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   Posted 3/21/2009 7:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Everyone,
I'm so glad I found this site:)
My Name is Teri and I have had Panic Attacks off and on since I was 19 I am 38 now!! I was doing fine for the last 5 years but now I have started having them again!!!! It's hard for me to Work or go out of my house much anymore other then my own yard!!
The symptom I'm having really bad now is DIZZYNESS or Lightheaded... I can't stand it.. I also get headaches and little floaters in my eyes.. I have alot information to help with this anxiety but for some reason it's not working.. I'm slipping back into the What if I have a tumor, what if I have something wrong with my blood, what if I have cancer.. what if I'm going to pass out.. on and on and on.. I focus on how i'm feeling what seeems like every Min of the day.... If I do forget then all of the sudden I will get a rush of fear and it starts all over again...
are there anymore people here that have had a "set back" and is so what r some of the things your doing to help get through this nightmare
Thanks for any help
Hope to talk to you all soon

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   Posted 3/21/2009 8:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Teri,

I'm sorry you are struggling right now, and I can imagine it must be frustrating and scary to go through this after having a five-year period of wellness. Do you (or did you) have a therapist or doctor or someone who is/was helping you with the anxiety? What did you do before that helped you? I don't know about you, but I find that having regular checkups helps to ease those "what ifs" about my health....I try to go for a physical and blood workup twice a year to keep those worries at bay. Perhaps it is a good time to do that? I know this all may sound mundane or insufficient at the moment, when all you want to do is get past it, but if you haven't done so already, perhaps you should consult with someone (professionally) about this to give you some sense of control over your health and state of mind. I really hope you will feel better soon....please try to get some rest if at all possible....and do something nurturing for yourself. My thoughts are with you.

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   Posted 3/21/2009 9:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much.

I do see a therapist but is seems she only wants to take the time to write my script and tell me about her issues..lol.. As far as seeing a doctor about blood work.. I wish I could.. I make the appointment then freak out and call to cancel.. I'm afraid they will tell me something is wrong.. avoid, avoid, and avoid some more... I what if myself right out of probly finding out there is nothing wrong... God I would not wish the stuff on anyone.. forget the day by day.. I'm just about MIN by MIN.. it's so crazy.. :(

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   Posted 3/22/2009 10:15 AM (GMT -6)   


Welcome to HealingWell and the A & P Forum.  We are so glad you found us.

I feel like you may be experiencing some anticipatory anxiety. Anticipatory anxiety is a common discomfort for millions of people. Some people can even get anxious anticipating the arrival of the anticipatory anxiety!

Truly, any thinking about an upcoming event is conjecture. We really don’t know what will occur. We guess, we fabricate, we imagine and yet we don’t know, which in itself can be a cause of anxiety – especially if we think we not knowing somehow equates to instability. Nevertheless, we do fabricate outcomes of upcoming events and those outcomes are generally negative which causes the anxiety. If we were to imagine positive outcomes we would be much less anxious.

Why the mind tends towards the negative rather than the positive is a mystery. Yet, there is no doubt that anticipatory anxiety is purely a mind game. You can win the game if you are aware of your thinking and able to challenge the irrational, unrealistic thinking and replace it with more realistic thinking.

I have learned to "Stay in the Moment" and not worry about yesterday as that is over, tommorow is not yet here so just live today for that is all we truly have. 

Take care and stick with us.



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   Posted 3/22/2009 4:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Boy, a bunch of great advice from everyone!

I am currently having a setback. I have bought more books on anxiety and fear. I recently bought a CD which has positive affirmations on it. I'm using post-its to remind me of positive thinking. I increased my anti-depressant dosage.

I know exactly what you're going through because for the longest time my anxiety was either nonexistent or I kept it under wraps. Reuse what you've learned in the past. Are you taking any medication? Lightheadedness is sometimes a problem for me, too. Benadryl helped with that. I would suggest trying a low dose because it tends to cause drowsiness. Also, make sure you can take Benadryl with any meds you're currently taking.

Follow Raniah's advice and make a doctor appt. You will feel much better when you find out everything is okay! Teri, hang in there and let us know how you're doing!
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   Posted 3/22/2009 7:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to talk with me...

I do take .5mg of Xanax 4 times a day as needed.. I don't take that much all the time but I have started to take it more now that my PA is worse.. Sometimes I get so mad at this disorder then other times all i can do is sit and laugh at myself.. What is it that I cant make my mind understand that I have been dizzy for a loooonnnnggg time now and nothing has happen.. NOPE not the easy stuff.. I have to sit all day saying "maybe today is the day that I will pass out"

Where did you get your positive affirmations tape?


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   Posted 3/22/2009 7:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Teri,
I'm new to this site as well, and this is my first reply to anyone. But I wanted to reply to you because I too have been having a renewed cycle of anxiety lately and I wanted to say that you're not alone in it.
I'm 35 (and male. I'm not sure but I get the sense a lot of sufferers willing to talk about their anxiety are women). I had debilitating panic attacks daily throughout my 20s and nobody every explained to me what they were. (Many a time I thought I was just crazy). But then when I was either 28 or 29 the panic and general anxiety went away. I'm not sure how or why, but it did, and then I had a good seven years where I was largely free of it and capable of living in a free and even adventurous manner. Throughout that whole time I just assumed I was "over it," whatever the cause of panic attacks had been. But this summer (an all-too-eventful summer in which I was married, finished my PhD and started my new life as a working professor) it came back, in many ways worse than it had ever been in my 20s. One of the doctors I have spoken to suggested there is some evidence that in some people anxiety symptoms seem to cycle over matters of years... but I don't know if that's a widely accepted fact about anxiety. I have noticed another recent thread on this site where somebody asked if anxiety sufferers ever recover and many respondents have replied by saying that this is something that many of us will likely have to learn to live with and not think of as something that we can "cure" and then wash our hands of. That being said, my way of thinking right now is that it exists in degrees, and though it may be flaring up at the moment that's not to say it will be flaring forever. One doctor said to me that anxiety is analogous to asthma. People with asthma never rid themselves of it, but sometimes they feel good enough that it's like they don't have asthma, and at other times the asthma flares and they have to know how to manage it. I've come to think that accepting this fact in itself is part of the management. Maybe people like you and I will go through phases??? My hope right now is that future phases will not be as bad as this one because I'll be more prepared and knowledgeable on how to manage it. That's my hope, any way.
So, I just wanted to say these two things:
1) Renewed symptoms after many years of not having them: YES!
2) Crazy bouts of dizziness/lightheadedness at the most inopportune times (like throughout my two hour lecture class): YES!


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   Posted 3/23/2009 1:04 AM (GMT -6)   
A lot of great advice! I just wanted to jump on and say hello to all of the newbies :)
~Much Love, Hugs, Peace & Comfort~
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   Posted 3/23/2009 1:47 AM (GMT -6)   

Sorry to hear you are having a set back I can relate to you on that one as I have had a set back also which do happen a lot with me. I am due to have CBT soon which is a therapy which has great results with people with anxiety so maybe you could look into that? I have also bought self help books and have been doing moodgym on the internet, I hope things start to improve for you soon and let us know how you get on.
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