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   Posted 7/26/2009 10:33 PM (GMT -6)   
hello im new here i never knew there was a panic anxiety forum. i was looking for hotlines and came across it. i had a episode of panic about 7 years ago ended up in the hosp. could not believe it was anxiety went to every md i could before excepted it. they started me on meds and after 6 weeks i was ok .now its back just all of a sudden out of no where it hit like a whirlwind. my question here is it seems like people have a attack and then are normal until the next one. but has anyone had a panic episode where the attacks keep coming one after the other for weeks at at time then you are so anxious for another 3 weeks or so .this is what has happened to me .my attacks start with a severe feeling of being hot from head to toes with tingling vapor like feeling over entire skin and feel as if someone injected a drug in my veins that makes me feel so weird .i will have sudden fear of stroke or heartattack short of breathe and loose stools with feeling in stomach like going over a roller coaster over and over. it comes on sudden no warning and then lasts for weeks to the point of almost insanity. i need to hear from others i just cant hardly believe this is just panic. smhair

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   Posted 7/26/2009 11:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Nana,

Yep that sounds like a full blown panic attack. Health anxiety, and Gad. I think what you are feeling for the longest part is a high dose of anxiety. Which leads to the panic attacks.

Its not fun, thats for sure. But we learn to deal with it. Fight it and proceed. You mentioned you were on meds. Are you still on them? If not you might want to check into some or upping the dose of what you are already taking. Maybe even add some Xanex to the mix for the really bad moments when you just need alittle more help.

Anxiety, and panic have a lot of symptoms. And they very from person to person. But a lot are what we call "normal". Hot flashes, rapid heart rates, light headedness, shaking, numbness in hands, feet, face, shortness of breath. These are SOME of the common symptoms we share.

Now most with anxiety have constent fear of what could happen, when, where and a ton of what if's. So you can say those who suffer from anxiety can have weeks of these thoughts. There is no "normal". These thoughts can be very over powering. And cause many to panic if left to run wild. CBT, relaxation techniques, and other programs help to curb this way of thinking. In a way its push to OCD. And takes a lot of mental control to over come these thoughts and fears.

Having anxiety isn't the end of the world. It just means we have a mental problem we have to deal with. You will find a ton of information here. Stay with us and you to will learn to understand your anxiety and get some help and wonderful suggestions on how to deal with it.

Acceptance is the hardest part. Living with it is the second step!

Take care

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   Posted 7/27/2009 1:48 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Nana- you sound like you are experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic. What you have described sounds like classic anxiety and you are suffering the pain that goes with it.

Every symptom you have mentioned i can identify with and for me personally, ive only managed through a mix of therapy and medication, but the good news is that Anxiety and Panic IS manageable and there is hope- even though it might not seem that way right now.

Would you consider returning to a doctor and discussing this? You mentioned medications- you may need to try some again. Im really glad you found us here, though i am sorry we have to meet under these circumstances, but let me tell you, you are NOT alone. the members here understand anxiety and panic and the effect it has on our lives. im sure you will find support here.

Please stay with us and let us help anyway we can-

Maz XX


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   Posted 7/27/2009 1:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Cary-Ann said it perfectly!

I was symptom free for about 2 years and BAM, last month my anxiety came back. This past week has been similar to what you described... constant fear or anticipatory anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains, even a trip to the ER (which turned out to be esophagitis but my anxiety played a huge role!) Since I was doing "well" I went off of my meds about a year ago. I've asked my PCP to put me back on the Effexor which worked for me previously.

Good luck!!

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   Posted 7/27/2009 6:04 PM (GMT -6)   
thanks everyone for your advice. i am trying so hard to keep working i have been doing half days just so i m not sitting home giving in to this but it seems that anything i know i must do on a sched. or cant get away from doing triggers my attacks. i had panic at work most the day to the point i lost it and had to leave. cried all the way home convinced myself again this must be something else and wanted do bad to go to er .but i took a ativan came home and cried for a hour to a friend slept just got up and panic is starting again its like the way my vision head cloudiness is scared me and panic over took again the moment i woke. yes to answer the questions i have been on paxil 30 mg for nine years and worked great ativan o.5mg if i had a small attack or felt anxious but lived without needing it but maybe 3 times a year. my md up ed my paxil to 40 mg gave me xanax but it scares me instead of calming me so she put me back on the ativan. she thinks a 2 week pattern of taking ativan every 4 hours needed or not will break the synapse in the brain and i should be good .but its been 4 weeks now and im not feeling i can go on. where do i go from here. ive read all the books on breathing relaxing coping and such but in the face of the attack i cant concentrate  theres just no way .i know something somewhere must be causing this and is being missed.

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   Posted 7/27/2009 8:04 PM (GMT -6)   
Maybe the Paxil is just pooping out on you and its time to try another medication. I think sometimes we build up a tolerance after awhile and need to change things up. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about that.

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