Does this sound familliar to anyone?

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   Posted 4/16/2007 5:38 PM (GMT -6)   
hey everyone. anyone here get aches, back ahches, back pain, muscle tesion...etc... well anyways for the past 5-6 months now my anxiety etc has really gotten the best of me.
ive been to the doctor for bloodtests, xrays, ultrasounds(upper stomach) even went for a gastrostimy??(spelling). ive been told i have gallstones, but the surgeon syas that it is GERD that has been giving me my upper stomach aches etc.
i have also been going to see massage therapists a few times, and my docotr also believes that it is a mechnical issue (back aches), so he reffered me to a physiotherapist, the physiotherapist says she feels alot of tighness in my back and has given me exercises to do at home, as well as keeping appoimnets with her.
my docotr put me on celexa last week, and i take xanax when needed(which has been a few lately). i have been going to see a ear/nose / throat specialist for a while now due to a ear problem i have had for years now. about a year ago i had a tooth absess really bad, and i began to smell it through my sinus's and taste a yucky taste, so he told me that all this was because of my absess, he said get my (front) tooth takin care of and it should all be good after that.
so i did get my front tooth pulled, they tried to give it a root canal first, but it was abbsessing and the root canal didnt work, so i got my tooth pulled and there was a cyst that was abbsesed, the dentist sent it away and said it was all good. so this has been over a year now , i knotice sometime wheni swollow mucous from my sinus's that i get a bit of a weird taste, sorta like the infection taste that i was getting when i had the tooth abbses problem going into my sinus's.
its been over a year since i have quit smoking, my tastes are better, my smell is better, i smoked for over 17 years, im wondering if this taste is normal, im wondering if im making myslef think there is something else wrong. i have a HUGE health phobia, also for the last 3-4 weeks now i hvae had what i have been told sinus pressure aches, i am sore under my eye ares on both side, getting headaches all the time, my eyes hurt to touch.
i went to se my docotr last week and told him of this, i asked him if it could be the big "C" or something. he said that my ear/nose/specialist sent me for a CT scan last year for my sinus's wheni was having this problem with my tooth and sinus situation, he said everything was good. then i told him that that CT was a year ago, i said what are my chances of soemthing developing from then, he said very unlikely.
just a quick note to ya all, my 16 year old daughter's friends mom had a pulp around the same time last year in her sinus's when i was having my tooth abbsess sinus situation. she got that takin care of, 2 months ago, seomthing fell out of her nose, the dor's told her to goto a city close by , and see the specialist there, they founf out she had cancer in the front of her brain (due to her sinus's)..SO me being a health phobic,,this i believe is really setting me off.
my grandmother passed away afew years back, from ..well first she has breast cancer, then went to her lungs, then she was supposlley all fixed up, then later on a few months later they found out she had brain cancer. after she passed i rememebr getting headaches...and what do you think i diagnosed myself with??..yup brain cancer...
this is crazy already. i take a xanax and it helps so much, gives me a break from dealing with my mind worrying SO much, i drink occasionally,,BUT makes me worse the next day or two.
when my back started to ache and pain constanttly around this past xmas, i rmemeber a friend of mine teeling me one time that his grandmother passed away from lung cancer, i rememebr asking him how they first found out that she had it, he told me no one knew, the only thing she complained about was a sore back. WELL. i get a sore back out of the blue that is there from the time i wake up, till the time i goto bed, i HONESTLY believed i had lung cancer. so this is why my dr. sent me for full blood tests, xrays, and made me make a total physical with him.
IM A CHICKEN, i am so scared of dieing, its crazy, im wasting my time thinking about getting a termanal illness and sieing so much, that im killing time. i have 4 kids, 2 babys, i cant stand the thought of dying and leaving them, i believe this is where my biggest fear is.
i have been going to see a councellor at mental health for a while now, she is doing CBT with me, i have gotten a book called Mind Over Mood, i hope i can get "fixed already"... i was reading a post from a fellow on here lately, he had a fear he has HIV....WOW i thought...about 8 years ago when my anxiety, panic attacka all started, that is the EXACT disease that got me all crazy. i rememebr being sick, and rmemebr typing my symptoms into the net..and guess what all my symptoms eneded up being...HIV..i was physically sick for MONTHS..diahreah..nausea..chills..everyhing for MONTHS. i finanly went to the dr. i told him of my fear of havinf HIV, he said the likelyhood was so minumal, but he sent me for the tests anyways, those were the longest 10 days of waiting for my re****ls ever.
the thing was though i didnt have a recent unprotected sexuall interaction with someone around that time (other than my girlfriend), but i read that most people dont know that and dont have any signs of having HIV untill upto 10 years after getting infected. welll i thought to my self, i was with a number of parteners in that past ten years.
so ya , sorry for rambling on and on. just wanted to share, and be heard, and when i seen my family dr. last week and i told him about my soreness under my eyes and headaches, and sore eyes, put me on some sinus spray antibiotics/decongetent. i was on it for the past 5-6 days and still sore under my eyes(cheeks area. i have an appointment with my ear/nose/throat specialist this thursday, hopefully he can reasure me im ok.
i was never good at grammar in school etc. so i hope im paragraphing good enough:P..later people..and thanks for being here..Francis

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   Posted 4/16/2007 5:45 PM (GMT -6)   
1 more thing, i have also in the past 5-6 months lost 35 40 pounds, and im on blood pressure meds, quit smoking for about year now, and was going swimming and doing alot of physical stuff up until my back got sore, but blood pressure was good, going down to aveage of 120/70, and now that my anxiety is up and im not doing much of anything, my blood pressure is up again to about 150/90... when my dr. first put me on meds for my blood pressure about a year ago, i used to get reading like 190/100...they were like that for a while before he put me on meds. could this be a reason for my headaches again, along with the worrieing and stuff?. and a reason for facial pains?. can a person get facial pains, not from sinus's?????..later Francis

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   Posted 4/16/2007 5:58 PM (GMT -6)   
lol...sorry but a few more things. i have OCD really bad. fear of going out to place (agrophobia?). a while back i had what i was told derealiziaion.. it waslike i was in a dream stae, seemed like ithings werent real, it actually happend one night after my brother (who smokes Marryjane) came over, i thought just maybe it would relieve me and make me feel relaxed. WOW, i got high and so friggin scared, the next day i felt weird, like things were different..i did alot of reading on it and founf what to be called Depersonalization/ and Derealiziation. i read a lot of people had this happen to them after the exact thing and way it happend to me. it seemd to me like i was already in bad anxiety stae and the mraijuanna got me so paranoid and high, that i went over th edge abit.
like i said sorry again for the lot of posts and reading, but ive been reading others posts for a while now, and just didnt have the enegry to tell my whole story. thanks again . Francis

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   Posted 4/17/2007 11:14 AM (GMT -6)   
lol..ANY reply or anything would be great..haha

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   Posted 4/17/2007 2:17 PM (GMT -6)   

read up on nasal and sinus irrigation on the net, the best long term treatment for sinus problems

hypochondria, that is an excessive fear of illnesses is a real problem for anxiety sufferers thats not always taken seriously by docs, I hope your counsellor can help you with it

recovered former longtime anxiety and panic attack sufferer and helper of other sufferers  but no training or  qualifications in medicine or psychology, any remarks that may be taken as advice must be confirmed with doctor or other health professional
emails are welcome but do mention healingwell to avoid risk of deletion as spam

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