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Posted By : BethW - 2/11/2011 8:36 PM
Hi, all! I posted here once a couple of months ago, and I have a question.

I was diagnosed with non-symptomatic Hashimoto's, meaning that technically I have it because I have both antibodies and they are above "normal" (435 and 91) and I supposedly don't have any symptoms because my TSH level was normal (2.043). The endocrinologist suggested that I might be perimenopausal instead. She did treat my low Vit D, though. I'm supposed to go back for blood work in 6 months and a follow-up in a year.

My "non-symptoms" read like a "Hashimoto's check list":
* Fatigue and sluggishness (not debilitating, but there)
* Increased sensitivity to cold(I've always been sensitive to cold, but I love it anyway)
* Constipation which is odd, since I had my gall bladder out and that usually causes the other problem)
* Pale, dry skin (changed from oily to dry in a blink of an eye)
* Hoarse voice (off and on)
* An elevated blood cholesterol level (elevated for me, but not scary)
* Unexplained weight gain — occurring infrequently and rarely exceeding 10 to 20 pounds, most of which is fluid (uh... yeah)
* Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness, especially in your shoulders and hips (yup)
* "Brain fog" and difficulty concentrating (um... what was I saying???)
* Pain and stiffness in your joints and swelling in your knees or the small joints in your hands and feet (swelling in hands and feet, pain and stiffness in knees)
* Depression (now that you mention it, yeah... just a little)

So, except for heavy cycles, muscle weakness, and a puffy face, I have mild versions of all the other symptoms. I met a chiropractor who works with medical practitioners with various long chains of letters after their names who suggested I get a second opinion and a "new set of eyes" on the situation. This clinic works with alternative treatments. I took my lab results into the clinic, and they recommended that I take B12 (which was also low, but still barely "normal"), a thyroid support supplement, an adrenal support supplement, iodine, and have a blood test run for food allergies. (I had a skin test for all food allergies which came up negative a year or two ago.) I had the blood test done, and that should be back in a week or so.

I'm iffy on going the natural route, but I also don't want to sit on my duff and do nothing while the antibodies snack on my thyroid. I have the name of another endo from my PCP that I can call for a 2nd opinion.

Sorry to go on so long, but I'm tired and frustrated and little concerned. So, my questions are:
Have any of you used alternative treatments for Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism?
If so, did it help?
Should I get a second opinion, or am I just being paranoid about it?

Posted By : couchtater - 2/14/2011 5:54 PM
Get a second opinion. I did and I'm glad I did.
My doctor kept saying you're normal.
I switched doctors and the new one did more tests and said you're not normal.
I've never tried alternative treatments. I'm happy with my 75 mg of synthoid everyday.

Posted By : BethW - 2/17/2011 7:11 AM
Thanks for the response! I have an appointment scheduled for March 2nd for a second opinion.

Posted By : SIKbailey - 2/24/2011 12:59 AM
I definitely agree that getting a second opinion is a good idea. I have ALL of those symptoms you've listed, but my condition went undiagnosed for two years because my TSH was normal. Finally about a year ago I started seeing a different endocrinologist, who put all the pieces together, and suggested I have my thyroid removed. As it turned out I had papillary thyroid cancer, that had been present for at least two years, with underlying Hashimoto's thyroiditis. A second opinion was definitely the smart move!

As for alternative and homeopathic treatments, I haven't tried any myself, but I think I would be open to some. I know I'm ill and need medications to keep me healthy, but I'm not sure I want to put so many chemicals into my body.

Posted By : BethW - 2/27/2011 9:27 PM
SIKbailey, thanks for the response! I'm going for a second opinion this Wednesday, so we'll see what happens!
DDD (4 levels- L2-3 thru L5-S1), Hashimoto's Disease

Posted By : csunshine7 - 4/9/2011 4:58 PM
RE: Have any of you used alternative treatments for Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism?

I have Hashimoto's too. I prefer natural alternative methods when I can, but I do take prescription thyroid meds: Tirosint 75mcg cap (It's like Synthroid, but more natural - it looks like a Vitamin E pill - liquid type - so it's more bio-available to the body and I also take a compounded T3 "C-Liothyronine" 7.5 mcg cap (prescription to a compounding pharmacy). These work for me. I feel much better.

I'm in menopause. Most women have thyroid issues during the change.

I also take Royal Jelly (but don't take if you are allergic to bees). It's helpful with Graves and it's theory that it should work for Hashimoto's too. I found out about it by watching "Your Health with Dr. Becker" on DishNetwork. is where I get mine.

Let me know if you find out other alternatives.

Posted By : BethW - 4/12/2011 8:36 PM
Thanks! I had my second opinion, and then I had a whole bunch of tests. I had a fine needle aspiration last week because of a 11.3mm cyst. I get those results tomorrow. My new endo seems open to discussing any and all options. I'll talk to her about the Royal Jelly tomorrow.
DDD (4 levels- L2-3 thru L5-S1), Hashimoto's Disease

Posted By : couchtater - 5/27/2011 7:20 AM
I have a shellfish allergy I had not touched iodine in over 5 yrs. My Hashimoto's developed two years ago. IMHO, I don't believe that it's possible that too much iodine caused my Hashimoto's.

Posted By : BethW - 5/28/2011 7:40 PM
Thanks for responding! I was actually diagnosed with Hashimoto's without hypothyroidism. My numbers were still considered within normal range. I am not taking any of the supplements now. That lasted less than a month. Because of other issues, I will have my thyroid removed next month.

