Secondary Conditions

by David Johnson

Secondary conditions affect most sufferers of pain but what does it mean? For example, if we are experiencing pain in our right leg, we compensate by putting extra pressure on the left leg. We do this to either compensate for the lack of mobility in the limb joints, or to take the pressure off of the affected limb and avoid the pain we experience if we don't. In the short term this has little effect, but after a while the left leg and other parts of the body are subject to extra wear and tear. As a result of this we begin to experience additional problems.

The stiffening of other joints, and the deterioration that takes place within these joints, is a common secondary condition, maybe even leading to the likes of arthritis. Although there may be damage to the joint surfaces, other changes could be taking place. Spasm of the muscles around the joint, or poor blood circulation.

If your circulation is affected the waste products that are present in everyone's body, build up rather than being filtered away. The consequences of this could be pain, swelling, discomfort or all three. Again our quality of life is affected.

Sadly, we all to often just learn to live with this. Two of the standard terms I hear from the people I see are; 'we're getting old, we should expect it.' or 'there's no cure for my condition, I'll keep taking the pills.' In both instances I have no reason to disbelieve what these people tell me or to advise them to stop taking their medication. There really is no reason why some of these secondary conditions can't be avoided by using some form of 'self-help' product.

I would like to point out at this stage that I am not writing this article to knock the work our doctors and nurses do for us, far from it, they do a fantastic job. What I am saying is, consider doing something to help yourself. Invest in some form of 'self-help' therapy. I'm certain that as long as the therapy you choose is medically proven to give no harmful side effects, your doctor would have no objections to you using something to complement the good work that he is doing.

© David Johnson

David Johnson