What was your worst PA experience?

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   Posted 8/2/2010 10:32 AM (GMT -7)   
Mine was this:
My husband and I were going out for dinner alone- without the kids. It had been a very long time since we had done so.
On the drive to the restaurant I felt myself getting panicky and I was trying to do breathing and I didn't say anything to my husband because I have this thing about letting people know I'm having one. I have it in my head that if I don't tell anyone then I can't allow it to happen and I can will it away. If I tell someone that will make me able to let go and go full blown....I don't know it's stupid but just part of my thing.
Well by the time we got to the restaurant it was full blown anyway. I was breathing shallow, my heart was pounding, I felt over heated...I told my husband I could not go inside- that I was having a panic attack. I started eating some ice and trying to calm myself down. I took a xannax. My husband has no patience for this sort of thing and he wanted to go in and have a nice dinner out without the kids. I popped another 1/2 or maybe a whole xannax- it was a long time ago I don't remember. I agreed to go in. (Not sure why) Once in there it took off again. I got that tunnel vision crap and then my legs began to shake uncontrollably like I was shivering! It was just awful. The waitress came and I ordered a martini. I knew I shouldn't drink on the xannax but quite frankly- I wanted to knock myself out! I took a couple of gulps. I needed to be by myself so bad so I could just do some deep breathing and talk myself down but I had these stilleto heels on and the floor was slippery hardwood and I was afraid with my shaking legs I was going to make a big spectacle of myself. Finally I got the nerve and went. I was able to calm down. I think the vodka and xannax kicked in. (disclaimer- do not try this at home- highly dangerous).
Honestly- I don't know what that was all about. It was the worst attack I ever got over absolutely nothing.

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   Posted 8/3/2010 6:09 AM (GMT -7)   
  Mine are everyday and the one I am in seems worse then the others, all of them suck I just want my life back panic free
 Hugs Anna
Help Me Lord To Be All I Can Be And To Take One Day At A Time

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   Posted 8/3/2010 6:56 AM (GMT -7)   
That's awful Anna! Do you take any medication for it? Do you go to counseling?

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   Posted 8/4/2010 11:44 AM (GMT -7)   
That reminds me of my first panic attack. I was at a restaurant and got an upset stomach and felt nauseous. I thought I needed to use the bathroom, but that wasn't it. I completely lost my appetite and was repulsed by the site of the food they put in front of me. All I had had was some coffee. I decided to get some fresh air. I walked outside and was pacing in the parking lot. It was a warm July day and I was shivering. I was crouching down as I paced holding myself tight because I couldn't stand up straight. I then sat down and was rocking back and forth, still shaking. I didn't feel like I could sit still. I wanted to run outside of my body so I started pacing again. I got really self-conscious as more and more people watched me. My left arm and hand started to tingle (like when your foot falls asleep). I was convinced that I was having a heart attack, which scared me further and made me panic all the more. I was with my parents at the time and when my mother came outside to check on me I said we need to go the ER. My stepfather took another 10 minutes trying to get the food wrapped (which aggravated me). I think we should've left the food behind. Unfortunately that wasn't my worst attack (though it was the second worst).

One other comment I'd like to make is that you mentioned wanting to will it away and not tell anybody. I'm not an expert but everything I've read about panic attacks suggests that you should do the opposite. They often say that you should let the anxiety "flow" through you. Let it run it's course and not fight it. As hard as that is, when I've been able to do it the attacks have been shorter for me than when I fight them. Also I will tell my family if I'm feeling anxious. They usually don't do anything because it's nothing new anymore. But if I'm having a bad attack sometimes it helps me feel supported and safe (when I'm feeling scared and panicky) to have someone rub my back. Good luck!

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   Posted 8/5/2010 12:31 AM (GMT -7)   
My worst panic came I believe because of something stupid I did I can't be sure because I found out after it that my thyroid wasn't working like it should. It happened in 2003 I tried something I shouldn't have then BAM! All of a sudden I couldn't sit down my heart was racingi was so scared I was dieing I didn't know what to do I was scared I was overdosing I have never tryed it again it took 4 montjhs befor I went to the Dr. My parents and husband thought I was doing it to get attention I wasn't I knew something wasn't right they did blood work and came back putting me on 10mg lexapro and 100mcg synthroidi was on lexapro for 4 years befor Dr. Changed me to effexorxr I was on it for a year my panics have calmed down as has my depression ( I still have them once in a blue moon) what is hard for me to shake is my anexity. Its no excuse but the reason I started trying the stuff(I will call it that insteed of its street name) is because in 1994 my brother amd I him being 15 and me being 17 where in a carbon monoxcide(sp?) Poisoning are heater messed up as we were sleeping I came out of a coma after 8 days being told I would never have children I now have 3 but at 17 you don't want to hear a Dr say that. My brother they say came out of his coma 4 months later he was 15 and a newborn baby we had to do every thing for him he was my baby brother I felt it was my job to care for him. We gave him to the good lord on 10\19\2007 he was 28 and 3 months to the day.( I am sorry if this is to long and if I seem to be rambling even after this long it is not easy)

Thank you Shell
major depression,GAD,A&P,hypothyroidism-synthroid 150mcg,med free from effexor and feeling a little better

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   Posted 8/5/2010 6:18 AM (GMT -7)   
i hv had a/p for as long as i can remember so about 45 yrs
my worst attacks are happening daily now due to becoming deaf a lil over a yr ago
my daughter leaving home n i hv become more of a loner ..
i will get my life back
that is my goal
hoping you all achieve same goal


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