thats a first step
Now you can go on to lil steps or baby steps
WITH us supporting you and helpping in anyway we can

Stay with us plz

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