High anxiety from Sugar...?

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   Posted 3/3/2009 2:25 PM (GMT -6)   
"I wanna say sorry if my english is not so great I am french from quebec"
Hi, I am new here and from what I have read so far from other users about anxiety, well I find this forum fun and relieving.
So I also wanna share my anxiety symptoms.
I am 32 years old and have had episodes of normal daily stress to high anxiety since I was about 7 or 8 years old.
My first traumatic stress if I can say so was when I was around 7 or 8 years old when my father made me watch the horror movie "The Exorcist". From that night untill I was around maybe 15 years old I sleept with the blankets over my head making me stress and sweating all night.
Near 24 years old I was in a relationship with a women and from that relationship I have a son who has health problems that is he has minor Spina bifida, I say minor because he can walk and run. But its been 2 years that I am separated from this women and have my son every 2 weeks in the weekends.
I do have many more big stressful life events but I just wanted to share these 2.
Ok know to get on the real "High" of anxiety :-)
I always found myself skinny and always wanted to pack on some extra muscles and mass. Now I do have a Normal weight 126 pounds for 5feet6. Anyways since I am 20 years old I have been trying to gain weight been up to 140 and back down to 115 doing the yoyo. Going to the gym,ect...
Here is the part, some years ago I took these weight gain shakes that are like 1000 calories in each took 2 like these per day with 3 meals a day. Now what would happen is After consuming these drinks I would sweat like crazy, I'd be lying down in my bed and after a while I would be making really big wet spots on my blankets I would have the feeling of nervousness hands and feet sweaty and my body a little shaky. So after some years I stoped these drinks and tryed Whey drinks and it seemed better.
But latley knowing that peanut butter is high in protein I said why not try peanut butter shakes. So I added around 4 big soup spoons of kraft peanut butter and here is the mistake I think, I also added 2 soup spoons of white sugar skull thinking it would help me gain weight faster. I did drink this shake 2 times daily with 3 meals a day and weightlifting. 1 week with this regime seemed not so bad. But slowly one day after a shake after supper I started feeling like if I was on cocaine or had drinked 20 redbulls my heart was racing fast. I then had a anxiety attack or a panic attack, I felt all weird and scared my heart was racing and now I could feel my heart pounding in my chest to my ears. I went to the emergency I thought I was having a peanut allergy or I was gonna die.  At the emergency the doctor gave me 2 pills to calm down after 1 hour I was okay and went home. But from that day I had attacks and weird sensations that I have never experienced like before. These are some sensations:
Shortness of breath, I would say 2-3 words and i would need to catch back my breath.
For around 2 days I had trembling and shaking.
I would sit down and for no reason my heart would start racing, I had bad days which this would happen every 30 mins or so for no reason.
Always beeing thirsty and the need to go to the bathroom frequently.
Anxious, I would look at the clock and say oh my god I have to eat and have this little feeling of panic and urge.
Not able to sleep 
Being confused.
The worst parts were the sense of unreality. This is hard to explain, it lasts 1 second i'd say you feel disconnected from your body a sense of unreality you think you are going crazy then your heart starts racing like crazy. Then for a while you feel like your in a dream or something. Like if your losing sense of your life. And you want your life back.
This lasted for about 6 weeks from a very high point multiply times a day to once a day to no more now. At the end when I had these attacks I was so fed up I would stay calm and i'd say to my body come on do it and lets get over it. I felt tired and I felt my body even more tired, if there was a button to put me on pause I would of pressed it.
From that day I stoped drinking coffee, pepsi, hot chocolate and try to stay away from white sugar.
I also had anxious moments with cappuccino glacĂ© from tim hortons which was my favorite cry not even half way threw, it brought me in panic or anxious mode and I vomited the thing leaving me confused and shaky and a rapid heart beat. So no more...
Oh and since I did not want to take strong pills that knocks you out well in mid way I started taking B Complex which helps control cortisol.
I am very sure that the high sugar doses was the trigger, what do you think of all of this?

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   Posted 3/3/2009 2:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Yanick

I do believe you may have given yourself WAY to much overload on the sugar and other things and that is why you felt the way you did
Me I cannot even drink 1 cup of coffee with sugar or w/o

You seriously have to watch some of those high energy drinks that are around as you can crash quickly and not so pretty

YES I do believe you are onto something with the thinking it was way to much sugar
Glad to know you are stopping most of it
I am sure you will feel better in the longrun
Keep up the good work at gym and I know you will reach your goals

Stay with us


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   Posted 3/3/2009 2:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Sugar and caffeine are two known triggers for people with anxiety. I would cut out any extra sugar and caffeine and that should help. Good luck!
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   Posted 3/3/2009 3:04 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Yanick! I'm the same age & have had troubles since childhood (and my share of big life stress events too) so I can definitely relate to your situation.

Ditto the other posters - sugar and caffeine can greatly affect your anxiety. I have cut out caffeine completely - I still have my coffee every morning out of habit and enjoyment of the ritual, but only decaf. I also stay away from too much sugar (if possible! I'm a chocoholic), but I do know that when I eat a large amount of refined sugar, I have a panic attack. No question.

Derealization is very real and a common sensation - you feel "apart" from your body, situation or reality. I get that all the time - it is very bizarre, but also "normal" when under a great deal of anxiety or stress.

I would focus getting your anxiety under control first and then see a certified nutritionist who can help you with a diet to increase your weight that won't have the negative side effects of anxiety, perhaps?

Anyway, welcome and please let us know how you are doing!
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   Posted 3/5/2009 1:36 PM (GMT -6)   
wow you guys are great. I think that it is very reassuring for all of us to see that we are not alone living these weird stress sensation problems.
My "derealization anxiety cloud" has been gone since 3 weeks now :-) darn I thought it would never stop and I was going crazy.
Yesturday I started laughing for no reason like many months ago, so it's a good sign tongue
I am not 100% there yet, I got a cold when the anxiety finally stopped, I guess it's the sugar's crash. I did read that sugar temporarily stops your immune system and you are then wide open to the virus and sickness world. I find sugar to be a nasty drug. They should put a label on sugar to avoid health problems for excessive people like me :-)
I found this great website that tells all about the effects of sugar and they are many, I wanted to share this web site.
Thanks again
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