Anxiety - Panic Articles

About Anxiety Disorders
Overview of the range of anxiety disorders, including panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, and phobias, their treatment and available resources.

Facts About Anxiety Disorders
More facts about the types of anxiety disorders and their treatment. Includes self assessment quiz.

Getting Treatment for Panic Disorder
Why seeking treatment for repeated episodes of fear, known as panic attacks, is critical.

Facts About Panic Disorder
More information about panic, its impact, and its treatment.

Panic Disorder Treatments
Today's medicine offers a range of successful treatments, including behavioral and drug therapy, for panic disorder.

Facts About Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
Do you suffer from chronic worry and tension? Get the facts on GAD.

Mental Health Related Medications
Do you know the side effects of your medication? This comprehensive guide can help.

Facts About Social Phobia
Afraid of public or social situations? This isn't shyness, but anxiety and fear taken to the extreme.

When Fear Holds Sway : Panic Disorder
Panic and fear can control your life. Find out how to get the help you need.

The Domino Effect: From Panic Attack to Phobia
One of the major problems with panic attacks is that when people are unable to identify the internal source of their fear, they learn to associate the attack with an external situation. This is how a panic attack can turn into a phobia.

The Fight or Flight Response
People having panic attacks experience the same physical symptoms as a person in immediate physical danger. Panic attacks are a type of fight/flight response.

The Biochemistry of Panic
Most practicing psychotherapists tend to view a problem like panic disorder as being related to both human anatomy and human psychology.

Panic: You Are Not to Blame
In our culture people often feel that anxiety is self-inflicted, reflective of a weak personality, and that proper self-discipline can eliminate psychological symptoms. This is NOT TRUE.

What to Expect When You're Diagnosed with Panic Disorder
Panic disorder is highly treatable through psychotherapy and/or medication and does not have to interfere with your quality of life.

Overcome Worry for a Healthier You
Worry is our greatest energy drain. It distorts our thinking and stops all forward action. Can you control worrying?

Zen for Everyday Living
Control your worry and anxiety using Zen, a way of looking and confronting events, circumstances and life.

Conquering Anxiety and Worry
Being worried about real things performs a needed function in our lives - it can lead to action. Needless worry, however, is often harmful, adding unwanted stress and even health risks to our lives.

Book Excerpt: From Panic to Power
Why do people with anxiety get caught in their own trap? This book promises to free you from negative mental habits.

Lily's Story: Overcoming Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia
Learn how your dog or cat actually affects your health.

New Book: Understanding Panic and Other Anxiety Disorders
Introduction to a new book that offers new finding and therapeutic treatments for anxiety and panic disorders.