Migraine - Headache Articles

General Information About Headaches
Comprehensive guide to types of headaches, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, triggers and prevention, and current research.

Headache Facts: What Everyone Should Know
More information about the many types of headaches, their causes and treatment.

What's the Best Medicine For My Headaches?
From over the counter medications to prescription drugs. So many choices! Which one is best for your type of headache?

Migraines & Coexisting Conditions
If you have migraines, odds are that you also suffer from depression, anxiety, high blood pressure or a sleep disorder. Find out why they often coexist.

Glossary of Headache Terms
Don't know what an "ocular migraine" is? Look it up in this giant glossary of headache related terminology.

The Migraineur's Bill of Rights
You have a right to have your headaches taken seriously. Here's a list to boost your confidence and assertiveness.

Taking Control of Your Headache
Stop suffering and follow these steps to getting a formal diagnostic evaluation or treatment of your headache.

Headache, Stress and Moods
Research has found that it is the day to day stress or chronic hassles that are the most common headache triggers.

Coping With Migraine Pain
Although the physiological mechanism of migraines is not fully understood, researchers do know that they occur when various factors trigger the trigeminal nerve in the brain to throb and the arteries in the head to become overly dilated.

Migraine Headaches: Triggers and Treatments
The daily stresses of living can cause the muscles around the head and neck to contract, resulting in a tension headache; the most common type of headache. But can you actually experience a migraine headache and not know it?

Heading Off Migraine Pain
How to recognize the early warning signs of oncoming migraines and take effective action to control and ward off pain.

Migraines and Insomnia: Some Coping Skills
You are ready for bed and feel a migraine coming on. So much for sleep! Not exactly. Here are some tips from other migraineurs that will help you get some ZZZ's.

Weather Cold or Hot: Weather as a Migraine Trigger
The convergence of the complexities of the weather and complexities of the migraines combine to cause a unique pain for many migraine sufferers.

Kids Get Headaches Too!
Is your child suffering from headaches? Here's some suggestions on when to take action and how to help your kid cope successfully.

Magnetic Fields for Migraines?
Recent studies show promise using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for migraines, but the jury is still out.

Oh My Aching Head! Holistic Remedies for Headaches
Try these three natural therapies for headaches - hypnosis, imagery, and reflexology.

Rebound Headache Cycle: What Is It and How to Break It
Break the cycle of medication and banish rebound headache pain with a few simple steps.

Rebound Headache Cycle: How to Safely Taper Off Medications
Now that your migraine and pain reliever drugs are on a first name basis, here's some tips on how to taper off your medication.

The Other Migraine Victims: Spouses, Parents, Family & Friends
Why communication between migraine sufferers and their family and friends is critical to maintaining health and relationships.

The Other Migraine Victims: Children
Migraine pain disrupts family member's lives, behaviors and activities. When children are involved, the pain becomes even more disruptive.