IM FREAKING OUT HERE!!! (prediction/feeling comes true in 70 mins)

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   Posted 8/19/2007 1:49 AM (GMT -6)   
ok i really dont know whats going on with me but im freaking out ... ever sence i was 14 i was able to "feel" when people needed me the most, were about to call me, or were desperatly needing a ride to work... i always just though it was a deep subconcious connection with me and my friends... but most of that stuff is you know nothing big... oh they were ganna call me but i called them first... people i havent talked to in months they feel like calling me and as their looking for my name in their phone i call them... odd stuff like that but still very very coincidental
but this is just freaking me out... and now im scared how accurate it was .... well i was reading my harry potter book (the 7th one) and out of no were i get this huge crushing feeling... like my family has abandoned me through death... and for some reason i call up my friend tyler ... i have no idea why i called him but i had a feeling it was eminating from him... so i called him at 23:23 ... he doesnt answer so i leave him a voice mail saying: "hey tyler, whats up its me scott.... i honestly dont know what to say really, but i had this odd feeling that something bad might happen to your dad... it could be im just freaking out over nothing but... give me a call when you get this and let me know if he is alright" ....
he called me back an 1:37 AM saying that he was returning my phone call and that his dad died from a heart attack at 12:34 AM ... and he just got back to his phone and was returning my phone call....
i honestly dont know how to react to this... HOW DO YOU?!?! you predicted your friend dad's death... and ive been searching looking for posts or anything of anyone else having something like this happen to them... so i think this falls under anxiety!!!
because ... i dont know what to do ... should i go to a mental hospital, or a psykic... i mean this is freaking me out you shouldnt be able to predict when your friends parents die!!! and then it makes me wounder... just what if... what if because i felt it that some how it was me that caused his heart attack? and i honestly need help or something

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   Posted 8/19/2007 4:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey Scott, interesting story. I'm sorry for you friend's loss and I hope that things between you and him aren't too weird after your premonition.

The first thing you should realize is that it's not your fault that he died. I know it may not feel like it to you, but predicting his death was just a coincidence and was in no way caused by you.

Although I doubt you have any anxiety or panic disorder (at least from what you described), you have sort of come to the right place, as we all understand the fear of going crazy. Sometimes the fear of going crazy itself can make a person crazy. But before you jump to the conclusion that there is anything mentally wrong with you, consider this: there is no mental disease or disorder that would allow you to predict your friend's dad's death as you have. Sure, you could go see a doctor, find out you have some disorder, and take some pills or something. But would that disorder justify that premonition you had? It may explain the physical feeling of it, but how would the fact that you have a mental disorder explain the accuracy of your premonition? It couldn't. Nothing can.

I get the feeling from your post that you are more concerned about the fact that your premonition came true rather than that you had it in the first place. If you're more worried about being psychic than being anxious, then you're probably fine. Coincidences like these can be very hard to handle, and it's understandable that you would feel crazy, since our minds are designed to constantly be making sense of the world.

The only advice I can think of now is for you to keep doing what you did here - that is, be open about your experiences. If you have any more weird feelings and coincidences, share it with some one else. Keeping things to yourself is dangerous because you're more likely to indulge in having illusionary powers and question your sanity. Talking about it will help you see that these occurences are strange things happening to you, not because of you.

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   Posted 8/19/2007 9:53 AM (GMT -6)   


Welcome to Healing Well. I am Kitt. I am sorry that you are "freaking out" re your premonition. Premonitions are more regular than people suppose. The vast majority of normal dreams deal with every day thoughts and circumstances from the day before.
The vast majority of premonitions deal again with issues near at hand. The majority of premonitions come to pass on the very day of the dream. They will capture some emotion that you felt. They will capture a little incident and even a thought process on some situation. Resource: The Paranormal Source Book, Jenny Randles 1996
If you are having anxiety issues I would suggest you see your physician first and perhaps he/she could suggest a therapist that deals in premonitions and how to lower you anxiety when you have an episode.
Again, A Warm Welcome to you, stay with us and keep posting.

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   Posted 8/19/2007 7:46 PM (GMT -6)   
but see thats what i dont understand i wasnt dreaming... i was reading a book when i felt it... but like ive said i have had these feelings before but never this strong never this accurate...

now that i think about it the more i honestly think it was my 6th sence .... ive read in many books that every human being has a 6th sence they just need to find their own way to tune it... and its been slowly getting more accurate with every year that passes ... some people claim their 6th sence is their strange sence of direction to find their way in a place they never have been before in their life, some its to hint whats about to happen in the near future, others however claim their 6th sence is able to read minds,and others is to predict deaths....

normally i would cast out this option but now its been 19 hours sence my premonition came true... and now that i think about it i did try to teach myself how to tune my "6th" sence so i could travel on the astral plains .... (you know be able to go anywere in the world when you sleep, visit the past, visit the near future, find out what your friends are dreaming about ) .... altho my attempts all proved to be a failure i did notice that i was dreaming of things that came true as de'ja'vo's up to 6 months later... a year or two after that it started to get more accurate and closer to the presant ... and then eventually i would dream of my entire day before i even went to school... and it played out almost to the T of what i for saw... then it just stoped all together for about 8 months

then i stoped having dreams for that entire 8 month period... and then i started to sence things a different way... getting an odd feeling or major desire to just go to a certain place... or call someone... and thats basicly were i have been at till yesterday... when i had that premonition... and now im just trying to make sence of it all ....

(PS. when i say sence i mean its like feeling the wind.... but its internal... and it just .... clicks... i hate it when i used to talk to people and they think you can just turn it on or off.... if only)

thanks for your help


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   Posted 8/20/2007 9:43 AM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HW

I honestly think it is JUST premonitions which as Kitt pointed out are more common than most ppl think

Stay with us and hope you do realize you are not at fault for someone else's Death .......
I am sorry for your friends loss

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