Thanks again for responding!
DDD (4 levels- L2-3 thru L5-S1), Hashimoto's Disease

Posted By : brucergoldberg - 7/12/2011 9:35 PM

I read this post with great interest as it appears that you and I have the same thing except you are one step ahead of me. I have been lurking on the other boards for over a year now with no solid answers.

I have a ton of symptoms, the same as you mentioned in your above post, but in addition, my ears also ring really bad. Most of my labs are within range, but my tsh has gone as high as 20.13. I have no nodules or anything funky like that.

I was wondering if you could go into a little bit more detail as to what you were dealing with, and also how are you doing now? I am considering a possible TT myself if i do not get help soon, its been two years. I am in Dallas, texas.
thank you, bruce

Posted By : BethW - 7/13/2011 1:40 PM

Wow! So much has changed since I wrote that post! Like I said, most of my symptoms were mild to annoying, but not bad. They're all listed above. It was just more of a gut feeling that something was going on, and a frustration that my first endocrinologist basically blew me off. I found an endrinologist who would see me for a second opinion, and she ran a battery of tests. No, I wasn't premenopausal, I wasn't diabetic, but my thyroid was slightly enlarged. Ultrasound found a cyst, and the biopsy was inconclusive. Off to ENT surgeon, and he suggested removing the thyroid just to make sure.

I had my thyroid removed last month, and they found cancer when they did the full pathology. I am going to have a radioactive iodine treatment in a couple of weeks. One month post-op, and I'm doing pretty good. I'm starting to notice some of the big hypothyroid symptoms (I'm not taking synthroid until after the RAI treatment. They want me to be very hypothyroid before the treatment to insure that most of the RAI gets sucked up into any remaining bad cells.) I just warned the family to not expect much out of me the next couple of weeks.

I would definitely look into a second opinion. If your TSH is high, then that's a sign that something is going on. Find a good, no nonsense endocrinologist. You know your body well enough to know that something is just not right.

Hey! I'm in Texas, too! I leave near Austin.
DDD (4 levels- L2-3 thru L5-S1), Hashimoto's Disease

Posted By : brucergoldberg - 7/13/2011 2:59 PM
The power of the internet...... I just googled "i had my thyroid removed hashimotos" and your post came up at the top. You are famous! I do enjoy reading your posts.

I am curious to know if you feel any better at all? Did your ears ring? did your throat hurt? What about now?

So if i understand it correctly, you just had the symptoms of hashimotos and that was about it and you decided to get it out? I am the same way. I am sure that there is something going on but cant really put my finger on it. I have had every single test in the world to see if it could possibly be anything else. Unless I have the rarest disease in the entire world, I can pretty much say that something is not right with my thryoid and something is just not garden variety..

heres all the tests i had before they determined it must be from the hashi's:

MRI with without contrast brain x 2
MRI with without contrast spinal cord
MRI kidneys, liver
Kidney sonogram
spinal tap/ Blood patch
2 sonograms thyroid no nodules
stomache scan
stomache MRI
MRI pituary gland
heart work up, stress test, Sonogram of heart
4 neurology work ups - head of neuro mayo clinic
full parkinsons work up/ ms work up - head of department ut southwestern medical
full lymes work up (twice)
sonogram of arteries in neck
vestibular work up
cancer work up including bone marrow biopsy
Full body cancer scan (peda scan)
MRI ears drums
Opthomology work up
ENT work up twice/ one by head of department ut southwestern medical
Pituary consultation head of pituary clinic, Harvard university Phone consult MRI reading
6 different endos in Dallas/ 1 in mayo flordia
3 neurologists
Infectious disease consultation
Celiac test
Full allergy work up for food
Rhizotomoy cold water kill back nerves t6-t10
Rhizotomy cold water kill neck nerves 6-9
Hidascan x 2
and the most recent one: MRI of brain with / without to look for hashimotos encepholopothy

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Posted By : couchtater - 7/13/2011 3:30 PM
Did they check your ANA level?

Posted By : brucergoldberg - 7/13/2011 9:06 PM
this is for lupus, correct?

Posted By : brucergoldberg - 7/13/2011 9:17 PM
here is what i am going to be checked for on friday:

Comprehensive metabolic panel
hemoglobin a1c
t4 free
t3 free
t3 total
TPO antibodies
TSI (for graves antibodies)
T3 uptake
PSA total
Testosterone free and total
Metanephrines fractoned and free
DHEA sulfate

Posted By : couchtater - 7/14/2011 8:31 AM
Yes, but also to see if there's an autoimmune problem.

Posted By : BethW - 7/14/2011 9:16 AM
Famous? Or infamous? :-)

My ears didn't ring, and my throat didn't really "hurt"- it often felt tired, as if I'd been talking all day. Now, I'm still technically recovering from surgery, and my laryngeal nerves were moved around. My voice is a little husky at times, and my throat still feels "tired" at times. Oh, and I can't really sing or yell. I've been told that it's temporary.

It really sounds like your doctor is looking everywhere for an answer. Hopefully, this new round of tests will give you the answers you need.
DDD (4 levels- L2-3 thru L5-S1), Hashimoto's Disease

Posted By : couchtater - 7/14/2011 10:50 AM
My ears ring all the time, sometimes extremely loud. :(

Posted By : brandoman - 10/28/2013 12:56 PM
BethW, im hoping you are still around and might be able to give me the name of the 2nd endocrinologist that you saw? My Fiance has Hashis and has spent the last 2 years trying to find a good doctor to help her through it. We live in Austin and i saw that you live near by. thanks in advance!
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