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   Posted 2/28/2007 6:48 PM (GMT -6)   
I was looking up "underarm" pain on the internet and found this site, and it kinda explains everything. I'm having some major anxiety lately, I feel like I'm falling apart I have diagnosed myself with all kinds of diseases from the flu to cancer to heart attack!!! My doctor perscribed me Ativan, and I'm even scared to take that eyes   I'm afraid I might have an allergic reaction or maybe something worse could happen like fall asleep and not wake up eyes   I know it sounds sooo rediculous. I hate anxiety!! Has anyone ever been scared to take meds that the doc has presribed you? Has anyone ever taken Ativan for anxiety, if so what is the worst I can expect. Peace of mind for a couple hours, maybe tongue  

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   Posted 2/28/2007 7:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm glad you found this place too!  There are some amazing people here who are so supportive and who share what you are going through.  I've never taken ativan, but I have the same fear about taking any medication that you have...always afraid I'll have an alergic reaction to it.  I've never had an allergic reaction, to anything, but still have the fear.  I hope someone with some experience with Ativan will come along soon and give you their perspective.  Hope to see you around here more! 

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   Posted 2/28/2007 8:51 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi there and Welcome to HW
So glad you found us as well
As was posted by Junebug this is a great group of very supportive and giving ppl
Empathy and caring is at your fingertips
You are now no longer alone and I do take ativan have for many yrs I take them when necessary but sometimes when other disease I have come out flaring I do have to take up to 3 a day
Yes you will get a peace of mind and I know many are afraid of meds but I would try it to see how you feel and how your anxiety is when on it
How much are you suppose to take or is it PRN ( when needed)
I also believe that the necessay tools like breathing relaxation and Cognitive behavioural Therapy should be tried as well to help you out with your journey
There are many posts on the CBT and other techniques ( probably in back pages you will see number at top) that you can check out for yourself or ask and you will get answers and direction from many good ppl in the same position as you
I hope we see you around alot here and that you become comfortable being in our 'Lil family"
Take care and IMO try the meds keep us posted okay on how it goes ......
YOu will not be buzzed or rendered useless at least not that I have ever heard so now you just have to try and get the med inot you and see how you feel
Stay with us and stay strong
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   Posted 2/28/2007 11:59 PM (GMT -6)   
I've just recently joined. I too am terrified to take just about anything. But I've had this insomnia for about 2 weeks and my pcp gave me Lunesta. Do you know if this will help me sleep safely? For a long time I had extreme tiredness and fatigue now I can't go to sleep at all. I'm tired but my mind won't quit racing.

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   Posted 3/1/2007 1:38 AM (GMT -6)   

  Hi verybusy and looneybird and wecome to HW

  I would take it like the doc said it will help with your insomnia and you my talk with your doc about putting you on a ssri antidepression for you problem of your mind racing around like that as it dose help, miny ppl use ssri's for there anxiety as well as some fast acting meds for moments of high anxiety like xanax or valium.

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   Posted 3/1/2007 7:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Glad you found us.

When my anxiety was really bad, I would worry about taking meds incase I got side effetcs etc. This anxiety has reduced now but I can understand how you feel. I took ativan in hospital for a short while (in the uk it is only prescribed for inpatients) and it really helped the anxiety but I would only advise its use for short term and would think about maybe starting an antidepressant which helps with anxiety for longer term use.
Ativan is good for moments of high anxiety, like freezing said, but talk to your doc about an antidepressant.

Take care

Victoria x

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   Posted 3/1/2007 8:41 AM (GMT -6)   

Thanx everyone for all your replies!! :-)  

My doctor prescribed it at 0.5MG and to take one before bed.

I have had the prescrip for almost a month now. I'm gonna try it.

Again, I'm so glad to have found this sight! Anxiety has been real high for me for about 6 weeks.

It all started out with a panic attack and went from there. I became an instant hypocondrac and think I have all kinds of health problems. In Oct of 06, the doc had found a mass on my left ovary.They say it looks non-cancerous. Now he is in the process of sending me to a specialist to read my ultra sounds, so he can see what avenue to best take, surgery is most likely what will happen. I'm terrified of surgery. In Jan. I took my husband to the emergency because he was having pain in his legs and was uncontrollably coughing, again I thought he was dieing to, but every thing came back negative. He had bronchitis eyes   That is when my panic attacks started, I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid my husband was gonna stop breathing in his sleep.So I would periodically check his breathing. Every time I would lay my head down a ndclose my eyes and almost get to sleep, my heart would start racing and I would get up and pace the floors. I was just a mess. I used to LOVE LOVE to go grocery shopping and cook. Lately I'm just not interested, and that bothers me, because that was a big part of our family life. At least once a week family gathered a my house to eat. I want to be back to my ole self again. I hate beening home especially alone. I actually look forward to work everyday now :-)

I'm relieved to know I'm not alone. I hide my anxiety real well from my family! sad

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   Posted 3/1/2007 9:05 AM (GMT -6)   
Just wanted to say Welcome.
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   Posted 3/1/2007 2:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Just one question, why are you hiding your anxiety from your family. It sounds like you are a close family and they could be a good support system for you. I am sure that we don't have the entire picture but it seems to me that "hiding" your anxiety may create more anxiety in itself. Trust the people who love you and let them help you. You could resume the family dinners if you let them help and not put so much stress on yourself.
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   Posted 3/1/2007 9:35 PM (GMT -6)   

I hide it from my family, because when I reached out to them when I had P/A they pretty much made me feel stupid. Most of their responses were " you need to just get over it and pull yourself together, you have a family to take care of"  So after that I felt like an idiot. They just dont understand anxiety isn't always something you can make stop. They think I'm looking for attention. That is the last thing I want, I'm the so called "strong" one of the family. How dare I have a break down. As I sit here right now, I feel calm, but my teeth are biting into my jaw. I'm tense even when I dont feel anxious! Maybe I should take a Ativan. Then again I get anxious thinking about taking it. eyes

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