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Heading Off Migraine Pain
Learn how to recognize the early warning signs of oncoming migraines and take effective action to control and ward off pain.

Migraines and Insomnia: Some Coping Skills
You are ready for bed and feel a migraine coming on.  So much for sleep! Not exactly.

What's the Best Medicine For My Headaches?
From over the counter medications to prescription drugs. So many choices! Which one is best for your type of headache?

Coping With Migraine Pain
Although the physiological mechanism of migraines is not fully understood, researchers do know that they occur when various factors trigger the trigeminal nerve in the brain to throb and the arteries in the head to become overly dilated.

Taking Control of Your Headache
Stop suffering and follow these steps to getting a formal diagnostic evaluation or treatment of your headache.

Headache, Stress and Moods
Research has found that it is the day to day stress or chronic hassles that are the most common headache triggers.

Headache Facts: What Everyone Should Know
Facts and information about the many types of headaches, their causes and treatment.

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